How to pick up on Instagram

How to pick up on Instagram

In the past, there were many social occasions in which it was possible to meet new people and, why not, to find love: life was less hectic, the streets were busier than the centers commercial, and between weddings, birthdays and various parties, it was difficult for a sociable and nice person to be alone for long. It is also true, among other things, that people were much less suspicious than today, and more interested in chatting to make new acquaintances.

In our time, this social dimension still exists, but it has changed forms and contents, moving from real life to the virtual world. Not only because it is easier to find and find yourself online, but because the world has changed and our lives are more complex: our time is less available and, perhaps, we are even more clumsy in real life. To solve this problem, for many years, alongside the generalist social networks, other sites and applications have been available specialized in bringing together people with common interests and, in particular, people looking for a partner. There is nothing wrong with that. The problem, if anything, is that, over time, these applications have become a pastime for futile people or, worse, registered with the sole intention of concluding fleeting meetings, frustrating the good intentions of those who, naively, wanted to present themselves in a serious and above all sincere. That’s why many are wondering how to pick up on Instagram , a highly respected social network that doesn’t just have the goal of connecting people to make them meet. In this guide, I’ll explain just how to use it to make new and sincere friends.


Initial considerations

Why use Instagram to to tow, or rather, to look for a soul mate? The answer is simple: it is a social network based on images, and physical attraction plays an important role in bringing people together.

There are also downsides, stemming from the fact that photos are now artfully created, or even manipulated, to offer a different image of our personality or body; but this is a universal risk in the world of appearances we live in.

Without a doubt, however, it is much easier for more sincere photographs to be uploaded to Instagram than elsewhere, precisely because those who subscribe are not generally looking for a partner, but limit themselves to sharing shots of their daily life.

Is it possible to meet new people on Instagram?

come rimorchiare su Instagram

Let’s start with the rather obvious consideration that Instagram is a social network made to disseminate photographs, not to keep them confidential. So, in principle, Instagram subscribers stay in the first place to share , and if they don’t, they are at least interested in images shared by others.

D ‘on the other hand, in recent years, a generalized feeling of rejection has spread due to the intrusiveness of social networks , requiring the implementation of advanced privacy settings , aimed at avoiding that people with whom we have relationships in real life (employers, relatives, former partners, etc.) can spy on our private life virtually. For this reason, today, Instagram offers a wide possibility of selecting the levels of privacy, which can come to “lock” the profile so as not to show the content outside.

This is undoubtedly a limit when we want to meet new people and then hook up on Instagram, because we may have difficulty verifying the data in their profile, and we may not be able to access their tags or hashtags.

But don’t worry: nothing is lost! I’ll give you some advice to get around this problem too (of course, always respecting others).

Difference between Instagram and Tinder

come rimorchiare su Instagram rappresentazione coppia ideale

Let’s make one thing very clear: Instagram is not Tinder , even if, in some ways, apps like Tinder can look like “bad copies of Instagram”. I’m talking about Tinder because it is a very popular dating app, but the same can be said for any other social network in the same category, obviously independently of sexual tastes as well.

You can read the guide I have written on how Tinder works to learn more about the topic. Suffice it to say, however, that anyone who signs up for a dating app , undoubtedly needs to meet people interested in concluding a meeting or, in any case, to establishing a two-way dialogue that presupposes a sexual understanding of some kind.

On the contrary, Instagram is a generalist social, in which people of all sexes and ages are registered , not specifically interested in dating , or even not interested in this possibility at all.

It follows that the knowledge on Instagram is in all respects similar to that that you would do in real life : there is undoubtedly the physical sympathy generated by photographs, as on Tinder, but also the emotional involvement due to the presence of common passions, such as similar musical tastes, frequenting the same places or a particular charming attitude, etc ..

In short, on Instagram, a person presents himself in a p more complete. Precisely for this reason, the approach can never be “brutal” as it happens on Tinder, because the person contacted obviously does not expect to be the object of attention, not being registered in a dating app, but on a social network generalist.

Picking up on Instagram, so to speak, is a bit like seeing a charming person on the subway: if you want to talk to him, you need to find a good excuse, or you might look like a bad guy! However, an acquaintance born outside of a dating app, precisely because it is built little by little, is also more likely to withstand time, becoming something serious. Sure, it’s not a guarantee, but it’s definitely a good place to start, isn’t it?


To get started, you need to have a account Active Instagram , with a minimum of followers (possibly people you know in real life) and with a fair number of photos . Here comes the first problem: make sure that the photos are good , that is, well done, but not “beautiful” in an absolute sense. I mean you don’t have to look like a Hollywood star or a beauty queen. Above all, avoid poses that are too “artistic”, which could confuse other users, generating the doubt that your profile may be false, that is, full of images taken from the internet.

In short, be yourself , upload images made in everyday contexts (in the park, at home, by the sea, etc.) or, if they give you their consent, in the company of friends and relatives. Also, don’t forget to show at least some of your interests in your photos , such as music or sports.

Also remember that to make friends on Instagram, sincerity always pays off: you are not a “piece of meat” to showcase, but a person who tries to bring out the best of himself to find a compatibility.

How find new people on Instagram

Once you’ve set up your profile, you can start hooking up on Instagram . There are no rules or strategies, but principles of common sense.

Therefore, don’t be discouraged if you don’t get an answer right away: the beauty of Instagram is that it has millions of users, hundreds of thousands of whom are close to you. Among these, no doubt, there will be many with whom you can establish an acquaintance, a friendship or something more!

Choosing the type of boy or girl you want like it

come rimorchiare su Instagram rappresentazione persona giusta

To start with, you need to give yourself direction: what kind of person are you looking for ? The main requirements are undoubtedly gender and age range . Following this, there may be some physical characteristics. Two other fundamental points, however, are the geographical proximity and the affinity of interests .

A separate issue, then, are the sexual preferences of the person you are looking for, about which, of course, you will have to carry out specific investigations based on the clues you will find on his profile.


come rimorchiare su Instagram ricerca luoghi

Once we have identified the affinities you are looking for, we can use the first technique to hook up on Instagram, applying it first of all to places . Press the magnifying glass (at the bottom of the Instagram screen) to activate the search function. Then, press the text entry bar, type the name of a place and filter the search by pressing the Locations.

section In that section, you will be able to search for geotags , that is the indications of the location where the photos were taken, which are saved to facilitate the search. For example, if you search for the geotag “nightclub ”, or simply “nightclub”, you will find a geographic map with the places related to that search. By tapping on one, you will see a selection of images with that particular geotag that have been published by users, and divided into Most popular (depending on the number of likes) and Recenti.

I suggest you scroll through the images and look for some interesting faces or situations. To know the names of the people portrayed, then, just open the photo and see the profiles of the people tagged.

Alternatively, you could try to scroll the names of the profiles they liked , in order to identify who, for whatever reason, had not been tagged in the photo in which they are portrayed.

Search by hashtag

come rimorchiare su Instagram ricerca hashtag

The same thing I just told you, you can do it using hashtag search . These interactive words are now used daily by everyone, in every shot.

Therefore, you could search for a widely used hashtag and add your city to it. For example, you could type #gym or #gym to see who took a selfie at local gyms.

When you’ve found interesting photos , tap one to see the profile names that have been tagged, liked or commented on. Then, follow that profile or contact him as explained below.

Send a Direct message to the user

come rimorchiare su Instagram messaggio Direct

Instagram has an internal messaging service called Direct (word deriving from direct message). Since, unfortunately, its use has been subject to bad practices, mainly by bots and scammers, today there are some limitations to its functioning: to use it, in fact, you must first follow user and hope that his account is not private , or you will not be able to contact him without hisconsent.

In any case, all the messages you send to users, who in turn do not follow you , are limited by a filter, which will make them appear as simple Message Requests (a bit like on Facebook Messenger). This will allow the recipient to choose whether to interact with you or not.

It is not possible to bypass this control, at least directly. However, you can act in such a way as to be noticed by this person. See below how to do it.

How to get noticed in Instagram Direct requests

Due to the filter, some people may not respond to a Direct message because they simply do not receive direct notification (or rather, not always).

To get this person’s attention, then, you could try like their photos , or comment discreetly on the images in which she has been tagged, in the hope that she gets curious and goes to peek at your profile.

In this way, the profile in question will receive a notification of like or a new comment . Your profile name will be written on it, and your photograph will also be displayed. . with an excessive number of likes or unwanted comments, it could lead a subject to block you.

How to meet new people on Instagram in secret

We all know that Shyness can be a limitation to hooking up on Instagram, but there is a remedy: you could just create a secondary IG account with which to contact strangers, where there isn’t too much personal information. >

Apart from the username , which you are book to choose to your taste, I advise you not to use generic profile pictures taken from the Internet, both because you could be banned as a fake profile, and because nobody is interested, of course, in chatting with a contact who could hide anyone (even relatives, meddlesome or even malicious friends).

Then put a photo that portrays you, albeit with some filters so as not to be too recognizable, and correctly indicate your age . After that, you can simply follow the advice I just gave you, always avoiding being too mysterious , or you could be blocked.

Note that the second profile is used , usually, to be invisible on Instagram, therefore also to chat secretly with other people, without being spied on by followers.


Instagram is a generalist social network and, as such, you must abide by its rules of ethics and safety : if you send too many likes and comments in a short time, the control algorithms could ban you forever thinking you are a bot. The same will happen if you use inappropriate language.

Therefore, always be polite and respectful, first of all, of your dignity and your legitimate desire to make new acquaintances.

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