How to improve engagement on Instagram

Engagement means commitment, attract, attract or engage. In Marketing it refers to the degree of commitment that users feel towards our brand, what makes our content interesting can determine that a post goes viral or converts a simple viewer into a customer.

On social networks and especially on Instagram engagement is measured by the number and quality of user interactions with our publications , especially the comment .

Instagram has had such a meteoric growth that at least 85% of large companies and brands already have a instagram account and use it as part of your marketing.


Its more than one billion users and the activity they generate on the web, have made it a means to reach consumers and obtain information regarding their needs and interests in a very way direct.

Faced with so much competition, it is necessary to stand out to “ hook ” to the audience.

Strategies to improve engagement

It is possible to create and promote that “commitment” of the followers with your image, when your publications gustan , share your interests, philosophy and values, they feel identified with what you offer and want to share it with other users.

Therefore, they not only follow you, they also recommend , mention and help you spread your message.

Here are the strategies that work and they will help you conquer your audience, let them stay with you and your brand, in addition to increasing the number of your followers:


You must dedicate time to your profile, make it attractive to the users you want to attract, large companies usually delegate this function to the Community manager.

As you grow old enough to have yours, you will need to ensure that:

  • Your profile, or that of your brand on Instagram, is accessible (public)
  • The image of the same is related to the brand
  • The writing of the bio describes what the company does and what services it provides
  • Description of the products you offer
  • How to contact or locate you
  • If you have any page or website

The most successful profile of a company on Instagram is Natgeo , with 78.8 million followers, see what it looks like:

» Life is an adventure – enjoy the journey and the world through the eyes of National Geographic photographers . ”


Creating a profile on Instagram is very simple, however, building it in order to achieve the interaction and engagement of your audience goes beyond publishing beautiful and quality images. It is necessary to define the content that you will publish for your followers.

For this you must know who you are addressing:

  • What motivates them motivates or worries
  • What do they like or dislike
  • What do they want to see or what do they want to know about
  • How your product or service can help them satisfy your needs
  • What is your lifestyle

With this in mind you can design the theme of your profile and type of posts to captivate the right followers.

Frequency of publication

This aspect is essential to get your followers and the audience in general interested, if you take great photos and videos and publish them from time to time, You will not be able to hold the interest of your audience.

You must establish a publication frequency so that your followers, in addition to quality, also have variety and frequency, that they know what to expect from your profile. Working with a editorial calendar where you establish content and deadlines will be useful to keep the attention you want.

The most successful accounts publish daily , they are active and know the times of their followers, the hours of greatest connection, those that do not interfere with their activities daily study and work.

There are useful applications and websites to schedule your content and publications and save time that you can spend on interaction with your followers, which brings us to the next point.


It is the most effective strategy to increase engagement, interacting with your followers on Instagram can take you wherever you want.

In addition to reply to their comments or give likes to the photos of your followers and other users, repost or reschedule the photos and videos that are interesting not only for you, but for your audience.

You must invite them to action in your posts How?

Describe your posts to complement and include emojis (emojis “move”) and what you want your audience to do when they see your photo or video.

Ask yourself questions, invite them to reflect to participate , to give their opinion on a topic, to to mention to other users with content relevant to the topics you discuss in your profile. Interaction contributes to engagement.

Many companies and brands invite their followers to publish their photos using their products, with specific hashtags to encourage their participation, sometimes they offer prizes, discounts, gifts to motivate their audience.

Another option that they often put into practice is to invite their followers to tag someone who enjoys the brand, or who they want to recommend their products or services. This strategy, accompanied by a rather humorous content, does not fail when it comes to getting diffusion and being remembered.


In literal terms, feedback is part of the communication process in which an exchange of data, information, etc. is carried out …

Maintaining communication with your followers is a fundamental part of the strategy to improve engagement with your profile on Instagram.

You can select the best photos or videos taken by your followers, publish them on your profile, mention them and thank their participation to reward their commitment.

Hashtags and location

In addition to using text and emojis to accompany your photos and videos, hashtags or tags allow you to reach other users linked to the tags you added .

Investigate what are the most popular hashtags in your city or region, what can you add to your posts to increase your area of ​​influence on Instagram.

Although you could include up to 30 of these keywords preceded by the “pound” symbol, experts suggest that three to seven is a good number for Do not overwhelm your audience and lose their interest in the face of an excessively long text.

Another good idea is to try to create, innovate and promote your own hashtags related to your products, services or the emotions that you hope to awaken in your customers and followers.

The localization for its part can increase up to 50% the engagement , adding your location will allow you to make yourself known among the potential and geographically close public that you want to attract.

Thematic content

Whether related to ephemeris relevant to your audience or seasonal publications or seasonal , (Valentine’s Day, Holidays, Christmas, Earth Day, Day of the Child, the father and the mother …)

Establishing publications and thematic content, within your editorial calendar, will allow you to make your audience feel that you are aware of what is happening in the environment , and you are also in in tune with their interests.

You can also allocate specific days to share content special such as images of your customers, the history of your business, practical advice of a general nature to solve everyday issues, as long as they are related to your profile.

If you promote a food product, you can share a recipe using your product, if you are a lawyer, some general legal advice that may be useful to many of your followers.

Photos or videos?

Some studies indicate that with videos it is possible to increase emotional bond with followers , this is essential to improve the engagement of followers with your account.

Other studies show that the interaction of users is greater with photos ; maybe because they consume less time and data.

With this in mind, you should consider the two possibilities in your strategy to improve the engagement of your Instagram account, but with an emphasis on photos.

Over time and studying the statistics of your account, you could establish the amount of content in images and videos ideal for your followers, and the kind of publications that generate greater interaction with other users.

Follow Influencers

Following outstanding and successful accounts in your area of ​​influence and your followers can contribute to achieving a greater connection with the audience.

Using free or paid applications such as Sprout Social and Social Rank you can analyze the statistics of your followers and determine which profiles are the most engaged with your account on Instagram. You can also follow comments related to your posts and determine the hashtags that work best.

Convey emotions

A common aspect of the posts with the most likes and comments on Instagram is that transmit emotions to the audience.

When we succeed in moving our audience, we make them feel identified with our content and want to see more. We will have generated the confidence that you will always find messages on our profile that you want to see.

If you know your followers, it will be easy for you to identify their characteristics, interests, needs and translate that into photos and videos that help you see how our products and services can help you improve your quality of life.

The content of character motivational are the ones that generate the most interactions, it is important to include this type of content with which our audience identifies in our publications .

To boost user interaction, you can ask to like the post if they feel identified, or mention a friend to whom the photo or video you may like. Encourage your followers to share your post if they liked it.

Interactions are also well received by your followers

Of course you want your followers to leave comments, share your posts and get lots of likes. You know what?

Your followers too, dedicate a bit of your time to review who’s profiles They follow you and return the favor, leave likes, comments and share. “ Today for you, tomorrow for me “. Treat your followers as you wish to be treated.

Regularly monitor your profile

Measuring your statistics will help you optimize what you share. There are applications like Iconoquare , with which you can analyze the times of your publications, the interaction they generate, the best days to publish, who you follow and who does not follow you, who has stopped following you, the number of likes per publication, the comments …

Monitor r regularly your activity on Instagram will serve to make the design of your profile more effective and efficient, better understand your audience and thus be able to captivate and provide the content you want to see, reinforcing the link and engagement.

Take care of the quality of your images

There are a wide variety of apps on the market to cut, retouch, add effects, texts, create collages and different and creative ways to present content with to make your followers fall in love.

Following successful accounts will allow you to take ideas and inspire you when taking your photos and videos. See what is trending and adapt it to your personal style .

It is not about literally copying the style of other pages, commitment is also built from consistency, developing a style that characterizes you and that your audience associates with your brand.


Share the content on your other social networks such as Twitter, Youtube or Facebook and on your personal profile. This will help you gain followers since you will have greater visibility.

In this way your other networks and friends will be working for the notoriety of that profile and of course to improve your engagement.

Those users already know you and it is very likely that, as in other networks, they will follow you with interest on Instagram.

Final recommendations

There are those who attribute the success of Instagram to its predominantly visual content and accessibility via mobile or Smartphone.

Video has become an important part of a proposal that was originally exclusively photographic and the big brands have found in this an essential marketing opportunity. It is clear that videos like , sell and “move” their viewers.

Finally, some tips to take into account when preparing our editorial calendar:

  • Whenever relevant, try to occasionally include food
  • images

  • The sex moves, so include attractive people in your photos, without excesses
  • Human faces attract attention and favor the creation of links , keep this in mind when taking your photos
  • Include some Gif or animations
  • If you liked it, share

This last one is not exactly a tip, it is my request that you show me your engagement if the information has been useful to you, too you could notify it by leaving a comment.

Would you help me by sharing on your social networks to reach more friends?

Article by Who does not follow me on Instagram for SocialBlaBla

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