How to make your brand appear on the main page of Instagram

How to make your brand appear on the main page of Instagram

The main page of Instagram is the solution. At least that’s what many businesses assume to be true and they wouldn’t be wrong. They all want to get out of anonymity and publicity. However, it is a transformation that requires more than just luck. The Instagram homepage, or “Explore” page, is clear proof of this.

One of the best ways to improve your results is to place your brand on it. A high “Explore” tab placement can get you new followers and a steady stream of traffic. This guide describes how to make the Instagram homepage work for your business.

In this publication you will know the following:

  • The way content is selected for the main Instagram page.
  • Ways to collaborate with your audience to put your content there
  • How to boost your engagement and reach more valuable prospects through the Explore tab

What is the main page of Instagram?

This is where you will discover organized topics from the Instagram community in its entirety and personalized content that Instagram thinks you will like based on your previous actions and interaction patterns. Or, as Wired refers to it, “the most honest place on the internet.”

To access the Explore page, open Instagram and click the magnifying glass icon in the middle of the home icons and the plus sign (add post).

As Wired explains, “Unlike your news feed, the Instagram homepage is not limited by the people you follow or your likes. Explore analyzes your use of Instagram, and honestly reflects what it sees in a three-by-three grid. ”

In addition, the main Instagram page includes Stories from accounts that Instagram thinks you will find interesting, Location Stories from geographic areas near you, and the most popular live videos currently being broadcast.

Now that you know better what Exploring Instagram is all about, you probably want to know how to get your business content to appear there. The next section will explain this process to you and give you some practical tips that you can take immediately.
How do you select content for the main Instagram page?
Data is what most important when it comes to the type of content that appears on each user’s Explore tab. Instagram aims to tailor content for each and every user, by selecting posts based on factors such as likes and accounts that the user is already following. Although it is not known exactly how the content is chosen, the algorithm tends to favor the following:

  • Similar content that the user has previously interacted with
  • Content with more interaction
  • Content of accounts similar to accounts that the user already follows

Over time, Instagram recognizes patterns in each user’s interactions, and displays content based on these acquired formulas. In addition, Instagram looks at how similar accounts behave on the site, and makes assumptions based on that.

Wired comments, “Doing this job requires accumulating as much content as possible, the larger the library, the more likely it will contain your ideal“ ’gram”. Stories help solve that problem by dramatically lowering the barrier to posting. As it acquires users and more grams with more attachments, it offers Instagram numerous ways to put content together and show it to people. ”

4 ways to place your content on the main Instagram page

Know your audience

You wouldn’t try to sell a briefcase to a baby, would you? To sell products and connect with customers, you have to know who your audience is; what they need and how your business can help. To get started with your Explore page strategy, consider the following questions:

  • Who is your target customer?
  • What kinds of things are you interested in?
  • What are your own Instagram accounts like?
  • Who are they following?

Think about the main Instagram page of who you would like to appear. What kinds of things would this person like? Creating a “persona” for this person is an excellent idea. If you need help with this, check out our guide to create audience characters.

Once you know your target audience, you can find them and get to know them better through Social Media Listening.
Listen carefully

Social media listening can make the difference between getting your content shared or ignored. You must pay attention to your audience and the content they are interacting with to tailor your own content towards them.

If you already follow accounts relevant to your industry and target audience, your own Explore page will give you information on what you need to do to get there.
Some general tips for using this information to appear on your Explore pages audience include the following:

  • “Hear” the general sentiment of your own Instagram homepage. What are some of the themes that come up? What is the predominant aesthetic? What is your community giving “Like” to ?. All these aspects must be taken into account.
  • Use the Search function to find out what type of content is popular in your location. Click on “Places” and then the more precise geotag and see the type of content that will appear.
  • Check your “Following” news section (which you can find by clicking the heart icon at the bottom of the Instagram app and then selecting “Following” at the top ) and see the content that your target audience is engaging and following.

Use hashtags

While Instagram hashtags appear to be the coriander of social media, people may come to love or loathe them, they are essential for marketers. Hashtags are the number one way to make your content discoverable and prevent your Instagram images from getting lost in the flood of content.

Hashtags allow the content you’ve worked tirelessly to find in such searches. Basically, hashtags help your target audience come to you, making your job easier.

However, it is important that you know the right and wrong way to use hashtags on Instagram and guarantee your best chance of success. Our post on the dos and don’ts of using hashtags recommends that brands:

  • Be specific when using hashtags
  • Create relevant and branded hashtags
  • Create hashtags neither so long nor so clever
  • Have no more hashtags than words
  • Don’t hashtag everything

Take into account the above guidelines when creating your hashtag strategy and you could appear in the Explore tabs of users instantly.

Encourage participation and awareness
Increase the likelihood that your target audience will find your content by doing everything you can to drive engagement. The more likes and comments your Instagram post has, the more likely it is to appear on your target audience’s Explore page.

When you post a photo or video, think about how to get large accounts with many followers to like or comment on it.

For example, if your interior design brand shares a photo of a room you worked in, tag all the companies and products that helped you achieve that look. Additionally, you could tag the Instagram accounts of relevant interior design magazines or lifestyle bloggers.

If you’re sharing an Instagram Story from your brand’s account, be sure to tag the location and other relevant accounts. Tag the location to increase the chances that your Story will be included in Instagram Location Stories (which organizes Account Stories in a specific geographic area). This helps local users see your content and interact with your brand.

Being discovered on Instagram is the goal of many brands and businesses. With the help of the previous guide, you have the main ingredients to achieve the success of the main Instagram page.

Via: Hootsuite

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