How to hide Instagram Stories

How to hide Instagram Stories

By now, you are totally into Instagram, so much so that you are constantly sharing your stories with followers. However, you’ve never wondered who can watch this content in time. In fact, in your following, there may be users who want to know what you are doing for the sole purpose of spying on you, or in any case “to chat”. For the old stories you can not do anything, you are right. However, if you spent just a few minutes of your time reading this guide, you would have the opportunity to understand how to hide Instagram stories , so as to make the new ones invisible you will post to those who do not want them to see them.

Maybe you didn’t know that, but Instagram allows you to choose which people not to show the stories you post. By doing so, you would be able to “filter” your following, deciding precisely who can attend some temporary publications and who should see only those you share without restrictions. I will show you how to proceed in this and other situations, even if, for example, you want to stop viewing the stories for any user, perhaps to create a personal Instagram diary, or, more simply, to test the effect.


Who can see Instagram stories

come nascondere le storie di Instagram

If your profile is public and you have not activated any particular settings, the stories you share on Instagram are accessible to all users , including those who do not follow you . Although this setting will help you find new followers and expand your network of friends (essential to be able to grow on this social network), it will certainly happen that you want to share a “personal” story without many people viewing it (think for example of those who are very below).

If, on the other hand, you have a private profile, the stories would be visible only to your followers . And since to become a follower of a private account the request must be accepted manually, I would say that this is already a help. On the other hand, however, a private account would never have the opportunity to grow on Instagram (or at least, exponentially).

In any case, if you need more privacy for some of your content a expiration, in the following paragraphs you will find all the steps to follow in order to hide the Instagram stories that you consider most sensitive and personal. You will then be able to share them only with a user or with a small group of people.

If I hide an Instagram story, do you see it?

If you hide an Instagram story to one or more people, it will no longer appear in their feed. These users will not receive a notification about this. However, you must still pay attention: if the user had the opportunity to access a profile linked to you with a closer friendship relationship (for example a mutual friend, a profile shared with a partner or a relative), he could notice that you have additional stories that he has not received; in fact, therefore, you run the risk of having to provide “uncomfortable” explanations!

Moreover, don’t forget that, if you have a public profile , even those you blocked could check your stories. Yes, it could do it using some applications and online tools developed by third parties (more in the final part of the guide). So, if the user you’re hiding the stories from knew about these procedures, they might know what happened (and, to be honest, don’t care).

How not to show someone Instagram stories

You have finally arrived at the most important chapter of the guide, where I will show you the steps to take to hide Instagram stories from a particular person (who may be present among your followers).

In the following discussions, however, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the other cases that may require a similar action. Read on to learn more.

App for iOS and Android

come nascondere le storie di Instagram opzione Nascondi la storia a

About the application for Android smartphones and tablets, iPhones and iPads, it is very easy to make certain timed content invisible. First, log into your profile and, from the main section, go to the story creation screen. Then, tap the gear icon (top left) and finally press the numeric value under the Hide the story from section.

From the screen that opens, you can scroll through all the followers (with the help of Search) and choose which of them will not see the new stories you will publish. To blacklist one, just click on their username (a confirmation check will appear).

To don’t just show an Instagram story , or for a limited time posting of content to a follower, you will need to use the Closest Friends list. You can find more information about this option in the insights I have included below.

Desktop version of Instagram

If you use the Web version of Instagram, you will already know that it is much more limited than the mobile application. It could be, however, that you browse Instagram from a PC using the mobile version of the site, or even via the desktop app for Windows 10.

Through these computer clients, you could change the privacy of viewing Instagram stories just like I just told you. So, just follow the same steps as the mobile application.

Hide an Instagram story from those who don’t follow you

come nascondere le storie di Instagram account privato

As I mentioned before, the story can be seen both by your followers and by users who do not follow you (except those you have blocked). If you intend to increase the privacy of your profile and make your Instagram stories invisible to those who do not follow you , you could activate the private profile .

By doing so, all the daily content you would share would only be visible to approved users. But be careful : by enabling this mode, you will greatly reduce your visibility on the social network.

Hide an Instagram story from everyone

come nascondere le storie di Instagram Amici più stretti

Don’t want anyone to see the Instagram story ? Maybe you intend to do it to have a kind of personal diary within the social network. Well, given the intrinsic nature of Instagram, you can only do this if you have access to a secondary Instagram account , or even to one loaned only for the occasion (for example the partner’s account or friend you care about).

After the follow , open Instagram on your phone and go to the story creation screen . From there, press on the gear button . Now, to hide the Instagram story from everyone, you have to press on the numerical value under the Closest friends field, delete your personal circle of friends already present and add only the secondary profile you have chosen.

From now on, just post a story to that friends list when you want none of your followers to see it.

Hide an Instagram Story to all but one

The method I showed you in the previous chapter can also be used to actually hide the Instagram story from all but one user . Just add the user of your interest instead of your secondary profile.

Using the list of Closest friends , in fact, you can create some nice surprises or launch any type of message or video, without fear that other Instagram users or your followers may intervene or destroy the atmosphere you wanted to create.

Hide Instagram stories posted by others

come nascondere le storie di Instagram silenzioso

One of the users you follow posts too many stories in your opinion? Luckily, you can silence his “craving for social” without un-following him. Don’t worry, the user in question will not notice anything, and will not be notified of your action.

To make Instagram Stories shared by someone invisible, first search for the user or the Page and connect to its dashboard . In that section, press the Follow button. Lastly, select the Silence option and choose Stories.

From now on, the stories shared by that user will no longer appear in the your feed, but you will continue to follow it and view its posts. For more information on this procedure, read how to mute Instagram Stories.

Hide featured Instagram Stories

You can make your Instagram stories on the cover to users following the same rules seen for those that expire after 24 hours. By default, the rules are as follows:

  • If your account is public , all Instagram users will be able to see your stories (including featured ones);
  • If your profile is private , only approved followers will be able to access your feed of stories, including those you “have put on display”.

To prevent strangers from seeing your Instagram stories in evidence, as well as putting your profile private, you could block the person you don’t want to see them, even temporarily.


If you want to maximize the privacy of stories on Instagram, just follow all the procedures I have explained to you carefully. By activating the private profile and using the Closest Friends list, you will undoubtedly get a good level of privacy. In any case, I advise you not to “rest on your laurels too much”: you must know, in fact, that there are quite effective spying procedures available, through which it is possible to spy on IG stories and profiles regardless of the restrictions set.

As I mentioned before, there are third-party apps and software that allow you to save the IG Stories of others in total anonymity, and then watch them without the creator notice it. Read the guide where I explained how to view Instagram Stories secretly for more information.

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