How to make yourself known on Instagram

How to make yourself known on Instagram

Instagram, like many social networks, was created to satisfy the need to share experiences and emotions, a need typical of the contemporary world accentuated by the potential of the network. Its services, consequently, serve above all to entertain and, why not, also to show off a bit, taking advantage of its peculiar architecture that revolves around images.

On the other hand, precisely the centrality of images, capable of instantly communicating many contents, makes it a perfect tool also to create or expand your online visibility, offering a possibility of interaction unthinkable for old advertising models: with Instagram, in fact, you get in touch directly with other users, creating an instant and certain (virtual) relationship, since only the user interested in your content will follow you, like and share your posts. For this to happen, however, you will need to know how to make yourself known on Instagram , in order to better optimize your profile and the quality of the content, making it interesting for anyone who can visit it. I will explain everything to you in the following paragraphs, in a lawful way, that is, making the most of the potential of this social network.


Why it is important to establish yourself on Instagram

come farsi conoscere su Instagram

The world of the digital economy is constantly growing, and to expand a business, work online or simply make yourself known in order to advertise your activities, it is essential to be present on social networks.

From this point of view, Instagram is not “better” or more performing than other social networks (eg. Facebook), but it is simply what, in this precise historical moment, it better represents the needs and limits of our society, especially in the age group 18-45 years, the most active on this particular platform.

Consequently, if your business is aimed only or mainly at people falling into that category, have a well-known Instagram account with some following would help you find new and potential customers, as well as interact with them, to better understand their desires.

Best profile to become popular on Instagram

come farsi conoscere su Instagram concetto di influencer

To become popular on Instagram, just use your account ; however, there are additional and free possibilities that are worth knowing, even if their use is not necessary to obtain a large number of interactions.

You must know that Instagram, in recent times, has heavily redesigned some his services, focusing heavily on a peculiar figure of our time, the so-called “ influencer “: beyond inappropriate value judgments, the influencer is simply a user with a good number of followers and excellent communication skills (often linked to physical appearance, what was once called “good looking”), which is paid by economic operators to advertise their products on his profile.

Social networks are not indifferent to the phenomenon, indeed, undoubtedly this new way of understanding advertising greatly benefits the migration to social media by many economic realities, especially those that, until recently, preferred more trad traditional (television, newspapers, etc.). Instagram has responded to this need by creating a particular type of account, reserved for influencers and called account creator , equipped with very special features and available after the “conversion” of a normal account. A professional profile is also available, which allows a better analysis of the posts and stories published.

However, these are public profiles , of which I will now show you the main features. In fact, for this type of activity, it is not recommended to opt for the private profile.

Advantages of a creator-type Instagram profile

Although this possibility has been available for a couple of years, relatively little is known about it, because not all profiles can actually be converted, and the option to activate creator mode only appears as soon as the account passes a certain number of interactions (certainly on the order of thousands per day). It is a bit like when you want to swipe up on Instagram.

This is probably because Instagram does not intend to indiscriminately provide all users with the functions, and above all the information, present in the account creator: we speak in particular of advanced statistical data , which allow you to evaluate the type of interaction and reaction to posts, in order to monitor the reaction of the fanbase and to understand, for example, which categories of followers tend to subscribe to the profile or comment on the photos.

Furthermore, this type of account, due to its connection with the world of influencers, allows direct sales through e-commerce of the products depicted in the published images, simply by clicking on the relevant photograph. This is a very advanced possibility, also from a technological point of view, which blends traditional catalog sales with the potential of online sales.

A part of this last feature is still accessible to all users , through the Settings> Accounts> Branded Content Tools option, but it is unclear to what extent it is similar to that of the creator accounts.

Advantages of a professional Instagram profile

In addition to this type of “enhanced” account, there is another, significantly different one, reserved for business users and called professional account . Like all Instagram services, this is also free and is activated by “conversion” of a common profile, simply by activating the appropriate command in Settings> Account , as I show you below.

A very particular feature of the professional account is that it must be necessarily linked to a Facebook profile , because some of its functions – as we will see – use the same Facebook channels to manage paid listings. Few remember, in fact, that Facebook bought Instagram years ago, and totally controls its technology.

For the rest, the professional account doesn’t have many differences from the normal one, but it offers a statistic card (apparently lower than that of the creator account) which still allows you to monitor the type of impact of your posts. Read how to activate your company profile on Instagram for more information.

Ways to make yourself known on Instagram

come farsi conoscere su Instagram esempio profilo IG professionale

Now let’s see some standard methods to become famous on Instagram . In fact, I don’t know your specific needs, and I can’t really know what can help you; these advice will therefore inevitably be rather generic. However, by applying more than one, you may find the most suitable formula to find your audience.

Connect other social accounts

Few consider that the best way to multiply interactions on social networks is to exploit more than one, in synergy . By doing this, in fact, the contacts you have on Instagram would add up to those you have on Facebook, Twitter or other platforms.

You may not know, but you can connect, in addition to Facebook and Instagram , also TikTok and Instagram . Follow the guide in which I explained how to put TikTok on Instagram to link the two profiles.

Check the statistics

I told you a little while ago that it is possible access the statistics of interactions and views on Instagram, but you must know how to interpret them correctly in order to make the right profit.

In this way, in fact, you would be able to understand where your followers focus attention, i.e. what your best posts are. You could then adapt accordingly, market the right way and generate more leads. Read how to see the statistical data on Instagram to learn more.

Publish unique contents

One of the simplest ways to make yourself known is to become “Viral” , sharing content that, by attracting many users, will push them to like, comment and share.

The ability to create this type of content, unfortunately, cannot be learned in a short time: speaking by approximation, we can say that some contents are interesting simply because the author is a creative person, capable of transmitting positive feelings to his followers, something that – obviously – cannot be taught; in other cases, however, when it comes to influencers with a large number of activities, specific professionals take over (photographers, marketers, stylists, etc.) that help the influencer to always be consistent with his image and easy to take on your audience.

As you may have guessed, even this last situation cannot be emulated easily. However, I can give you some concrete and quick advice, which can help you in a small way, in the certainty that if you do not get involved, you will never get anything.

The first piece of advice is to take advantage of the wide variety of effects available on Instagram to create particular and nice videos, for example by using the functions that I explained to you in the guide to make Instagram videos faster.

The second, is that make the most of your ideas and trends to end up in the Explore section of Instagram, which will allow you to attract a large number of followers in no time. This is an event that may never happen, but I advise you to try it, because even entering it even once, you may be able to capture the attention of several people (who may follow you, share your post, etc).

However, try to publish quality content , unique in its kind, better than those published by those who work in the same niche, and maybe putting Instagram hashtags related to the topic (which will help you to increase the views of the post). In short, nobody likes the “same soup”, or at least bores soon.

Use Instagram ads

How do you I said a little while ago, there are also paid advertisements for Instagram , which work similar to the ads on Facebook, which can be activated with the professional account .

The value of this service lies above all in the targeting targeted audience: Instagram knows many, many things about its users, and therefore can select exactly those interested in your product / content; on the one hand, the protection of user privacy is no longer valid (although the data are traced in full compliance with the rules and in an almost anonymous form), on the other hand it is also an advantage, in the sense that the consumer is adequately informed of the products that they might be of interest.

For any information on prices and functions, you can consult this page of the Instagram site. If, on the other hand, you are looking for free ways to expand your business through the social network, try to follow some of the indications I gave you in the guide to sell on Instagram.

Use the Instagram guest post

Guest posts are precisely contents that can be created by “guest” users on your account, simply for promotion or in-depth reasons, in order to take advantage of the guest’s fame and / or social popularity, as well as their expertise in the topic you are about.

I won’t lie to you: it’s pretty hard for a successful Instagrammer to decide to make a free guest post for a novice, unless of course having formed a friendship. However, the case in which a collaboration is created is different, in which both can have advantages; as you can see, it is a real bargaining, as it would happen in the real world, something that you have to learn to manage personally.

It is also true that you could propose yourself as a guest to well-known Instagram profiles. By starting a similar collaboration, in fact, you could show your skills to a wider audience, and consequently, you could make the users who follow that profile (or that Page) also become your followers. You could also understand in advance if your skills and content are adequately valid to support the needs (and related criticisms) of a wide audience, including some haters.

Find followers for your niche

A serious problem for instagrammers is to reach people who are truly interested in their content , be they landscape photography, art or antiques: it makes no sense to have uninterested followers, because they would not interact with the posts, or could even unsubscribe.

To refine the quality of your content and publish it based on trends, you need to practice and “Stay on track”, as well as study new possibilities for publication. Consult and put into practice the tips I gave you in the guide to increase followers on Instagram.

Care of your Instagram profile

You must think that the more complete your profile is (also in terms of description), the better it will be on your audience. This applies both to the quality of the photos and to the overall adequacy of the published texts and content.

Also remember to take advantage of hashtags , but in moderation : it is better to put a few but perfect ones, than many and misleading. See the guide to the best apps for Instagram hashtags to learn more.

Apps to make yourself known on Instagram

There are also apps (free and not) that help to make yourself known on Instagram, or to publish professional, quality and trendy content, in order to get the most out of every post or story. I told you about it, for example, in the guide to the best apps for Instagram stories (in which you will find some that are also valid for posts).

I point out, however, that there are many junk apps out there , the effect of which is often opposite to that advertised; therefore, be well informed about the fame of the single application before proceeding.

Make yourself known on Instagram as a photographer

come farsi conoscere su Instagram esempio fotografia professionale

Every job is difficult to digitize on social networks, even just to attract new customers. And paradoxically, even making yourself known as a photographer on Instagram may not be as easy as it seems.

In addition to the disproportionate competition, it will be necessary to take into account the amateur photographers who post daily on the platform. By now everyone has the devices (such as reflex cameras, smartphones, etc) and software (more or less expensive) to take good photos or videos with special effects. Therefore, you will have to stand out for your skills.

Consequently, a good way to make yourself appreciated as a photographer or videomaker, is to show your professional skills , your equipment and all the effort behind your work, as well as your best works , avoiding images that are too “photoshopped”, and also giving space to your creativity.

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