How to like on Instagram

How to like on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks of the moment, designed to function primarily as an app, on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. Its operation is based on a very simple concept, the same as a photo album. Instagram, in fact, is a social media based on photographs, where users, individuals or companies, can upload and publish images and photographs, but also videos, direct and short temporary posts, which disappear after 24 hours, called stories. But in this social network, registered people can also do more. In fact, you can stay on Instagram without the need to create content, simply to interact with the content shared by other users. This can be done mainly in two ways: through likes and through comments.

The comment is a short, public text message that you can leave under your posts or those of other users . While the like is a sign of appreciation, a way to tell the other user that her photo is beautiful. In this guide, I will explain in detail how to like Instagram , so as to clarify all your doubts. Are you ready? Well, then you just have to start.

How to like Instagram

come mettere mi piace su Instagram

As I told you, in the following insights, I will explain in detail how likes work on Instagram, where you can leave them, what they mean, what they represent and how to leave them.

Before starting with the actual guide, however, I wanted to give you a little clarification on likes : you can leave a maximum of one per post , and only for posts published by public profiles or by users you follow.

This means that if you see a post you like and leave it a like, and after a few hours you decide to leave another, you will not be able to do so, unless you decide to remove your previous like and leave a new one. . But I’ll be honest with you: I see no useful reason why anyone would want to do such a thing.

Instagram likes are depicted as hearts , and to know whether or not you’ve already liked a particular post, just look just below the post .

There should be a heart icon there . If that icon is colored red , then it means that you have already liked that post; if it is white, like the speech bubble indicating comments or the message symbol, then it means that you have not yet liked that post. That said, I’d say we can get started.


Where you can like Instagram

Up Instagram, you can like anything that gets posted . You can express your liking to posts with images, posts with videos, comments (yours and those of other users), private Direct messages and even stories, even if in stories the mechanism is a little more complex. But don’t worry, because I will dedicate a dedicated paragraph to the likes in the stories. So let’s see what it is.

Post Instagram

come mettere mi piace su Instagram post

Let’s go in order and start from the contents that appear in the news feed of your profile, or from the posts of your followers (whether these Pages or Users you follow).

If you use the Instagram app for Android or iOS, you can like these post in two different ways:

  • With a double tap on the image or video. By doing so, for a few seconds, a heart symbol will appear on the image or video, while the heart-shaped icon just below the post will turn red;
  • Touching the heart-shaped icon below the post;

If you press a second time the heart-shaped icon, your I like it will be removed and the icon will turn white again.

If you are using the PC , or in any case you are not using Instagram from the official app for iOS or Android, double-tapping won’t work (unless your Windows 10 tablet or notebook display has built-in touchscreen). In this case, the only way to leave a like will be to click on the heart-shaped icon placed under the post.

As for the likes of comments of the post or Direct messages, on the other hand, the function is less intuitive, but still available.

In a nutshell, if you touch the heart-shaped icon that c ‘is next to a comment or message in Direct chats, you can also like private messages and post comments posted by you or other users.

Instagram Stories

come mettere mi piace su Instagram reaction Storie

As I anticipated, for the Instagram Stories , the procedure is different and slightly more complex, but in any case feasible.

If you double tap on a story, no like will be left. Instead, that media content will be skipped and you will be taken to the next story.

To like an Instagram story , you’ll need to play with your imagination and use a tool similar to it, although it is slightly more complex. I’m talking about reaction.

In the stories, in fact, it is not possible to leave a real like, but you can still leave a reaction , so as to quickly express an instinctive emotion of fun, amazement, appreciation, sadness or expressions of joy and approval.

Instagram reactions appear as two emoji files . On the top row, you can find the smiling emoji with tears in their eyes from too much laughter, the surprised emoji, the little heart-eyed emoji and the sad emoji whose eyes are watering. On the bottom row, however, you will see clapping hands, a flame, festoons, and the number 100.

To access the list of quick reactions , when viewing a story, all you have to do is swipe up , or tap the text box to send a Direct message.

Once the reaction or direct message, the other person will receive a push notification , which will allow them to view your opinion on your post.

Like Instagram and then remove it

come mettere mi piace su Instagram visualizzazione dei like

Scrolling through the Instagram news feed, someone’s profile or the pages of the Explore section to find new profiles to follow, you may mistakenly double tap on a photo and like that image.

In that case, if the photo is not to your liking, you can decide to remove the like Instagram , making a second tap on the red heart icon under the image.

There are actually a thousand others reasons why you might want to unlike an Instagram photo, and in this paragraph I’ll explain what happens when you do. Unlike when you leave a like, Instagram delivers a notification to the user, when you remove a like, nothing happens. Therefore, the user may never know that you have unlike the photo of him. He might just notice it directly, by going, for some reason, to look at the names of the likes.

If it was a like left by mistake, however, it is most likely user will not notice the removed like.

If it is a like left because the post was the hashtag #likeforlike (or similar, like the “follow for follow “), And therefore a like was left with the specific intent of receiving likes in exchange, in that case, in addition to the bad impression, you would also risk losing likes in your turn.

Like old photos on Instagram

come mettere mi piace su Instagram foto vecchie

Sometimes you discover a new profile, meet a new person, add them on Instagram and then start scrolling his profile, literally traveling “back in time” for days, weeks, months or even years. This also depends on the frequency with which the other person posts photos and videos on Instagram and, above all, on your patience in scrolling through the old photos.

On Instagram, however, the photos posted “are all there” , arranged in chronological order , from the most recent to the oldest and, with a little patience, it is possible, by scrolling through a user profile to see what he has published in recent years.

I often scroll through the profiles of the people I follow and, more than once, I have liked a very old photo , published months or even years earlier.

It is not easy, in fact, to notice the date of the post. This happens because on Instagram, apart from an indicator the chronological indicator that appears on the posts (light colored and small written), there is no other information that, impactfully, makes a user understand that that post is dated.

The posts, therefore, remain online even after years, unless the profile is deleted, made private or the photos are manually removed by the user.

What happens if I put a like on Instagram by mistake

come mettere mi piace su Instagram notifiche

When you like an Instagram post, the user who published that post receives a notification . The same also applies when you like someone else’s comment, send a quick reaction to a story or like a message in IG stories.

There’s no way to delete an Instagram notification related to the like. And even removing the like, therefore, the warning will remain in the activity log of that profile. Not only that, it can also be seen by those who follow you.

So if you left a like by mistake and you decided to remove it to avoid foolishness, I suggest you send a direct message in which you warn the person who published the post and apologize for the mistake, especially if it is your friend or in any case a person you know personally.

If you left a like by mistake on your favorite Fan Page or your favorite Celebrity , in that case, you might as well avoid commenting or send a message reporting the error, because the likes received on your post would certainly be many and the absence of a notified like would not be noticed.

How to put like on Instagram automatically

come mettere mi piace su Instagram in automatico bot

There are many ways to automatically like Instagram posts. Automation, however, can be as satisfying as it is dangerous, because on Instagram there are control systems that monitor user activity. And if someone leaves too many likes in a short time , they may be banned , but I’ll tell you more about that in the next paragraph.

One reason why you might wanting to leave automatic likes, legitimate, could be to thank the followers who comment on your posts . If you are too busy doing anything else to manually like their comments, in this case, you could use bots.

Some of these bots can be installed and configured as of external apps for Instagram . Others, on the other hand, work within other messaging apps, such as the Telegram bot for Instagram . There are also free online tools to automate IG likes.

In all cases, however, you will need to login with your data login of Instagram and provide the bot with the authorization to interact on the photographic social network with your account. Therefore, you will also be tracked by the Instagram tracking system.

What happens if you put too many likes on Instagram

come mettere mi piace su Instagram tanti like

If I leave many likes in a short time , Instagram, assuming that the operation was carried out by a bot, could decide to block your account . At first, probably, it could do it partially, or by applying the so-called shadowban . See IG blocked action to learn more.

So if you are thinking of going to Instagram and liking thousands of photos in the “kittens” category or using a bot that will automatically leave a like to those who use a certain hashtag, I strongly advise you not to, unless you want to risk seeing your Instagram profile suspended.

Especially if your account is new, you have few followers, you follow a lot of people and your IG profile is not verified (so it does not have a blue check next to its name), it is likely that by doing so, your profile will be permanently blocked.

I remind you, in fact, that after you sign up for Instagram, at least in the initial period, “invisible limits” should be respected (eg the limit of likes, the limit of publication and so on).

Having a “good behavior”, moreover, it is likely that your account can be rewarded by the algorithm of the social network, perhaps ending, at least for a few hours, in the Explore section, or in the Instagram Trends.

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