How to make quick videos on Instagram

How to make quick videos on Instagram

If there is one feature that has been very successful on Instagram since its release, it is the one related to fast video. This option allows you to condense even long sequences of movies in a few seconds, without affecting, however, those that are the limits of the social network. In fact, I remind you that, unlike other platforms of this type, Instagram has set very specific limits for multimedia content. Story videos, for example, even when uploaded sequentially, can never exceed 15 seconds. In the posts, however, the situation is different, and it is possible to upload 60-second movies, but these are also subject to limitations.

In this regard, a little for fun, a little to “overcome” the limits of the social network, in this tutorial I will explain how to make fast videos on Instagram . By compressing frame sequences longer than a minute and applying the timelapse effect, you will be able to post movies of any length or size.


How videos work fast on Instagram

come fare i video velocizzati su Instagram

The first thing to understand to make the most of this feature is how fast videos work on Instagram . How is it possible that an application or a tool can fit many more frames in the same space of time? All this is possible thanks to the time-lapse photography technique, which is completely customizable.

Always remember that a video is nothing more than the set of many shots one after the other: the more these shots will be, in jargon, the more fluid the video will be; on the contrary, by introducing a few frames spaced apart, it is possible to create even more suggestive effects, such as books in motion, but this is not what we will deal with today.

Usually, however, all app ei services to make faster videos on Instagram allow you to adjust the recording speed . This means that, with the same movie, you can get different effects and different speeds.

come fare i video velocizzati su Instagram concetto fotografia timelapse

What’s very interesting, then, is the fact that there is no single way to create speeded up videos on instagram. In addition to the video recording , done within the app, you could load a movie from the Camera Roll, the gallery or even your hard drive and mount it using third party apps or software; this, before uploading to the social network.

But now let’s put an end to the chatter and let’s get busy. It’s time to go ahead and take a closer look at how to proceed.

Getting started

To make a timelapse video for Instagram, there aren’t actually many the requirements to be met.

First, you will find the right video for the occasion: you can record it with your own Android smartphone / tablet, with your iPhone or iPad, or you can find one already done online, paying attention to the words royalty free , so as not to infringe copyright and choose of copyright-free material.

Once you have chosen the video, you simply have to decide whether to process it with your Android or iOS smartphone, or with your PC. In both cases, there are so many changes you can make, and I assure you that these are also very simple to apply.

As for the tools or the applications to use, instead, in the next paragraphs I will show you the best video editors to create timelapse effects for Instagram.

How to speed up the videos of stories and posts on Instagram

The first method I’ll show you to speed up Instagram stories and posts videos involves using a feature available within the official application.

This means that, in a very simple and fast way, you can get the desired results without having to install any services or apps.

Boomerang Mode

come fare i video velocizzati su Instagram modalità Boomerang

The Boomerang mode , which you may already know, gives you the ability to speed up videos in stories and to load them even in classic posts.

Finding this mode is easy :

  1. From the main Instagram screen, swipe right to access the stories;
  2. Here, at the bottom of the screen, locate and select Boomerang;
  3. option By doing so, the register button will show the infinite icon ;
  4. Start recording by tapping the central button .

Once you have recorded the video, which in this case will be very short, you can decide, in the next screen, to apply filters and effects to your creation.

Don’t forget that, to publish the video as a post , you will first have to download the video with the download button at the top right.

To upload the video as a story , on the other hand, all you have to do is press the option Your story , located at the bottom left.

App to speed up Instagram videos

As you could understand from the previous paragraph, the Boomerang allows you to create quick videos on Instagram, but it doesn’t give you the ability to customize much.

To get around this problem, just use one of the free video editors which I will show you in the next paragraphs.

Instagram Hyperlapse for iOS

come fare i video velocizzati su Instagram app IG Hyperlapse

Hyperlapse is the official application created by Instagram for iOS , which allows you to record and upload videos quickly and easily. First, download the application on your iPhone or iPad from this section of the App Store.

After installation, by opening IG Hyperlapse , you will find yourself in front of a very simple and intuitive graphical interface. In the middle, there will be a button , which will allow you to record a video, with both the front and rear cameras. Simply use it to capture the video you have created.

Once you have finished recording, on the next screen, you can set a playback speed up to a maximum of 12x . Once you have found the option that suits you best, just save the video with the appropriate download button, and then upload on your Instagram profile.

Microsoft Hyperlapse for Android

come fare i video velocizzati su Instagram app Microsoft Hyperlapse

Ironically, at the moment, there is no official application for Android that allows you to make speeded up videos for instagram. But don’t despair, because I have found an alternative that, I’m sure, will make you happy. Microsoft Hyperlapse has all the features you need to make your movies. You can download it for free from this Play Store address.

After the download, wait for the installation to finish (which is automatic) and start it. In the main screen, first of all, you will have to decide whether to upload a video from the memory of your mobile or tablet, or to record it from scratch. To capture one, all you have to do is press the record button : press it once to start, a second time to stop.

Once the recording of the video is finished, through a very convenient slider, you can set the playback speed that suits you best. The app options allow you to increase the frame rate from 1x to 32x .

To save the video , finally, you just have to than to press on the check mark present at the top right. You can later upload it to your IG profile.

Programs to speed up Instagram videos

You are used to editing videos with your PC and therefore you are looking for a manipulation program to make speeded up Instagram videos ? I must say that you are quite lucky, because, even in this case, there are several solutions available, both in the form of software and as an online service. Let’s see what they are.

Timelapse video editor for Windows and macOS

come fare i video velocizzati su Instagram software VideoPad frame

The first software I want to recommend for speed up Instagram videos with your PC, is undoubtedly VideoPad . This is a very simple solution to use, which will allow you to increase the speed of the movie without any particular problems. First, download VideoPad from this address and install it on your Windows PC or Mac (iMac or MacBook doesn’t matter).

After starting the software, select the New project and press the Add file button to load the movie. Wait for the processing of the frames, whose duration also varies according to the length of the video and the resolution.

come fare i video velocizzati su Instagram VideoPad velocità

At this point, to speed up the video, click on Video Effects and choose the Speed ​​Variation button. This function will allow you to speed up the video for Instagram, by entering a value greater than 100 . For example, entering 200 will double the frame rate (the option is 200% of the standard speed).

Once you have finished editing , you just have to click on the Set option and save the video on your PC, and then upload it to your IG profile . I remind you that you could also upload Instagram videos from your PC, without using the mobile app.

Alternatively, you can use other types of software, such as iMovie on macOS or Filmora on Windows 10. Almost all free (and not) programs for video editing, however, allow you to have more than satisfactory results regarding the timelapse effect.

Online timelapse video editor

come fare i video velocizzati su Instagram tool online Kapwing

If you don’t want to download any program on your PC, you could rely on a series of online services to speed up Instagram videos. These may be useful if the changes you intend to make are basic enough.

My advice is to try Kapwing , a tool that is as simple as it is effective. To edit your video, all you have to do is load it within the platform and choose the output speed . It starts from a minimum of 0.25x to a maximum of 4x.

At the end of the video editing, all you have to do is perform the download the video and then post it on Instagram.

I can’t speed up Instagram videos

Sometimes, it may happen that it is not possible to speed up Instagram videos from the app, because Boomerang mode does not appear . Often, this problem is due to not-quite-recent smartphones or tablets , or even problems with the version of Instagram, which probably needs to be updated .

Indeed, it is precisely for this reason that I have recommended so many other video editing tools to achieve your goal. If you want to act as a smartphone / tablet , try installing Instagram Hyperlapse or Microsoft Hyperlapse , depending on the operating system you use.

As a last resort, use your PC with one of the software I just recommended. The procedure will take a little longer, I don’t deny it. At least, however, you will be able to apply the timelapse effect to your creations.

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