How to make money with Instagram in 2021

How to make money with Instagram in 2021

There are many ways to make money with Instagram and this topic is often talked about, but it happens that many are not transparent and always go around the matter promising stratospheric gains using a new software they have discovered or advertising who knows what.

I’m curious and I always tend to test new things and tools, including earning on Instagram .

On this topic, the thing I hate the most are people who try to take other people for the cube just to get a (often insignificant) percentage of the gain.

How to make money with Instagram: how to get started

The how to make money on Instagram , but above all on the Internet in general, is always a delicate topic and they say about all the colors. For this reason, in this article I want to be as clear as possible and avoid useless methods that lead to nothing but waste of time.

In this article we will look at some ways to make money with Instagram .


The first way to make money on Instagram is consulting.

Starting to selling consultancy on Instagram is not particularly complex but, at least initially, it requires a lot of effort.

To arouse the interest of the first customers, in fact, it is necessary to employ time to create valuable content that can spark the interest and trust of those who visit your profile, your followers and potential customers.

The first step from
to do, therefore, is to choose your niche of expertise.

Doing it is not difficult: choose a topic in which you are so prepared and good enough to be able to give advice on how to solve a certain problem to other people, then a real consultation.

Remember to optimize your profile and write an effective bio so that people who visit your profile and your followers immediately understand your area of ​​expertise and what you do.

To come back again
content on the subject, which is the key to obtaining
consultancy, you have to find the right mix between generic content and
more specific content.

Often, in fact, yes
tends to believe that sharing information that is too specific either
detailed may be a disadvantage: but if you start with this
mentality, then consulting is not for you.

In case of a quote on an Instagram strategy, for example, you could offer a free one with a general profile analysis and a paid one where you set out all your ideas on how you would improve it with all the details.

This way you won’t go wasting time unnecessarily giving ideas and then being told “my cuggino does it” .

I assure you that the more valuable information you share with your followers, the more they will trust you.

Collaboration with brands

Another way to make money on Instagram are collaborations with brands. In order to collaborate with brands, the primary requirement is to have an active community that trusts you and your advice.

The number of
follower is not important, there are people with 10,000 or 20,000
followers who collaborate with companies: obviously it also depends on the
your niche.

So avoid
buy followers, avoid bots and avoid anything they can go to
ruin your profile: in this way no company will want
collaborate with you and you would risk, in addition to making a bad impression,
even get yourself a bad reputation.

Unlike a
profile optimized to sell consultancy, your content does not
they must be exclusively specific and you can also vary a little:
but they must still be interesting.

The companies are and
they will always be interested in only one thing: engagement.

Without a good one
engagement, you will not get collaborations. I want to emphasize the
“Good”, because it is neither worth buying likes nor participating in
round on Telegram – those interactions are fake and even if you succeed
to collaborate with some company in this way, trust that to
you won’t make a good impression on it.

The interactions
they must be real and valuable.

Another thing that
I want to advise you is not to wait for the company a
contact you, but try to propose yourself to brands with which you are
would like to collaborate.

Make a proposal by writing who you are and what you do, explain why you would like to collaborate with them and what the advantages may be (them).

Even better if you attach a media kit to the message. If you don’t know what it is, a media kit is a PDF document where you tell who you are, what you do, your possible collaborations in the past and the social networks you are subscribed to with the number of followers.

To give you another example, Marcello Ascani, YouTuber with nearly 500,000 subscribers on YouTube and about 100,000 followers on Instagram, contacted some restaurants during a trip to Los Angeles for a collaboration.

In this case
Marcello did not ask for money, but only to be able to eat for free: in
exchange he would put it all in a YouTube video and some
post on Instagram.

Now you’ll think “Thank you
al cabbage Francè, with all those subscribers and those followers I would be
I’m capable too! ”.

But how did I look after you
saying, even though he has all those followers and subscribers, he doesn’t have
waited to be contacted: he did it and closed
good collaborations.

Anyway, I advise you to watch the video in question as I think it can be very useful.


Another way to make money on Instagram is through affiliations.

But what are the

Earning on Instagram with affiliations means promoting a product or service that does not belong to you and that once a sale is generated you will have a percentage.

This often happens with the Amazon affiliate program, one of the best known, but not only: there are in fact numerous affiliate networks such as Wordfilia.

If you have a large community or know how to create ads on Instagram (but also on Facebook or Google) and you are a good copywriter, making money with affiliations is a fairly simple activity.

You must have some
budget to be able to generate traffic to get the first sales,
after which you can reinvest part of the profits in the ads for
increase your earnings.

Choose the right one
niche and target people, otherwise you will only waste budget and
you will get poor results.

If you have a website
you can also join Amazon’s affiliate program and
promote products in your niche and increase income without
spend money on ads.

For example, on some music sites that I manage, I promote some products in my niche and thus increase my earnings without spending € 1 on ads.


Well, we’ve seen
some ways to make money with Instagram. I hope I gave you some
useful ideas and that you will soon start earning with Instagram.

Know other methods
to earn on Instagram? Let me know in the comments.

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