How to make memories on Instagram

How to make memories on Instagram

The memories on Instagram are an anniversary that every year fascinates millions of users. Influencers especially like to share the so-called Best Nine , also known by the names Top Nine , at the end of the year, precisely between December 31st and the days before New Year’s Eve. Best 9 , Best Moment or I remember , indeed. This is a collage showing the 9 most liked photos that have been posted during the year. If you too want to follow this trend and are wondering how to make memories on Instagram and also how to share them on your profile as a post or as Stories, I would say that you were lucky enough to happen here.

In this guide, in fact, I tell you everything you need to know to create and publish your photo collage with the most liked photos in the previous 365 days. In this way you will be able to understand what your followers think, perhaps with a survey, and see the reactions of your competitors, who may be amazed by your metrics. Remember, however, that to succeed, you will need to have a public account.


How Instagram memories are calculated

come fare i ricordi su Instagram

What is the criterion that is used when creating Instagram memories? Don’t worry, there is no calculation done by an algorithm in this case. It is simply a search of the posts that received the most likes over the year . Of these, the 9 best performing will be chosen.

The choice is as obvious as it is creative. In fact, going to choose them manually would be a great waste of time, although the result could be edited and published in a personalized way.

So take it as a challenge. They will not only be the 9 most beautiful or most expensive shots (yes, because if you are an influencer, you know well that those shots have cost in terms of time and also money), but they will be the 9 most beautiful shots for your followers . You will thus be able to understand in detail how to set up your business plan for the following year. Yes, because the interest of followers is essential for conversion, even in terms of swipe ups.

You may already be aware of all this, and it is not the right opportunity to learn more about it. In any case, if you liked to know more about it, you could also take a look at the tutorial in which I explain how to become a fashion blogger on Instagram. In it, you will find practical advice also related to the equipment to use to improve the quality of the posts.

How to create your own Top Nine Instagram

To to do your Top Nine on Instagram, as I told you, you have to use one of the free tools available online developed by third parties, or even applications . Below, I propose the most used by users, so as to remain somehow “faithful” to the challenge in progress.

Continue reading and apply the method closest to your needs. If you post from your PC, for example, websites might come in handy. While posting from your smartphone or tablet, be it Android or iOS, it might be better to use an app. Be aware, however, that the proposed websites have an interface suitable also for the mobile web.

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Currently, it is possible to make the Best Nine using two websites. I don’t feel like recommending many of them as I want you to stay safe from any cunning people who may be hiding surprises. Read on to find out which are the safest tools for processing IG memories.

Best Nine-website

come fare i ricordi su Instagram sito web Best Nine

The tool available at is the one that has always been most used, both by Windows, macOS and Ubuntu / Linux users, and by mobile users, that is, those who use iOS or Android. It is developed by Mgram Inc. and I must say that it always worked well when I used it.

First, connect to it. Then simply enter your Instagram ID in the search field. This is your username , nothing more. Type it without the at (@) and press the Get.

button After a few seconds, your Top Nine for the current year will appear. It will be that of 2019, 2020 or any vintage, the fact is that it will always refer to the previous year. You can now download it and share it on your social account. Read below to understand how.

Top Nine-website

come fare i ricordi su Instagram sito web Top Nine

A valid alternative to first recommended website for making Instagram memories, is , which provides a more material design interface and also faster use.

Once you are connected to the service, all you have to do is enter your Instagram username and select the Continue option. After that, it will be sufficient to enter the e-mail so that you can receive the collage directly to your e-mail address, as soon as it has been processed. So you won’t have to pass the wait.


If you don’t feel like using the browser to make memories on Instagram, don’t worry: there are also free applications that are very good for that purpose. Read on to find out which are the best to use on your smartphone or tablet running Android or iOS.

App Top Nine

come fare i ricordi su Instagram app Top Nine

Top Nine is the app version for iOS and Android of the website that I mentioned in the previous paragraph. It allows you to do Best Nine Instagram only by email registration. Once you have completed the registration and entered the username related to the Best Nine you wish to create, you will receive the photo collage directly to your e-mail address. You can find it on Google Play or on the App Store.

Best Grid

come fare i ricordi su Instagram app Best Grid

Best Grid is an excellent application for creating Instagram memories, perhaps the best. It does not provide for login or sending via e-mail address. Everything remains within the app, which is intuitive and compatible with both iOS and Android. You can find it on this page of Google Play or on this page of the App Store.

After entering your Instagram username, you just have to wait for the result. You can then choose whether or not to publish the number of likes. Furthermore, you will be able to share the Top Nine post directly from the application.


come fare i ricordi su Instagram app 9Cut

9Cut is the name of two apps developed by different creators, one for Android and one for iOS, both extraordinarily useful for making personalized Instagram memories. You can find them on this Google Play page or at this App Store address.

In this case, however, the Best Nine is not intended as a summary of the best photos of the year. Instead, the apps allow you to make the Best Nine of photos of your choice . They offer filters, effects and tools for professional photo editing for free. They could be useful, for example, to create a post with the 9 most beautiful images of an album or a collection that you have just photographed.

Remember, however, that due to some limitations related to the Instagram API, you will need to download the 9 photos in the gallery of your mobile or tablet before posting them. After doing this, you will need to upload the 9 cropped photos to Instagram at the same time.

How to download Instagram’s Best Nine

come fare i ricordi su Instagram download Best Nine

After you have managed to generate your Best Nine, you will be wondering how to put the memories on Instagram. To do this, you must first download the Best Nine . You can do it as when you have to download an image from the internet in case you are websites.

In detail, to download the Best 9 from PC , click on image to view it larger. Then, right click on it and choose Save Image As . Save it on the Desktop.

Instead, from the smartphone or the tablet , tap the image to see it bigger. Then, if you use Android , hold your finger down on it and choose Save image to gallery (or a similar option). On iOS , press the Share button and choose Save to Camera Roll .

As for apps, some of the those recommended include sending by e-mail or direct sharing . In the first case, download the photo in the gallery before publishing it. In the second, however, you can directly use the app options to post.

Now, in any case, you can share the post as you see fit, with or without description. Read on to learn about all the possible ways of sharing.

How to share the memory on Instagram

So let’s get to understand how do you share your memories on Instagram related to your year of success. Let’s see how all your followers can praise the artwork you just generated.

With a post

come fare i ricordi su Instagram condivisione post

To put Instagram memories in posts , log into Instagram using the official app or website. After that, start creating a new post . Then upload the image of your Best Nine . At that point, add the hashtags #bestnine and # bestnine to make it appear also in the dedicated section. Obviously, instead of , enter the year in numbers related to the Best Nine. For example, if it’s 2020, type #2019bestnine.

Now, all you have to do is add some filters (if you want), tag someone (optional) and choose Publish . By doing so, you will show your Instagram memories to all your followers (unless you decide to hide them from someone using the privacy settings). You will get likes and comments.

And if you are a known and very active person on the Facebook photo social network, you will probably also be able to end up in the Explore section of Instagram. You will get more notoriety and the web will discuss about you.

With a story

To put memories on Instagram in Stories , on the other hand, go to Instagram and start the creation of a new Story . Then upload the collage you just downloaded. It won’t be perfectly in line with the Stories format. However, if you maybe edit it before uploading it, it might be even better.

Anyway, once the Best Nine has been uploaded, add any filters, tag in the Stories or add some stickers, perhaps to take a survey or to put the music in the Story.

When you have made the necessary customizations , you can make memories on Instagram in Stories by pressing the Your Story button. For 24 hours, your memories will be visible to all your followers. Once the time has elapsed, they will be removed automatically. However, they will not be deleted, but will be placed in the Stories archive.

Alternatively, you could find all the 9 most liked photos posted on Instagram over the year and repost them as a souvenir. Even so, in fact, you could show your followers which were the most beautiful emotions that have characterized your social life (and not) this year.

With a featured story

As I told you, Instagram memories posted in IG stories are not deleted after a day. You could therefore retrieve them and post them in evidence on your profile (under your username and your bio).

If you were interested in the topic in question, I suggest you read the tutorial where I explained how to highlight IG stories. You will find everything you need.

How to create a Top Nine Instagram of other people

If you wanted to see Instagram memories related to another Instagram profile , obviously always public, know that you can do it. How? Simple, just enter your username in the apps or websites I just recommended.

However, think carefully about what you’re doing – if it’s a curiosity, you won’t have any problems doing it. If you want to share others’ Top Nine instead, I suggest you don’t . In fact, you could go against copyright and (severe) copyright laws. So stay light on this practice.

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