How to make long posts on Instagram

How to make long posts on Instagram

Instagram is the visual social media par excellence, and among the various contents that pass under your eyes every day, you may have noticed, there are more and more videos. Whether they are 15-second sequences in stories, direct, one-minute shots published as posts or one-hour IGTV, video content is prevailing over IG. In fact, these can have a big impact and help you increase the engagement of your audience.

In the tutorial below, I’ll explain how to make long posts on Instagram , ranging from the choice of content for sharing. You will learn how to post long-lasting videos directly on social media or via IGTV. In addition, you will know limits, resolutions and aspect ratios regarding the videos to be published in the post feed, as well as some applications that allow you to edit and edit videos using only smartphones. You will be able to share a long video worthy of a professional. Keep in mind, however, that depending on the features you use, you won’t always be able to insert action / interaction links or buttons. Additionally, you may not be able to collect Instagram Insight data in an overall manner.


What are and how they work long posts on Instagram

come fare post lunghi su Instagram

long-running Instagram posts are a type of multimedia content that can be shared in users’ main feed in the form of video or video preview. They are usually used to reproduce the offline viewing of a live stream that has ended, or to show a digital debate or an on-demand video course.

Except for long Instagram stories, where you can shoot or upload multiple 15-second videos that are displayed in sequence and disappear after 24 hours, and for live Instagram stories, there are two types of long posts that are possible share on your profile: 60-second videos and IGTV previews , the latter ideal for showing followers content ranging from 1 to 15 minutes .

IGTV, whose name derives from the union of IG (Instagram), and TV (television), is an application that users can access with an Instagram account to share content extended duration videos. Its basic functionality, namely that of sharing videos of over a minute , is also available on the photographic social network, thus without downloading the application. To find it, just upload a movie and check the “Long video” option or go to the “Search” section and select IGTV with the television icon (as I’ll explain shortly).

Instagram and IGTV they are closely related to each other. In fact, anyone who activates an IG account and uploads content to the IGTV channel will see all the videos on his profile as well. By downloading the app of this platform, however, you will find a feed populated by the long videos of the creators you already follow.

IGTV is an application dedicated only to videos with a duration of more than 60 seconds. Therefore, don’t be surprised if when you look at the channel of the profiles you follow, you will only find this type of content. For more information, read how IGTV works.

Duration and aspect ratio of a video post on Instagram

fare post lunghi su Instagram concetto di misurazione

Each type of long Instagram post has a predefined duration and must respect a certain aspect ratio . Here are the details:

  • Video feed : they have a maximum duration of 60 seconds, the recommended resolution is 1080p (1920 × 1080 pixels) if thought of in the 16: 9 format. Instagram also allows you to publish videos with an aspect ratio of 1: 1, the classic square format, or in 4: 5. It is not possible to upload videos to the feed vertically;
  • IGTV Videos : they have a minimum duration of one minute , while the maximum is 15 minutes if the content is uploaded from smartphone , but if uploaded from the web , it can take up to 60 minutes . You can upload a horizontal video in 16: 9 or a vertical one in 9:16 (the same format as the Instagram stories). The minimum frame rate is 30 fps (frames per second) and the minimum resolution is 720p (1280 × 720 pixels). Videos with a duration of less than 15 minutes can have a maximum size of 650 MB, while for those of an hour the maximum size is 3.6 GB.

Getting started

To shoot a long video to post on Instagram, you need a device. Fortunately, today any smartphone can be enough for you, but if you have an action cam, a video camera or a good camera, the quality of your footage will certainly be better.

You can publish freshly recorded amateur videos, but if you want to be more professional or you intend to make a few cuts to fit within the allowed time and show only the most salient points, you need some little video editing and editing skills . In this regard, you should know that there are some applications (for iOS and Android) that allow you to achieve a satisfactory result even just using the phone, such as: iMovie, Adobe Premiere Clip and InShot. I told you about it in the video editing guide.

How to create a long video for Instagram

fare post lunghi su Instagram creazione video

There are three steps you need to follow to have video content long-lasting to share on Instagram : record or find the movie, select the best frames and edit it. Let’s see how to do it following some general indications (which you will obviously have to readjust according to your situation).

Record or find a movie outside Instagram

First of all, you need to think about the type of content you want to post. It can be a video that you have already shot or one that you have recorded directly from Instagram, but be aware that the videos created on the social network cannot exceed 60 seconds.

You can also share a live on IGTV once it is finished, with the appropriate function or by saving the live to edit it before publication. Finally, you can search for the movie you want in the various online video libraries and download it from there, always paying attention to the wording “Royalty free” to respect the copyright.

Find the best frames of the video

Once you have located the video, you have to analyze it to select the most salient scenes and, at the same time, fall within the 60 seconds. But don’t focus too much on this last statement, as, as I told you a little while ago, it is possible to bypass the time limit in various ways. However, select the best frames to prevent your followers from losing interest when viewing the video post.

Using apps to cut and speed up the video

After viewing and reviewing the video, you have arrived at the last step before publishing, where you can cut or speed up the video. Instagram has its own “Cut” function, which you can use once the content has been uploaded to reduce it to the duration of 60 seconds allowed by the social network.

In addition to cropping, however, you can add a timelapse effect , perhaps to give the idea of ​​the passage of time or to make the less interesting parts pass faster. To do this, there are many apps, including the official one, called Instagram Hyperlapse . It allows you to record and upload videos by setting a playback speed up to a maximum of 12x . Read how to make quick videos on Instagram to learn more.

How to upload long video-as-post on Instagram

Finally, it’s it’s time to upload the long video in the Instagram post section . To do this, you can use the mobile app with an iOS device (iPad or iPhone) or Android, or the web version of the social network (from PC and Mac) or the app for Windows 10.

Here too there is a distinction to be made according to the duration of the movie: you can publish it as a simple post on your profile if it reaches a maximum of 60 seconds , otherwise you will have to upload it on the IGTV channel and then preview it to your followers. Now, I’ll explain how to proceed in both cases.

Upload the video to IGTV if over 60 seconds

If the content lasts 1 to 15 minutes , the only way to publish it is to use IGTV . You can use the IGTV app or upload the video directly from Instagram.


fare post lunghi su Instagram caricamento da app IGTV

Once downloaded and opened the IGTV application , click on the + symbol, located at the top right, and select the video to publish. Choosing the movie from the Camera Roll (iOS) or from the gallery (Android), you will notice that it will not be possible to load those with a duration of less than one minute.

You can find the cover image you prefer between frames or load one from the phone memory. After that, give the video a title and write a description (optional). If the video is part of a series , just click on “ Add to series ”; you can also create a new series, to which you will add content later, giving it a title and description as well.

App Instagram

fare post lunghi su Instagram caricamento da app Instagram

You can also upload long movies from Instagram , by tapping the + button located in the center (bottom). Select the video you want to upload from the gallery or Camera Roll and check the “ Long video ” option, which allows you to upload the complete video to IGTV and show its preview on your IG profile.

You can also share content in the IGTV section within the photo social network, by pressing the + symbol (top right ). For both modes, the procedure to follow is the same as that used to upload videos to IGTV, as I told you in the previous point.

Upload the video on Instagram if within 60 seconds

To upload videos to Instagram that have a maximum length of 60 seconds , you can behave as if you were posting a photo or a normal video post. Respecting this time limit, in fact, the movie will not be divided into several parts, nor will it be seen as a preview.

Press the central + key, select the video , apply a filter (or modify it to your liking) and choose the cover image between frames. At this point, the post is ready to be shared with followers.

How to share a long post on Instagram

Let’s now specify the how to share long Instagram posts.

How to preview IGTV video on Instagram profile

fare post lunghi su Instagram opzione Continua a guardare

When you post a video longer than one minute on IGTV , you can share the preview of it on your Instagram profile. You can do this by ticking the item “ Publish a preview “.

A video post will appear on your profile with the first 12- 15 seconds of the movie in 4: 5 format. Once this time has elapsed, the preview stops automatically, but you can continue watching the video on IGTV by tapping the “ Continue Watch ” button.

As-post video on Instagram

fare post lunghi su Instagram condivisione come Video breve

As for uploading within 60 seconds, too sharing the video post follows the same rules as photos. Once you have completed all the necessary operations, a post with the cover image you have chosen for the video and the camera icon (top right) appears on your profile. Just finish the publication by following the guided procedure that will be proposed to you.

In case it is a long video that you are publishing through the Instagram app , you could choose the “ Short video ” option, which would allow you to create a slideshow of the movie as a post, with a maximum duration of one minute . If you wanted to create the custom preview of the long Instagram video , you should create the trailer independently (e.g. using video editing software) and then upload it to Instagram.

In the latter two cases, however, I suggest you opt for IGTV, or at least add a description to the video, which somehow refers to the extended / full version, because, unlike the IGTV preview, you would not be able to insert a “call to action” , or the “Continue Watching” button. So, your followers may not know exactly where to go to see the full broadcast.

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