How to increase likes, followers and comments on Instagram for free – what influencers don’t say

How to increase likes, followers and comments on Instagram for free – what influencers don’t say

In addition to the usual precautions to keep in mind when we publish a photo on instagram (i.e. choose the hashtags well, renew them passing from the more general ones to the more detailed ones, choose the publication time, choose a uniform filter for our publications etc) there are other methods to gain followers on instagram more or less quickly. Let’s see them in detail:

What some Instagrammers admitted to using to create a first pool of users and followers was to follow the follow / unfollow method.

Follow / unfollow method

The follow / unfollow method consists precisely in following a pool of users who may be interested in your page (for example if you have a travel page in Italy follow the travel pages in Italy) es put to follow people who have not returned the follow . In this way in about 6 months during which every day you follow about 400 people you should receive a catchment area between 8k and 10k, all if followed daily.

When to unfollow those who don’t follow you?

The right time is to give those 2-3 days or even a week to allow the people you’ve started following to get notified and follow you. Not all of them log on daily. The problem will begin to arise when you reach the threshold of followed users, which is 7500. In that case, give yourself a day or two to unfollow approximately 1500 -2000 users who do not follow you.

Why stop following only those who don’t follow me and not everyone?

For the simple fact that like you now know how to unfollow those who don’t follow you, other users can too. When you have a larger base of users you can choose whether to stop following even those profiles that do not interest you as you will have a daily turnover of followers who will follow you.

To stop following those who don’t follow you you need applications that automatically recognize if your followers return the follow or not. The apps change based on iOS and Android and many are born and die daily and therefore recommending one rather than another is always very difficult. Methods change and evolve daily.

Usually by looking in the store “ Unfollow Instagram ” a series of applications come out to manage ghost followers, many of which are free.

Applications to get followers

The second method is to rely on external applications to get followers. The effectiveness of such applications will often depend on the price paid , so you can get a similar result for free but taking three times the time. The core applications will give you one of these things;

  • Automatism: applications that put likes, customizable comments and towards a specific target of users, follow and stop following users
  • Fake followers: applications that for a certain price provide you with more or less real followers (most of which will perhaps be of Indian origin and not interested in your profile, they will therefore be real users but who they will not be able to interact with your page and therefore useless)
  • Exchange: applications that use your profile to perform actions more or less without your knowledge (depending on the app) to follow people and put likes and thus provide you with convertible credits to get followers or likes.

Free app for followers

Exchange: below is a fairly reliable application in this sense, which allows you to provide followers and likes in exchange for your “follow” on selected profiles. No hidden action then, follow4follow.

The application in this case is web and can be reached at this address;

allows you to insert your instagram, facebook etc pages within your campaigns to receive likes and follows. In return you will have to do the same (even with a fake profile) on other profiles that require the same action. With this online tool you can receive 100 followers per month. Not the fastest method then, but totally free.

Real users as followers – the PODs

The last “trick”, so to speak, is the one that has been revealed to internet users for some time now. The PODs or instagram groups in which users with the same profile category and similar followers exchange comments on their new photos. This increases the reputation of your profile and therefore makes the photo appear among the popular instagram posts, thus reaching more and more people online and having a greater chance to interest and influence the public.


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