How to know if an Instagram account is real or official How do I distinguish if it is false or fake?

How to know if an Instagram account is real or official How do I distinguish if it is false or fake?

Instagram is one of the most popular and useful social networks in history , and today, so it is not surprising that, as with social networks of its kind, be it Youtube, Facebook or Twitter, they have celebrities or important companies in their ranks of users, so it is not surprising that there are real accounts and fake accounts, the thing is, how is it possible to differentiate them?

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How is a verified account

On Instagram there are millions of profiles created , be they personal accounts, official accounts of series or movies, company accounts and fan club accounts, and as is known there are accounts with large numbers of followers because of the importance they have, usually being famous or recognized people or products; Therefore, Instagram is obliged to distinguish celebrities, brands or figures of importance of fake products.

The accounts are easily differentiated

For an Instagram account to achieve the title of “official” it must have at least 10,000 followers , and thus a blue symbol will appear next to the username with a “bird” or ” white check “, normally this symbol is given to accounts to prevent fraud by fake accounts or confusion between fan accounts.

It is possible that the user is the one who wants to check if his account is verified, whether he is a celebrity or has started his own brand, it is possible to do a review to request that his account be official, which can be done easily.

True Unverified Accounts

It has already been said, famous celebrities, or recognition marks most of the time have the verification symbol, but what happens when an account does not have it but the celebrity is the real one? Normally this can happen with internet personalities or local celebrities , so it is not necessary to analyze possible tips to differentiate them.

Search mentions in other media

It is possible that, if the account is very recent, the person of interest may mention it in other social networks, or in their social network of origin, for example if they are a YouTuber who has recently opened an Instagram account, probably the mention in your videos. Therefore it is important to be attentive to these types of signals.

Another tip is to review the content of the account, it is possible that, if it is a personal account, there may be photos not official but personal , obviously it is important that the images or videos load so be able to see them although it may happen that they cannot be seen, which can be solved and thus will not hinder the process.

Google is a very good tool

We must not forget the utility that Google provides, it is a very versatile search engine for all kinds of situations, and when used in conjunction with the search of social networks it is also of great help , since the tools that the search engine has can help users to navigate more easily and obtain information faster.

So it is simple to search for celebrity or brand accounts in the Google search bar, so you just have to write the name of the person or thing of interest and add the word “Instagram”, the issue to consider is that all accounts with a similar name will appear, so it is likely that you will have to go account by account and confirm if the account it’s just a repost or an original post.

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Reasons for verified accounts to exist

Real and verified Instagram accounts help users not to fall into traps, since there may be an infinity of factors that create the need for there to be a way to verify people, even for legal reasons it is necessary to seek the veracity behind an account , one of the most important reasons for an account to be verified is to avoid identity fraud or to avoid unofficial account scams.

Fraud and confusion between unofficial accounts

It is not a mystery that there may be accounts that seek to use the fame of the name they forgery for personal and shady benefits, or it is possible that there are people with similar names, so that an account is verified protects confusions users .

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