How to increase followers on Instagram in 2021

How to increase followers on Instagram in 2021

How to increase followers on Instagram in 2021? Is it still possible?

Certainly things have changed compared to years ago also due to the algorithm that is constantly updated and often changes the cards on the table.

But yes, it is still possible to increase the number of followers on Instagram . If you want to improve your presence on Instagram and want to reach more people, you are in the right place.

In this article we will see how to increase followers on Instagram in 2021 by analyzing all the points necessary for growth.

How to increase followers on Instagram: which strategies to use?

Optimize your Instagram account

Before starting to talk about how to increase followers on Instagram , you need to perform one of the most important steps: optimize your account.

How can you expect to get new followers if your account isn’t “attractive”?

The first things a user notices about a profile are: the image and the biography.

You must then use a user name and profile name that are clear and easy to type in order to make the search for your profile by your (potential) followers easier. Within the profile name, I also recommend that you enter a keyword.

Last but not least, a call to action at the end of the bio. Invite the user to take action: it could be an invitation to download an ebook, visit your blog or subscribe to the newsletter.

In summary:

  • Clear username and profile name, easy to type and remember. Also enter a keyword within the profile name
  • Original image that immediately identifies itself to your account (in the case of a company profile, a logo is better)
  • Biography that briefly explains who you are, what you do and your goal
  • Call To Action that invites the user to take an action

I wrote a super in-depth guide on how to write a bio on Instagram that I recommend you read. Inside, I’ll also explain in detail why it is important to insert a keyword within the name.

Create an editorial calendar

Creating an editorial calendar will help you keep your work and content scheduling organized.

But that’s not the only goal, of course.

Organizing your content will also help you keep your posting frequency constant.

Being consistent is essential on social networks, especially on Instagram .

It happened a few times that I couldn’t create content for a few days and skipped the publication. I started getting messages from some people asking me if something had happened and why no content was posted.

People notice these details (not all, but those most fond of you, your project, your brand).

When these things happen it means you’re doing a good job, people care what you have to say, and you’re building a good community .

Schedule your content

Once you’ve created your beautiful editorial calendar and you know what content needs to be published and when, you can schedule your Instagram posts .

Scheduling your Instagram posts for the whole week (for example) will allow you to dedicate that time to profile growth or respond to comments and messages received.

If you’re wondering, you can also program the stories .

The important thing is to publish at the right time: the one in which your followers usually interact the most.

Post content your followers want

Especially if your account is small or at the beginning, test .

For a month or a few weeks try a different graphic, publish a different format than usual or deal with a topic you always wanted to talk about but for some reason you never did (always related to your profile though) .

Then analyze the data of your posts and based on the number of likes, comments, shares and saves, choose the type of post to share from now on on your Instagram profile.

It seems easier said than done but this is an important step if you want to reach potential followers and keep your community together.

Do storytelling

If you have been thinking about it since we were children, we would ask our parents or relatives to tell us or read us a story.

Nothing has changed.

Even today people like to read stories , and social networks are the modern way to tell and read them.

When you post a photo on Instagram, it tells an anecdote behind that shot: a difficulty faced, a technical comment or a funny episode.

Try to capture the user’s attention by telling your story: after all, you may have had something to tell.

People want to know, they want to mind your business. 🙂

Reply to messages and comments

Your followers are important , so show them and potential followers that you care by replying to comments and messages.

When you’re storytelling also tries to engage users by inserting a question at the end of the caption.

I assure you that if you answer as many questions or comments as possible, the users who have been answered will be more likely to come back to your profile and comment on your new posts.

Among these there may also be users who do not follow you, and after your answer decide to follow you.

In the long run, this is a strategy that definitely pays off .

Use hashtags that work

Just use hashtags like #love, #picoftheday or similar. If you want to increase followers on Instagram these types of hashtags are not going to help you.

What I recommend you do is divide hashtags into 3 categories : small, medium and large. Usually they are 10 small, 10 medium and 10 large. But if you think 30 hashtags is too much, you could also use 7 or 5 for each category.

I won’t go into too much detail on this as I wrote a special guide on how to find hashtags for your Instagram profile.

But I want to add something.

Above I wrote “Use hashtags that work” . But how do you know if they really work and how many impressions come from them?

I’ll tell you right away.

To use this method you must have a company profile or creator .

If you had a personal profile and switched to a company or creator, publish a new post with the hashtags you usually use and wait until the next day. Previously published posts unfortunately don’t show you the details, so you don’t know if a post actually brought you hashtag impressions or not.

Then sponsors that post or any other if you already have a company or creator profile.

Enter parameters for the ad (you can enter anything, as this step is not essential as you will not really have to advertise).

As soon as you’ve confirmed everything, you’ll be brought back to your post. Be careful NOT to quit (otherwise it won’t work) and click on ‘View statistical data’.

This data shows you which hashtags bring you the most likes and which work the most. This way you can build your hashtag strategy by eliminating the ones that don’t work and adding more.

Also, this data is only shown the first time, so maybe take a screenshot if you want to remember it.

If you are wondering if you will have to pay, the answer is NO! Once you have seen what you need, cancel the sponsorship before it is approved.

Create an IGTV series

IGTV was a flop and no one says otherwise. 🙂

However, there are some news at stake that Instagram has announced: among them the possibility of creating a series of videos (of the same topic) and the monetization of IGTV videos .

As for monetization, it is not yet active for everyone as it is still being tested, but it should arrive soon.

If you already create video content for Youtube, for example, you could adapt this content and publish it on IGTV. With the arrival of monetization you could also make money with these videos.

You can then divide these videos into series (a bit like YouTube playlists).

Currently there is no possibility of sponsoring IGTV videos for a fee, but there are other ways to do this. Among these, you could announce the release of IGTV videos with the Countdown sticker in the stories.

If you need to know about apps or tools to adapt your videos or cut your videos for IGTV, in this guide I recommend the best tools that should not be missing on your smartphone.

To finish in the “Suggestions”

This is probably the most effective , but also the difficult way to increase Instagram followers : but you know that simple do not lead to satisfactory results.

This section can be found just below the bio of an Instagram profile by clicking (or tapping) on ​​the down arrow of a profile.

Instagram chooses which profiles to show in the “Suggested for you” based on your interests, who you follow and the target of the account in question.

If a user goes to your competitor’s profile and clicks the arrow down to bring up the “Suggested for you” section , Instagram is likely to suggest your profile as well because the user might be interested in how similar the topic and target are.

But it’s not easy to end up in the “Suggestions” . And most of all it’s not something you do in a snap of your fingers. It takes time, but when the results arrive they will be extraordinary as the visibility that this method offers is insane.

So how do you end up in the Suggestions?

By categorizing your profile.


Now I’ll explain.

The Explore section is different for each profile. I will be shown content other than what is shown to you.

If you are shown content similar to what you post on Explore on your profile or similar, this means that your profile is well categorized.

Another way to see if your profile is categorized is to try to see which accounts Instagram suggests by tapping on your profile arrow. To do this, however, you will need to use a different profile. If they are in target it means that you are doing a good job, otherwise you still have to optimize everything well.

If on your profile you are dealing with Marketing (for example) and in the Explore section you are shown content related to sport or food, it means that your profile is not categorized and Instagram is done wrong idea of ​​you.

How to make Instagram understand what content to show you on Explore, then?

Interacting with accounts similar to yours : they can be from competitors, colleagues or similar topics. Interact with these profiles by liking, commenting and saving posts. Instagram will understand that you are interested in that type of topic and will show you similar content on Explore.

This way he will also understand your ideal target audience and recommend your profile to the right people.

Another very important factor in getting into the Suggested is trying to become a reference point for your niche.

The more engagement you get on your posts , the more Instagram will understand that your profile is interesting. If your profile is interesting, he will suggest it to other target people.

Finish in Explorer

Having your own post in Explore means getting in touch with new users who can turn into followers.

But how can I end up in Explore?

One of the important factors to get your posts into the Explorer is to categorize your profile.

But it’s not the only one.

Hashtags can help in this case. engagement is also essential to get your posts to Explore. Usually the higher the engagement rate received within the first few minutes of publishing your post, the more the probability of ending up in Explore increases.

Geolocation could also help, in its own way.

But, of course, it all depends on your content.


Finally we find the latest news from Instagram: Reels. The TikTok ballets have also arrived on Instagram.

As it has done with Stories in the past, taking down the Snapchat competition, this time it was TikTok’s turn.

Reels was launched precisely to bring down the competition of Chinese social networks and its function is very similar. Furthermore, being the latest novelty, the Reels have greater visibility than the classic Instagram posts, almost like the one that TikTok offers its users. Almost. 🙂

Reels were made to end up in Explore and can bring a large number of followers if done right.

Obviously, of course, the more interesting your Reel is and it will receive engagement, the more Instagram will push it to the Explore section showing it to more users.


Well, we have seen how to increase followers on Instagram in 2021 also thanks to the latest news on this social network. I recommend that you bookmark this article in your browser and come back to reading it every now and then, as I will continue to update it with new methods that I will test.

Do you know any other ways to grow on Instagram? Let me know in the comments.

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