How to hide posts on Instagram

How to hide posts on Instagram

Joining Instagram, like any other social network, means making compromises in terms of privacy, especially if you want to be an active user with many followers. When you created your account, you accepted the “rules of the game” and started sharing the little moments of your private life. However, thinking about it, you have understood that photos and videos that portray your most personal sphere do not necessarily have to be available to everyone, or you intend to obscure the most sensitive content to some users, by whom you may feel spied or judged.

If you made it here, it’s probably because you want to know how to hide posts on Instagram , both from your followers and from users who don’t follow you. Well, you must know that to do this there is not only one way, but you can choose from various options, which allow – mostly indirectly – to limit your visibility to others, until they become completely invisible; you will have to decide how to move. The same applies if you intend to remove posts shared by other people from your feed.


What is the use of hiding posts on Instagram

come nascondere i post su Instagram

Making posts invisible on Instagram means not showing the content you publish to a particular account, or rather to those who are not followers. Maybe you don’t want to let a particular person know what you are doing or where you are, but you don’t want to deprive yourself of uploading a nice photo on the social network at the same time or you have noticed that someone has started spying on you on Instagram, and this – of course – does not please you: the reasons, in short, can be different.

First of all, you need to keep in mind that the privacy of individual posts cannot yet be regulated on Instagram. Fortunately, however, various secondary options are available, through which it is possible not to show what is published to “uncomfortable” users; and it is precisely these that I will talk to you in the next paragraphs.


Every time you upload content online, whether it’s on Instagram or all other social networks, this automatically can become public domain and it can also happen that someone saves it by taking a screenshot, saving the video or recording the screen of his device (there are also apps that allow you to perform these functions).

By the time you joined the social network, you knew that you would lose some privacy. The problem is that now, probably, which you can use to decide who to show your content to. These are all reversible choices, so if one day you don’t want to hide your Instagram posts anymore, you can always go back.

If you want to hide the posts of other users

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You may have asked yourself this question even if you are in the opposite situation, that is, if it is you who does not want to see the posts of a particular user , but without blocking or unfollowing him.

In these cases, the best option is to mute his Instagram posts . In case this option is not enough, try also to hide the IG stories published by that profile.

How not to show Instagram posts to others

If you’re here, however, it’s to find out how to hide your Instagram posts. I mentioned at the beginning that unfortunately, at the time of writing, there is no specific option to regulate the privacy of a single content, but there are third-party methods that allow you not to show what you publish to some users, if not to all those who consider themselves unknown (ie who are not present in the list of followers). Let’s see what they are.


nascondere i post su Instagram togliere utente dai follower

One of the first actions that you can take to hide a post, it is to remove one or more users from followers . To do this, connect to your profile , go to the section called “ Followers ” and search for the name of the person you want to remove. Once found, tap the Remove.

button Instagram will not tell the account that it has been removed from your network, but the person managing it may notice over time, when they will no longer see your content on their feed or as soon as they connect to your profile. Also, please note that this option can only be effective if you have a private profile , because in that case the removed person would have to be re-accepted before starting to follow you again; on the contrary, or if you had a public profile, the former follower could become such again simply by connecting to your profile and tapping the “Follow” button; as another choice, he could watch what you do by visiting your profile without following you.

Restrict or block the user

If you notice the notifications that the removed user has started following you again, you can think of blocking or restricting . You can do this even without the previous removal step:

  • In the first case, you would limit the interactions between you and that person, who may still see your posts, but you would approve and make their comments public, and their chat would be moved to message requests. Read how to limit an Instagram account to learn more;
  • By blocking an Instagram user, however, this, in addition to not being able to contact or follow you , would no longer see anything about you on the social network. Searching for you, it would find a white profile with zero posts (yes, even if the profile is public, but don’t forget that you can still see Instagram stories anonymously).

Publish posts without hashtag

If you want to hide posts especially from those who are not among your followers, you could think about publishing it without hashtag and thus avoid” picking on Instagram ”people who have searched for or follow that same word preceded by the # symbol you wrote under your photo.

Hashtags are interactive labels and function as thematic aggregators. For example, if you write #estate in the caption of a post, it will be indexed together with the others with the same tag and anyone looking for #estate on Instagram will be able to see it, like, comment on it or even follow it (as if it were a profile).

If you want to protect yourself from the looks of strangers, but you don’t want to give up hashtags (even just to write them in the description), you might think about switching to a private profile, so that your shots are visible only to users who follow you.

Publish posts for everyone to see

Instead of thinking about how remove visibility from the posts you publish on Instagram, you could take a step back, select your photos and publish only the less private ones, which everyone can see, thus excluding a portrait of you in the foreground or the shots taken of your children, or anything you do not want to share with strangers.

Remember that it is not necessary to show on Instagram – and on social media in general – every aspect of your life, especially if it makes you uncomfortable.

Use the hidden Instagram stories

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If there are no post privacy options, the same cannot be said for stories . Timed content has two specific options for hiding certain personal content. You could therefore use the IG stories to publish sensitive content, after having appropriately edited them using:

  • The option of the closest friends of Instagram , which allows you to select some of your followers to show them particular content, which the rest of the followers should not see (e.g. exclusive or personal content);
  • The option to hide Instagram stories , completely reversible, allows you to select certain followers or profiles that do not follow you and have not blocked you so as not to show them the new content shared in the feed that expires after one day (or in the “Featured” feed).

Enable private-profile

To protect your privacy and protect your personal information, you may use the private IG profile . In this way it would be up to you to decide which followers can see your content, accepting or denying their requests to follow you.

Setting the private profile however can be a drastic choice , above all if you are looking for visibility or you use Instagram for personal branding, this is not an option that I recommend.

Create another private profile

An alternative to the private profile, which would avoid penalizing you in terms of visibility (and therefore followers), could be to manage two Instagram profiles , one public and one private.

In the first profile, you could show your interests, your work – if you are thinking of advertising on social media – or what you can do: non-sensitive content anyway; in the other, on the other hand, you could add and accept only those you want, also showing the more personal aspects of your life. Read how to create another Instagram account for more information.

Publish sensitive-posts on Facebook

nascondere i post su Instagram opzioni privacy post Facebook

As I have told you several times, Instagram still does not allow you to adjust the privacy of individual posts, which you can do on Facebook . For this, you might think about moving the most sensitive content to this social network.

Facebook would allow you, from time to time, to decide who to show what you upload online , both at time of publication is after: in the first case, whether you are sharing a link, a photo or writing a status, you could select who can see the post after sharing, choosing from your friends, all users of the social network, only you ( in case of publication as a personal diary) or all friends except some; if, on the other hand, you had to change the privacy of what you have already published, you should find the shared content on your wall and use the “Change privacy” option. To learn more, read how to hide posts on Facebook.

Alternative methods

In addition to the methods I have listed so far to hide your posts on IG, there is another one that might help you: it is being invisible on Instagram . This action includes a number of camouflage strategies, including:

  • Don’t show followers when online;
  • Make stories private even if they are viewed anonymously;
  • Anonymous social media usage;
  • Etc.

These are options that could greatly reduce your popularity on the platform, but they would help you to limit the visibility of some more sensitive content.

Making Instagram posts invisible on a case-by-case basis

Finally, as I mentioned at the beginning, there are many reasons and circumstances for which you could decide to hide a post on Instagram, which require more or less definitive actions. Below, I list three specific cases, with their recommendations.

Without blocking

Preventing a user from viewing your content without blocking them is not always the case it works, especially if you have a public profile. As simple as it is to hide the stories from them (although they can be viewed anonymously, as mentioned above), the posts would still remain accessible from your gallery, while removing the follower from your circles.

The alternative could be be restrict this particular user : he would see what you post, but will not be able to interact with you.

To someone

To make invisible your posts to some of your followers, you have two alternatives:

  • Block them , especially if you want to keep the public account;
  • Remove them from the list of followers, which is useful if you have a private profile.

It would be easier to limit the view of the stories and publish the contents sensitive only there: by restricting their vision to a few users, others would not be able to reproduce them.

To all

If you want to make an already public post invisible To all users, the only alternatives you have are to archive it on Instagram or delete it . If you do so, it will no longer appear on your profile.

Remember, however, that if you joined the social network and decided to post content, someone should see it. It would be better then set the private account , so you can choose who can see the photos and videos shared.

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