How to make stories on Instagram

How to make stories on Instagram

The Instagram Stories , launched in 2016, have been so successful that they are published more than normal posts.

In this article we will therefore see how to make stories on Instagram and how to use them to grow your profile in a totally organic way.

What are Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories are made to show everyday moments of your life (as influencers do) and it’s a way to create a more personal relationship with your followers.

But not only that, in fact it is also possible to create stories with surveys, questions, gifs and much more useful to entertain your audience and ensure that they return to the profile and, consequently, improve engagement.

How many Instagram stories to publish per day?

With Instagram stories , unlike posts where it is advisable to create an editorial calendar and a good hashtag strategy, it is possible to have greater elasticity regarding the publication frequency as they are not contained too worked like the classic posts.

The stories on Instagram are a good way to increase the visibility of your profile as they are the first content you see at the top as soon as you log into the app.

So the more your followers look at your stories, the more the algorithm will understand that that user likes your content and, the latter, will show your “ball” among the first at the top.

My advice, therefore, is to publish at least 2-3 stories on Instagram per day in order to increase the visibility and engagement of your profile.

What to share in stories on Instagram?

Now let’s see what to share and how to make beautiful stories on Instagram in order to get the best possible feedback.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, there are several ways you can interact with your followers via Instagram stories .

Useful and educational content.

The first type of content that I recommend you publish, both on stories on Instagram but also on other social networks, is content that gives value.

What do I mean by this?

I mean you have to share educational content (of course it also depends on the niche).

But, for example, if you are a pastry chef you could share a quick recipe for strawberry pie in the Instagram stories.

“Personal “ content

Another type of content suitable for stories and very useful for creating a bond with followers, is more everyday and personal content.

What is this content?

They are the ones where you can share your thoughts or moments of your daily life.


You can share your posts in Instagram Stories to increase the visibility of your new posts.

This method will boost your new posts published on Instagram, which has an increasingly lower reach.

But this is not just limited to your posts, you could also share content from other profiles you follow (as long as they are interesting and / or related to your niche), tagging the profile in question in order to notify them and demonstrate support it and will likely be more likely to do the same with your posts.

This method is also very useful for increasing the number of followers of your profile.

How to make beautiful stories on Instagram

Let’s see now how to make stories on Instagram : there are two types of stories and ways to create them.

The first is the talk story, which is the fastest to create if you have a good relationship with the camera. 😉

In this case, however, since not everyone has the audio activated when they watch the stories on Instagram, I suggest you also add some text that summarizes what you say in that story.

In this way the user does not ‘skip’ to the next story and stays and watches your Instagram stories even without audio.

The second mode, useful both when you do not have the opportunity to speak and to interact in a different way with your followers, is that of written stories.

These can be photos, graphics, polls and more.

But how to make beautiful stories on Instagram quickly and easily?

There are many very useful tools for creating quality content, but the ones that, in my opinion, can never be missing are Canva and InShot .

With Canva, free tool but also with a paid version, you can create really professional graphics and already has some templates to work on.

InShot , on the other hand, is made for creating both photos and videos, but I use it mostly to create videos only and it has numerous tools for creating quality videos.

Creating quality content with these two apps, as I always say, will increase the engagement of your profile.

But graphics alone won’t help you.

What you have to do, in fact, is to capture the attention of your followers, so be creative and embellish your stories and make them interesting.

How to improve Instagram stories

We’ve seen how to make stories on Instagram , but how do you know if they are doing well and, if so, how to improve them?

This is possible by analyzing the data.

What you need to do is, if you haven’t already done so, switch to the company profile so that you have the tab where you can check your profile data.

Therefore often check the views of your stories on Instagram , but concentrate, in addition to the number of views, especially on the number of interactions, the number of touches made to the stickers (if any), the profile visits and messages received.

Featured Instagram stories

Now that you know how to make stories on Instagram , once you have a good number of published stories, you can organize them into featured stories .

You can subdivide them by topics and insert a preview image (to always be created on Canva ).

The Featured Stories are located below the bio and are among the first things a user sees when they visit your profile.

A good strategy could be to include a video as the first story in which you introduce yourself and tell what you do so that all new users who visit your profile know immediately if your profile is for them .


Great, we’ve seen how to make stories on Instagram , what to publish, the tools to use to create them and how to improve them by analyzing the data.

I hope I’ve given you some interesting insights.

How many stories do you post a day? Let me know in the comments.

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