How to make and publish original and successful surveys on Instagram Stories

How to make and publish original and successful surveys on Instagram Stories

Each of the tools that Instagram offers us, creates a big difference between this and other applications. It is normal that this app is one of the most popular, due to all the options it gives its users. Among one of its tools are surveys, and although it is easy to do them, many worry about publishing original surveys.

It is true that in the world of social networks, the most original and spontaneous publications are the ones that tend to attract the most audience , of course this is not a rule that is followed by most of the time. But the truth is that having original, different content and a good way to attract attention is what attracts the most followers.

However, to have content of this type, it takes a little effort, depending on the content you show your followers. Although usually people usually look for help or tricks so that more people see their Instagram Stories or to attract more followers.

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How to publish more polls original for your Instagram Stories?

In this tutorial we will give you some tips that can help you create original, quality content . Which, as we have already said, is essential to attract more visits and followers to your Instagram account.

Create quality content

It is true that to have original content, you must put your essence in it , since no one has the same way of doing things. If you do not have creativity, because the solution is very simple, you just have to analyze the content you will publish and brainstorm about it

This way you can ask interesting questions according to the topic you want to deal with, you can even post someone else’s content and ask your followers what they think about it . The important thing is that the algorithm sees that you generate interest, and that people are clicking.

Analyze your target audience

If you want to create successful surveys, you must know well the audience for which you make your content . That is to say, you should study a little, you can also do this through surveys, the important thing is that you create a relationship with your followers, and know what they like and what they don’t.

You can make a video talking about what you think of pineapple pizza and then put a poll to see how many agree with you . In the same way you can put hashtags that go according to what you are talking about, for this you can use hashtag generators , which are very useful tools for content creators.

Create professional surveys

The last tip is that you know how to use your tools. Instagram offers you a variety of stickers and shapes to change your colors or fonts . Using these things, you just have to let your creativity flow and combine it with the previous tips.

In this way you can create quality content and publish original surveys in a faster and easier way .

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How to fix problems with Instagram polls?

The Instagram polls option

The first of the problems or issues that many of our readers have been mentioning to us about Instagram polls has to do directly with the impossibility of doing them in your account. The truth is that the only way to carry out several Instagram surveys is having the application updated, since otherwise there is no way to access these contents.

If you want to make sure you can perform surveys on Instagram , you have to look for this application in the Google Play Store, the Android application store, and check that there are no updates available.

In case there are indeed updates available , the next step has to do with installing them, and then trying again in the usual way, as we have already taught.

I can’t see the results of Instagram polls

If you can’t see the results of the surveys that you have taken on Instagram, the possible explanations are reduced to two. The first one has to do with the fact that no one has voted for the moment. What you can do in this case is vote in your own poll, something that is completely possible, and in this way, you will have to see the results as if someone else had voted.

The second alternative that you have to consider in these types of situations is that you really don’t know how to see the results of the surveys .

What we can recommend in that case is that you slide the story from the bottom up , so that at the bottom of the screen it tells you not only who have seen your story, but also who has voted on it, and specifically, what they have voted.

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