How to log out of an Instagram account

How to log out of an Instagram account

If you are trying to log out of an Instagram account on iPhone, Android or PC, I might be able to help you. Trying to become an influencer on Instagram is an activity capable of giving great satisfaction, especially if you manage to put up a good profile and earn something. At the same time, however, it can be tiring, both from a physical point of view, but above all from a mental point of view. In fact, if the desired results are slow to arrive, you may be discouraged, immediately thinking about canceling your account to regain some peace of mind. However, this is an “extreme” gesture, and you may even regret it sooner or later. Finding yourself in this situation, it is likely that you have had the brilliant idea of ​​taking a break, simply by logging out of Instagram.

By taking a break, you could regain the right mood. Often and willingly, a short period of detachment is enough to “detoxify” and return to the photographic social media par excellence in full shape. Thus, instead of canceling the Instagram account or suspending the profile, you would only log out of the social network. Please note, however, that the next time you log in, you will need to re-enter your password.


What happens if you log out of an Instagram account

come uscire da un account Instagram

Before proceeding, you may want to know what happens when you log out of an Instagram account. Fortunately, unlike some messaging chats (such as WhatsApp), Instagram saves all data on the application server , including social network settings. Therefore, you can log out and re-enter from one profile to another, and also switch from one device to another, without any kind of related problem.

If, on the other hand, you are worried about logout times, I suggest you cheer up if you intend to do it for a few weeks or to make an account change. However, keep in mind that although there is no set period of time after which an inactive Instagram account is deleted from the system, don’t get too used to it . It is well known, in fact, that not using the IG profile for an extended period of time could result in its automatic removal . And with it, videos, photos and followers would also be deleted.

This statement, however, should not be confused with the 30 days of afterthought that are given following the deletion of the Instagram account.

Based on all this, my advice is to log out of an Instagram account on all unknown devices, but at the same time, to leave active access to the social network . In any case, always remember to post, comment or like something at least once every two weeks, so as to prevent your account from being permanently removed. For inactivity, in fact, is also intended that related to the use of the service.

Exit from a single Instagram account

Now that I’ve bored you enough with the premises, I can tell you how to log out of an Instagram account . If you have connected only one account , or if you intend to disconnect from only one profile connected on your device, proceed with reading this in-depth analysis.

First, open Instagram , go to Profile settings , scroll to the bottom and change the Instagram account to the one you want to unlink (do it if you use the application). Then, proceed according to the device you are using.

App for Android and iOS

come uscire da account Instagram smartphone

If you want to log out of an Instagram account on your smartphone or tablet, then on iPhone, iPad or Android device, logging out will require a maximum of 5 taps.

After launching the app, press the icon bust in the lower right corner, wait for your profile to load and press on the three dots vertically at the top right. Next, tap Settings.

Within that section, if you scroll down to the bottom, you will see the Access section. At that point, press on Exit or Exit (depending on the number of connected profiles) and confirm your choice, perhaps saving the credentials (it will be easier for you to re-enter when you have finished the hangover from Instagram if you select the option “Remember my login information” before exiting). So, if you forget your password in the future, you will be able to change it without the old one.

The procedure just described to log out of Instagram account is based on Android smartphone, but it won’t be much different if you have an iOS device. The only two changes will affect the icons you will have to press to access the profile (your image instead of the stick man) and to enter the Settings menu (the dots will be horizontal instead of vertically).

App for Windows 10 PC

come uscire da account Instagram app Windows 10

If you intend to log out of an Instagram account and are using the ‘ app for Windows 10 , the steps will not be more complex than those just described on a smartphone. After starting the program, just click on the stylized half-length icon (bottom right), wait for your dashboard to load and then click on the icon a form of gear.

This will open the Settings menu, in which you will have to search for the item Sign out of or Sign out (depending on whether you have one or more linked accounts). Confirm your choice, evaluate whether or not to remember your credentials, and that’s it.

Instagram Web

come uscire da account Instagram web

Same situation and same procedure in case you have to log out of an Instagram account you logged in via web . After starting the browser and connecting to, click on the Profile icon and, once that screen has opened, click on the shaped icon of gear.

This will open a small window in the center of the screen. Now, click on Exit and confirm your choice when prompted. The operation is the same also in the mobile version of the Instagram site.

At the end of the procedure, however, I suggest you delete cookies and the browser cache related to this site web, so as to delete all files and Instagram preferences stored within the program. And don’t forget also to remove the Instagram password stored in the browser (see below how to do it). This way, you will be sure that you will not be able to automatically re-enter Instagram should you “fall into temptation”.

Log out of all Instagram accounts

come uscire da un account Instagram tutti i profili

If you have linked two or more accounts to the social network , it may be tedious to log out of each one individually. And that’s why you wondered how to get out of all connected Instagram accounts, right? Fortunately, once again you can invest a few more seconds in your free time.

Proceed in the same way as I indicated in the app procedures . When you get to Settings , however, scroll to the bottom and tap the item Sign out of all accounts instead of the one I suggested above. By doing so, the Instagram application will be as good as new.

Alternatively, you could simply reinstall the Instagram application to disconnect all accounts in one tap.

Leaving a remembered Instagram account

come uscire da un account Instagram ricordato

If you left the option “ Remember my information active before exiting login ”in the app, or if you have saved your credentials in your browser, you may not be able to log out completely. And this could be a problem, in case, for example, you connected from a friend’s PC. This person may be able to enter your profile without your knowledge (especially if you have not enabled two-factor authentication).

To resolve this, I recommend that you reinstall the application Instagram if you use iOS or Android. However, if you connect from the browser internet, you must remove the password stored in that software . If you use Chrome , for example, you can do this by following the path Other menu (icon with three dots)> Autofill> Password and positioning yourself on the item Saved passwords . Then proceed by searching for the domain and deleting cookies and passwords as suggested by the wizard (maybe first write it somewhere).

In alternatively, if you use the application , you could do something else. Once you log out, reopen the Instagram app or connect a second Instagram profile, if you have remembered your credentials, the social network will offer you automatic access to the last disconnected profile. In addition, however, you will be offered the Remove option. Selecting it, in fact, you will be able to exit the Instagram account remembered definitively.

Exit from an Instagram account on another device

come uscire da un account Instagram su altro dispositivo cambio password

In case you have left your Instagram profile active on a device that you no longer find or otherwise unknown, you could force it to quit remotely . You just need to remember your password and, if 2FA is active, connect from a known device .

If you respect these requirements, you would be able to login . Once inside, go to Profile settings , choose Security and then Password , which appears under Access protection . Now, change your Instagram password to ensure that all previous sessions are prompted for authentication with the new password.

By doing so, whoever does not will be in possession of the new password will no longer be able to access your profile. Unlike Facebook, however, Instagram (at least for the moment) does not provide for the remote disconnection of all active sessions.

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