How to install Instagram Lite on Android: Save space on your cell phone

How to install Instagram Lite on Android: Save space on your cell phone

The social platforms that exist in the world have been a total power in society, becoming the daily life of young people, adults and even children, due to this they have a high audience, they have improved the quality of life for users , providing ease, comfort, and security when interacting with other people.

It can be said that 85% of the population uses social networks as the main communication medium, many of them have similar functions, but when using them they are different, but yes, each one It has immediate speed and easy operation.

They save us time, they prevent us from leaving our homes to contact our loved ones or relatives around us, most people spend hours and hours behind a mobile or computer screen, And of course if we give them the necessary and proper use, we can obtain many significant benefits from them.

The most positive part of these platforms is that to obtain them mostly they are totally free , in this way we would also save money if not.

That is why, here we will explain everything about the Instagram Lite application . This way you will be able to know how much space it occupies on your device, so that you consider it as a good alternative when your phone has little storage space.

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What is Instagram Lite and how much space does it occupy?

As we well know, there is a social network called Instagram, but as if that were not enough, the developers of this platforms have created a completely stupendous innovation, Instagram Lite, is part of the same field, but to make it easier for users various things.

It is a network that only has 2MB of space, which generates great satisfaction when obtaining or downloading it on our mobile, due to the little amount of space it needs for this, allowing keep it just as fast to use.

Due to its light weight, provides a higher speed when using its functions , than the original version of Instagram, therefore it has become a favorite for many users of the application, counting on thousands of daily downloads worldwide.

There are other similar applications that have proposed to release the same version, less heavy, and this has become a total acceptance by the fans.

What is the difference between Instagram and Instagram Lite?

Being Instagram Lite the less heavy version of the platform , this means that you will be able to notice some differences while comparing the use of both. These changes were made so that the Lite manages to occupy less storage space; But what many users do not know is that they must sacrifice the use of some functions, which we will detail.

Even if you notice in the feed that there is no sudden change, this does not mean that there is not. You will see one of these modifications when when you download your Instagram start, you cannot see the IGTV directly but with a preview; It is also not possible to see the Reels from here, however it will be a very close option to have.

Reels and in-app purchases are not available in their Lite version; Like the lives or live broadcasts, you will not be able to see them if you use this version.

As for the stories, you will be limited in the multiple options that the normal version of Instagram brings; that is, in the Lite, surveys, the use of GIFS, or filters are not available to users, nor are all the emojis and other tools that are usually used to make stories more attractive; In this sense, you can only upload photos or short videos, but without using anything else than traditional or older Instagram elements.

On the other hand, if you have downloaded the original Instagram on your device; you will see that in the chats you can send audios, images, make calls and video calls; aspects that for Lite are totally restricted . Here you can only send normal written messages, like when this option was only available on the main platform.

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Download Instagram Lite from the Play Store on an Android device

Many people currently prefer this version of Instagram Lite, since it improves its immediacy, and has most of the functions than the previous version, but to obtain it is extremely simple.

First of all we must take our Android mobile, enter the Play Store , if we do not have an account there, we can create our Google Play account, then after doing this, in the tool’s search engine we place ‘Instagram Lite’, it is remarkable to mention that the application logo is the same, only that it has a white background, this so as not to confuse us, because there may be similar logos with other names.

Then we ‘click’ on the appropriate logo, and the option to ‘install’ will appear, press there and immediately it will automatically begin to download the app on our mobile, this does not take more than 5 minutes , since the platform is light.

Then, from that, we go to the menu of our applications, and we will see how the icon appears, that is, it is already downloaded, if we want to create an account immediately , we just enter and fill in the form. It’s that simple!

Install the light version of Instagram to save storage space

Instagram Lite allows many users to save storage space on their devices, since as mentioned, it does not have all the advanced functions that the original brings. To install it is super simple , you just have to follow the instructions given in the previous topic; which are applied for Android and in a similar way for iOS, the difference is that it is done from the App Store; the rest is exactly the same.

You can also download it in APK format ; you just look for it in the Chrome browser under ‘APK’, click on the link and then download; there you must also wait for it to be installed and that’s it.

Login to Instagram Lite

To be able to enter Instagram using the Lite version is very practical . First you open the application on your mobile, here two options will appear; one to log in directly (if you already have an account created) and the other is for you to create a new one (this option appears at the bottom).

If you are going to create an account then press this option, then you will fill in the form with the requested information. At the end you must have a username and password for it . You go back to the beginning and enter with these two data, click on enter and that’s it, you can use Instagram Lite.

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How to set dark mode on Instagram Lite

Just as for Facebook and WhatsApp you can set the dark mode, Instagram also brings this new setting. Activating it using Lite is quick and easy; For this you have two options, the first is that activate the dark mode in the settings of your device (Android or iOS) and all the applications will adapt to it.

The second alternative is from Instagram Lite ; open the app, go to your profile and click on the menu (three horizontal lines in the upper right corner). There you will see the settings, and in here you will see the ‘dark mode’; just press the lever that shows the screen and voila, the change will be made automatically.

Features and limitations of Instagram Lite

It has some of the same functions as the other version , such as following users and having them follow you, also being able to edit and change the photo of our profile, in the same way publish photos, and of course stories In the same way, see the pending requests from followers.

One of the greatest advantages is that we can see the home page in the same way as in the original Instagram , it allows us to see the publications of the people we follow, like, comment, and modify our biography, in the same way as the previous version.

Within the limitations we have that we cannot respond to the stories of others, nor share video publications, the “ lives ” are not available, and lastly or have few options in terms of stickers that we can use in our stories.

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