How to make long stories on Instagram

How to make long stories on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks among young people: users appreciate the immediacy of images as a means of communication, combined with the possibility of interaction and self-narration, which also happens ( and above all) through the stories. This tool has responded to a precise change in language and has enhanced the contents of fast use, almost immediate, since their duration is only 24 hours. As you know, the stories also have other characteristics: for example, their reproduction is automatic; just open the feed at the top to play those of your followers. At the end of one, the next one will start immediately, and so on for every other profile that you follow.

In the stories you can insert different types of content, including videos, which however must be very short. For movies that last from over a minute to an hour, you should use long IG posts, or publish them via IGTV. It’s also true, however, that you may be in the mood for long Instagram stories , and you may have just wondered if that’s possible. Well, in this tutorial I’ll explain just how to do this. The long-term content allows in fact to exceed the duration limit set by the social network. Keep in mind, however, that it would be better to publish the “fragmented story” at the same time, and not when a few minutes have passed between each other. Even worse would be to publish the frames of the same video in a non-chronological, or in any case disordered way (e.g. by publishing the first piece of the story, then one that has nothing to do with it, and after the second part).


How long does a story last on Instagram

Each social network has its own rules regarding publications. On Instagram, videos in Stories have a maximum duration of 15 seconds, after which a new timed content is automatically created.

We mentioned it before, the key word is immediacy , but the fact remains that 1⁄4 of a minute may be short for your creation, and that you may be planning to make longer IG stories. Maybe, you’d like to prevent them from being “chopped up”. The answer is yes, but with certain trade-offs.

How long videos for Instagram stories work

come fare storie lunghe su Instagram

Videos that exceed the 15 seconds automatically become several stories in sequence . Of course, this means that you will not be able to decide when the interruption will occur. In fact, it is a matter of more timed contents put in series automatically, which will “populate” the feed of the stories of your followers and will have a short duration.

A first piece of advice that I would like to give you, if the duration is of a few more seconds and you have the option to shoot the video again, is to shorten it to fit a single story. This does not apply when you are filming something live, for example, or if the video is much longer than 15 seconds. In these cases, you should consider leaving it as it is and posting it in other sections of the social network. As another choice, you could apply some special effects (which I will talk about in the next paragraphs), thanks to which you would be able to work around, at least as much as possible, the time limit.

What happens when Instagram stories are divided

First of all, remember that to load a story longer than 15 seconds it takes longer , even more so if the internet connection to your disposition is not optimal and if you load several at a distance of a few minutes from each other. But this is not the element that could make you desist from intent, but rather the fact that long story views will be poorly tracked, unless you use third party software to manage your account and post.

Also, your followers may have a hard time to see all the stories (your own and those published by the other profiles that follow). For this reason, since they are no longer immediately usable content, they could get tired and mute the content you publish in the IG stories or, in the worst cases, stop following you.

Finally, a common problem concerning accounts business with more than 10,000 followers, is that by posting a lot of stories, Instagram swipe ups may not be effective . I mean that your lead generation strategy could be affected.

Types of long videos to publish in IG stories

Despite the critical points we have mentioned, publishing long videos in Instagram stories is not wrong: you can do it easily, with the foresight perhaps not always adopting this mode, but using it only for short videos albeit over 15 seconds , which nevertheless do not exceed 1 or 2 minutes in duration.

Sometimes, it is inevitable that the content will be divided into multiple stories, like when you are telling an event, but always remember that the network social Instagram is not designed for long videos, or rather, for those there is IGTV. That’s right, it would be useless and counterproductive to publish the video of a live broadcast in the stories.

How to create a long video for stories Instagram without editor

fare storie lunghe su Instagram concetto di scelta fotogrammi

To shoot a video to publish in the stories, the best choice is the smartphone or the tablet, since the editor of the app has many automatisms. However, you could also use a reflex camera.

You can keep the material aside, storing it in the roll of iOS or in the Android gallery : record the video, save it and move it to a folder that you have created specifically for Instagram, so you can find it more easily.

Eventually, edit the video before uploading it to Instagram, so you can remove excess frames and apply custom special effects. Also remember to create a video that is the right size for Instagram Stories, so that it can be viewed correctly and is not resized by the social network.

How to create and upload a story long on Instagram

To capture and upload the long-running video to your Instagram story , you have several options. In this case, you could “let Instagram decide” how to arrange the frames of each uploaded video in sequence, as well as make use of free third-party apps, which would help you, in fact, to assemble the feed of the stories in the best way.

Using the Instagram multimedia editor

fare storie lunghe su Instagram editor multimediale

The best way to create your stories, is to use Instagram and its multimedia editor : open the application, tap on “ Your story ” and hold down the middle button to record the video. At the end of the 15 seconds , as you can see in the example screenshots, a second story will be created automatically, then a third , and so on away.

When you have finished recording the video, you can download it (by tapping on the arrow icon, which you can find at the top), and publish it later, you can edit it (and download it ready for publication) or publish it right away.

From the Instagram editor you can also add effects, icons, texts, stickers, but also music, and geotags. To share the story, tap the “ Send to ” option, located at the bottom right.

If you already recorded the video , you open the social network application, tap (top left) on “ Your story “, then on the gallery preview (or scroll up ) and search your folder and content. Choose the video you are interested in and select it : Instagram will import it and, automatically, your content will be divided into several stories of 15 seconds each , if obviously it exceeds this duration.

You will see the various stories at the bottom left and you can edit with effects, text and stickers. Of course, you will also be able to insert swipe ups and tags. When you’re ready, just share the story as you usually do.

Using apps to edit extended IG stories

Some time ago, I told you about the best apps for Instagram stories , which can help you implement a growth strategy on this social network. Among these, some may also be useful for publishing long stories on IG: these are CutStory (for iOS), StoryCutter (for iOS and Android) and Limitless Stories (iOS).

With these applications you could edit long movies and turn them into short clips. In any case, my advice is to use external applications only when you need to add effects or for editing. On all other occasions, the best choice would remain the Instagram editor.

Montage of a speeded up Instagram story

fare storie lunghe su Instagram concetto di timelapse

To publish content in the IG stories that is longer than 15 seconds, but not too long, eg. 30 seconds, you can use this expedient: shorten the video by a few frames , being careful not to change its meaning.

Precisely, you could follow the tutorial in which I explained how to do it. speeded-up videos on Instagram, which would allow you to manipulate the video by applying various timelapse effects , more or less advanced.

How to post long stories on Instagram

fare storie lunghe su Instagram condivisione

Now that we have seen what possibilities there are for uploading stories longer than 15 seconds, let’s move on to sharing . Based on the procedure you followed, proceed as follows:

  • Using the Instagram editor for recording, just continue as usual to share the story;
  • If you have speeded up your video , on the other hand, all you have to do is open the Instagram app on your smartphone (or tablet), upload your story and publish it, after editing it possibly. This way, there should be only one story, which should be less than 15 seconds long;
  • Lastly, if you have shot a video and used the apps I have just recommended, you should have more than one movie available. All you need to do is upload, edit and publish them individually via the Instagram app.


As we have seen, upload long stories to Instagram is possible, whether it’s videos shot directly through the app, or videos captured differently. My advice, however, as I mentioned in this tutorial, is to publish short stories, which respond to the idea of ​​a fast, agile social network designed for content that can be used in a very short time: it is not only what is the basis of Instagram, but what its users expect. Reflecting their tastes is important, because otherwise the risk is that the stories receive few views and interactions, or that some of your followers decide to abandon you.

There are occasions when it is not possible to publish short stories , but in other cases, it is always better to reflect and find an alternative, with creativity, which is always appreciated.

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