How to hide messages on Instagram

How to hide messages on Instagram

Think you are being spied on on Instagram? The advent of social networks and digital communication has strongly affected the privacy of others. Apps and programs developed by third parties have given computer knowledge even to those who did not have it. And it is precisely the case of talking about Instagram. Since Direct was introduced, there are many people who want to read others’. Therefore, it is also good to know what you can do to protect yourself.

The section of Instagram dedicated to communication, called “Direct Messages”, allows you to send and receive text messages, as well as multimedia content. If you’ve started using this feature, you should know that it’s not that optimized to be a real messaging chat (at least for the moment). Therefore, it is good that you know some defensive measures in order to stay safe from those who try to access these conversations without your knowledge. One of the most effective methods is to hide messages on Instagram . In the following guide, this is exactly what I will cover.


When it is useful to hide chats on Instagram

come nascondere i messaggi su Instagram

There are several situations in which it can be useful to hide chats on Instagram. The cases that come to my mind, in which you may need to apply this strategy, mainly concern relationships between people .

Just to give you an example, you may find yourself in situations where which:

  • A user targets you and starts stalking you online;
  • You no longer want to see messages from users you have had a fight with online, but you don’t you can block them;
  • A person is trying to figure out who you chat with in Direct.

There are also cases in which you have to deal with a smartphone control or a control of the follow list (therefore of the users you follow) by a person. In this situation, it might be useful to get some Instagram messages to disappear before they are read.

These are just some of the unpleasant situations you may encounter here. But it was just to give you an idea of ​​what could be the cases in which you could apply the advice I am about to give you.

Is it possible to archive messages on Instagram?

As you already know, on WhatsApp there is a feature that allows you to archive messages . This feature is especially handy if you don’t want a chat to appear on your home screen, but don’t want to delete it either. In fact, it is used when you intend to hide conversations on WhatsApp.

Unfortunately, however, at the time of writing, it is not yet possible to archive messages on Instagram. This is due to a decision by the development team. However, it is not certain that there will not be a change in this policy later on.

In any case, do not worry, because fortunately, there are also other methods that allow you to hide Instagram messages effectively . So let’s see what they are.

How to make conversations on Instagram invisible

Now that we have done a little more clarity on what is meant by hiding messages on Instagram, it’s time to go into detail.

In the following paragraphs, you will find all the methods that can currently be used to make Direct invisible within the application . This way you can make the messages disappear without deleting them.

Temporary user lock

come nascondere i messaggi su Instagram blocco e sblocco

The first thing you can do to hide the Direct on Instagram, it is temporarily block a user . Although this solution may seem particularly drastic, being reversible, it can be revoked at any time.

You must know that, apart from the fact that an Instagram user can no longer contact you, in this case, the option blocking is useful because activating it will immediately and automatically make the entire chat history disappear . You could then enable it when you know someone is going to check your phone, so as not to arouse suspicion.

To proceed, all you have to do is press the three dots (top right ) and then select the Block item. Once a user is blocked, however, remember that you will not be able to access his information either.

To unblock him instead, all you have to do is press the Unblock button and confirm in the warning window that will appear on the smartphone. For more information, read the guide where I explain how to block someone on Instagram.

Without blocking the user

If you prefer don’t block the user , but you still want to hide a chat on Instagram, you could use alternative methods to succeed. There are some solutions that can do for you and that I will explain in the next paragraphs.

Remember, however, that by not blocking a user, you can continue to view their posts and stories without particular limitations. Moreover, his name will remain among your followers.

Change of username

come nascondere i messaggi su Instagram cambio username

Change name user on Instagram, in some cases, it could be useful for hiding messages on Instagram. If the other party is willing to do so, they may do so in order to mask their name in your Direct chat list. In this way, it would happen like when, for example, you rename a WhatsApp contact via the address book.

However, you have to take into account the fact that Instagram is a much more serious procedure (in terms of consequences) than that of WA. In fact, this choice could be interpreted negatively by the followers of that account, turning into a potential loss of engagement .

I therefore advise you or the counterparty to use this procedure only if the one to be modified is a secondary profile , which is not known and that its name change would never arouse suspicion to its followers.

To make the change of the account name , open the page of the Instagram application dedicated to your profile . Here, all you have to do is press the Edit profile button and choose the username you like best.

While typing the new name, you will be notified of the availability of the nickname in real time by means of a green tick. Once the operation is complete, press the button at the top right and confirm your decision. Further details can be found in the guide where I explain how to change your name on Instagram.

Using a second Instagram account

come nascondere i messaggi su Instagram secondo account

Do you want to be able to chat with another user without anyone finding out? In this case, you could avoid hiding Instagram Direct, opting instead for creating a second account . Thanks to it, in fact, you would be able to chat incognito without too many subterfuges.

Creating a second profile is very simple. In fact, just go to the page dedicated to your profile and open the Settings . From there, scroll to the bottom of the screen and hit Add Account . On the next page, select the item “ Don’t have an account? Sign up “. Enter your e-mail or your phone number and follow the steps that will take you to the end.

Now, go back to previous screen and select Add account again, this time taking care to enter the login details of the one you just created. Once logged in, managing two accounts on Instagram is really very simple. You can do this directly from your profile page by tapping your username (top left). To learn more, read the guide in which I explain how to create a second Instagram profile.

However, I recommend that you make your new account as anonymous as possible , in order to attract little attention. For example, you could upload some generic photos and leave the profile picture blank. In any case, the person you are chatting with will already know who they are talking to. If instead you used real shots, it is possible that those who follow the main account could notice it, easily discovering the trick you are using.

Deleting the chat history Direct

come nascondere i messaggi su Instagram cancellazione Direct

Another method you have available to hide Instagram messages from everyone, involves clearing the chat history .

First, you could take one screenshot of the most important messages, so as to save and archive them among the multimedia contents. To do this first, actually, you might as well capture the screen and scroll through the chat history to compose a short video clip. In any case, after putting the messages aside, you may delete them permanently.

It must be said, however, that this procedure still has a “weak link”. In fact, if someone used your smartphone, they could easily locate secret Instagram messages in your gallery . You should therefore move the shots to the cloud or in any case to a vault inaccessible to third parties.

Moreover, it is necessary to temporarily block the Instagram user with whom you are talking. Oh yes, because otherwise, if someone checks your smartphone and in the meantime this person looks for you, you will be discovered immediately.

So try to use this method only if you are sure that no one has the possibility to unlock it. smartphone in your absence.

To one-person

Among the functions offered by Instagram, the possibility of is not yet included hide messages from one person . There are some methods that allow you to partially contain the problem, such as un-following the account you are messaging with in secret, but these are somewhat “reworked” solutions.

In case you want to block a user who is spying on you directly , then picking up your smartphone or tablet, I recommend that you also carefully consult the paragraphs that follow.

Block access to Instagram chats with password

come nascondere i messaggi su Instagram blocco con password

I have already told you how to enter the password to WhatsApp. Unfortunately, the same feature has not yet been integrated on Instagram. Fortunately, however, you can use workarounds to pass the password to Direct .

The first step is to make sure that your smartphone’s unlock code is secure enough . In fact, this is the first “barrier” against intrusions into your private life and, if well managed, can solve several problems for you.

If you really want to set the password to Instagram chats, you will need to use third party applications . These, while not 100% safe, meaning they could be easily uninstalled, will allow you to set up a code to open Instagram. You can find several in the store by typing “ app locker ” as the search key.

Using the General list

come nascondere i messaggi su Instagram opzione sposta nella cartella Generale

To hide messages on Instagram, you could also use the General section present in the Direct. This folder can host chats to be hidden and can be used as if it were an archive . It will therefore serve to prevent those who pick up the smartphone from seeing the most important chats impact.

If you wish to do so, first place yourself in the Direct . From there, locate the chat of your interest in the Main list. Then, long press on it and choose the Move to General folder option.

As you can see, the chat will disappear from the list and will be moved to the General section . You will be able to manage it from there as usual.

Flag messages and change list

come nascondere i messaggi su Instagram opzione contrassegna

Then there is an even more method advanced to make Direct invisible on Instagram, which uses the Mark filter. You can always find it in the Direct.

First, find a ten of chats that you don’t want to hide that are present in the section Main . After that, long-press on them and then choose the Flag.

option. Apparently, nothing will happen. Now, however, tap the Direct options , represented by a menu button that appears next to Search. At that point, filters the messages by choosing Marked conversations .

By doing so, the conversations to be hidden (and the messages contained in them), therefore marked, they will disappear from view. Only the less important chats will remain.

How to hide Instagram message notifications

You want to avoid notification corresponding? So, you should know that, not too long ago, a function has been introduced that allows you to mute individual Direct chats .

To activate this option, all you have to do is press and hold your finger over the conversation, and then select the item Disable messages .

If you want to use your smartphone settings to delete Instagram notifications, in the next paragraph you I’ll show you how.

Preview Direct messages

As you can easily notice, every time you receive an Instagram message, on both Android and iOS , a preview is displayed which reveals the content of the conversation and the interlocutor to everyone. Fortunately, it’s really easy to run for cover in this case. Now, I’ll explain how to solve it.

In any case, keep in mind that this is a very simple and reversible operation. This means that, at a later time, you can activate the previews of Instagram notifications again and view them without problems on your smartphone screen.


come nascondere i messaggi su Instagram disattivazione notifiche Direct Android

If you have a Android smartphone, first open the Settings operating system . Here, look for the item Notifications management and, once inside the page, click on Instagram . All you have to do is click on the Direct items and move the switch next to Allow Notifications to the left to disable this option.

Alternatively, if you want your smartphone to play but not preview, disable the Display on status bar option.


come nascondere i messaggi su Instagram sezione Notifiche iOS

Similarly, even if you have an iPhone , you can safely decide to disable the preview for Instagram messages.

To proceed, open the Settings of your Apple smartphone and press the Notifications item. Here, scroll until you find the Preview notifications option. In the section that will appear, you can uncheck the option for all notifications or only for Instagram.

Alternatively, I remind you that you can also configure everything through the section Notifications present within Instagram.

Alternative methods

Before concluding the guide, I want to give you some advice, which according to me is the one that will allow you to hide Instagram messages in the most effective way: do not use this social network to chat in secret .

Instagram is definitely not the safest option when it comes to secret chats. The service is not structured for this purpose and suffers from numerous shortcomings from this point of view. My suggestion is to use other instant messaging solutions, focused on privacy for years now.

The best alternative, in this case, could be Telegram , which gives you the possibility to create real secret chats with self-destructing messages .

However, there are also other options of this type, which I have already told you in depth. Find it all in the guide to the best secret chat apps. Read it when you have two minutes, and see which encrypted messaging system might be right for you.

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