How to post photos on Instagram

How to post photos on Instagram

Instagram counts, in Italy alone, about 19 million active users on a monthly basis. If you have bothered to read this article, you have most likely just entered this world and need more information to understand how to use the application. In the first place, therefore, I will explain how to post photos on Instagram , since this is the first step to take to enjoy the social network to the fullest.

In case you is worrying because you think this is an operation beyond your reach, I want to reassure you immediately. In fact, every day, users of all ages are able to upload and share images, photos and videos on Instagram without any kind of problem. All you have to do is take a few minutes of your time and listen carefully to what I’m about to tell you.

How to post photos on Instagram

come pubblicare foto su Instagram

After years of use, I can tell you that posting photos on Instagram is really easy and above all fun. Since its creation, which took place in 2010, the service has made significant progress, focusing its optimization above all on the user experience.

If the purpose of Instagram, that is to connect people through images, is not has changed over time, the same cannot be said of its functionality. In fact, dozens of new options have been included within the application for Android and iOS, which have created a whole new way of communicating. I think I can say without problems that Instagram is the funniest social network to use in today’s landscape, much more “vital” than Facebook and Twitter. Let’s not waste any more time, however, and let’s move on to the “heart” of this guide.


Where you can share photos on Instagram

Sharing photos on Instagram is really a breeze and I’m sure with my guide you’ll learn how to do it in no time. First of all, however, to make the topic clearer, I want to show you where you can upload Instagram photos . Here are the details:

  • Post Instagram : this is the most classic method of sharing among those available to users. By uploading an Instagram post, in fact, your images will be available for those who follow you directly in their feed, or on the main page that opens when you start the application.
  • Instagram Stories : if you are looking for a truly innovative method of communication, then you absolutely must upload photos to Instagram stories. In fact, these are contents that remain active only for 24 hours and are completely customizable, with GIFs, music and polls.
  • Facebook : the integration between Facebook and Instagram, after the purchase by Mark Zuckerberg, has become stronger and stronger. In fact, by connecting your account in the application, you can also publish on Facebook posts and stories that you share on Instagram.

In addition to this aspect, you should know that it is possible to customize Instagram posts with lots of effects and interactive features. As I told you a little while ago, above all the stories give the possibility to create real “miniature masterpieces”, to attract an ever wider audience of users.

Timetables best for uploading photos to Instagram

come pubblicare foto su Instagram Insights

For several years, there has been an immense debate about when to post an Instagram photo . According to some industry gurus, in fact, the moment in which you upload the image greatly influences the organic reach , i.e. the users you can reach and who interact with your content.

Of course, there are very specific rules regarding the best times to upload photos to Instagram. These, however, must not be taken as obligations. In addition to the general trend of the social network, in fact, it is also very important to establish when your audience is most active within the social network.

To do this, first of all I suggest you activate the company Instagram account , which can give you a lot of information on your profile statistics. The procedure to follow is really simple and you can read it in detail in this article.

Once the business-type Instagram profile is activated, take a few days to wait for the data to settle and become reliable enough. After that, click on the three lines at the top right of your profile page and select the Statistical data item. In that section, you will find all the settings you need to get to know your audience better. If you have any further doubts, however, consult the dedicated tutorial I have already written.

Create photos for Instagram

come pubblicare foto su Instagram filtri

That to create photos for Instagram, has become over time a real art . In fact, users compete to publish the most beautiful and creative images. The first step I recommend you take to post a photo on Instagram is to take advantage of the Effects panel. In fact, after you have selected the image to upload, a new screen will open, which will allow you to optimize and edit the shot with different settings.

Alternatively, there are applications designed specifically for editing photos. I recommend you try Snapseed , available for both Android and iOS, and Photoshop Express, downloadable from the Play store. After a little practice, you will realize how much apps of this type can change your results.

Post photos on Instagram from the app

After this brief introduction, it’s time to understand how to post photos on Instagram directly from the official application . This is in fact the simplest method to upload your shots and will allow you, as you saw in the previous paragraph, to edit the images as you like.

Post Instagram

come pubblicare foto su Instagram post

Instagram posts are certainly the easiest to share via iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone or tablet. Once you have chosen your photo, in fact, in a few seconds you will be ready to upload it to the social network and make it available for other users. I advise you to pay particular attention to the choice of the shot. This is in fact a phase that greatly influences your results.

Then open the Instagram application and tap the + button at the bottom, in the center of the screen. This will allow you to access your gallery or take a photo on the fly and then publish it.

Now, click on Next and you will go directly to the screen where you will have to decide which filters apply to the photo. Those available are so many! Furthermore, by clicking on Edit , you will be able to access a menu that will allow you to make various adjustments , such as brightness, contrast or saturation.

After pressing again Next , you will find yourself in the publish page, where you will have several fields to publish to complete your work. In order, these are:

  • Caption: in this field, you can enter a short text to capture the attention of users and describe the photo. Also, this is where hashtags go. For a guide to their use, I suggest you read my dedicated article;
  • Tag : if there are other users in your photo or you just want to share it with some of your friends, tap on Tag people and write their names in the field that appears on the screen;
  • Geo-Tag : add a geographic tag to your Instagram posts, it can help you make them even more visible. To do this, click on Add place and choose the place where you took the photo.
  • Sharing : thanks to the switches present below, you have the option to share your photo also on other social networks . By doing so, you will increase your visibility and, consequently, you may have a decent return on your Instagram page.

Instagram Stories

come pubblicare foto su Instagram storie

Likewise, you can decide to post your photos in Instagram Stories . This method of communication allows you to upload content and make it visible for only 24, but allowing you to insert a lot of extra content otherwise not available.

First, then, go to the home of Instagram and tap on your profile picture (top left). This will open a new screen, from which you can take a photo or select one with a swipe upwards.

Once the image is loaded, through the buttons that appear at the top right, you can edit it as you wish, drawing or inserting multimedia contents. To do this, tap the sticker-shaped icon , with a smiley face on it. Your options are:

  • Place
  • Mention
  • Hashtag
  • Date
  • Survey
  • GIF
  • Questions
  • Music
  • Countdown
  • Quiz
  • Chat

Once created your story, all you have to do is use the buttons below to publish it. You can choose whether to upload it among the stories , make it visible only to closest friends , or send it as a direct message .

Post photos on Instagram from PC and Mac

come pubblicare foto su Instagram opzione browser Ispeziona

You don’t have a smartphone or do you prefer not to use it in this context? Then you must know that, through a little trick, it is possible to publish photos on Instagram from PC and Mac . This option is not in fact provided natively, but thanks to my advice, you will still be able to complete the operation without any kind of problem.

First, connect to the official Instagram site via the browser Chrome (but you can also use Firefox or another) and log in login with your personal data. Now, once the feed of the posts appears, press the right mouse button in an empty space and select the item Inspect.

It will open so is the Developer Console . In the upper right part, near the Elements item, click on the icon representing smartphone and tablet . You will immediately notice that the Instagram page will change its format, appearing in mobile version .

Then click on the + at the bottom and get ready to upload the photos on Instagram, just like you would on a mobile device. The only difference will be that from the computer you will be asked to choose the photo from the Desktop instead of the Camera Roll. For more information, read the dedicated guide I have already written.

Publish Instagram photos on Facebook

come pubblicare foto su Instagram account Facebook

A little while ago, I anticipated that it is possible to publish Instagram photos on Facebook directly , without having to create two separate posts. Now, it’s time to tell you how. Also in this case, it is a very simple operation and that you can perform in a very short time.

Open the Instagram app and go to Settings . Here, tap on Accounts and then on Linked accounts . On the page that opens, you can add your Facebook account .

By doing this, you can post your Instagram photos on Facebook directly and automatically. You can do this using the share button , present in both posts and Instagram stories.

Post large photos on Instagram

come pubblicare foto su Instagram grandi

One of the most frequently asked questions users ask me is how to post great photos on Instagram . In fact, you should know that, often, when the photos exceed the maximum size, the social network automatically cuts and resizes them, making a sort of automatic crop.

Fortunately for you, solving this problem is really simple. After selecting the photo to upload, all you have to do is pinch to zoom on the selected image. In this way, you will be able to publish large photos on Instagram in any format, effectively bypassing the limits of the social network.

Posting photos in HD on Instagram

You too are among those users who find themselves with Instagram photos that seem qualitatively inferior compared to the shots taken? You have to know that, in this case, it is the social network that “sets you a trap”. Instagram supports a maximum resolution which, if exceeded, triggers an automatic resizing .

Precisely for this reason, I’m sure you will like to have more accurate data on what are the formats supported by Instagram :

  • Format: JPEG
  • Vertical photo size: 1080 x 1350 pixels
  • Horizontal photo size: 1080 x 566 pixels

By respecting these fees, valid at least for 2019, you can be sure that your photos will be uploaded to Instagram at the highest quality available . More information, you can find them in the related tutorial.

Cannot publish photos on Instagram

How many times did it happen to you that, while uploading a image, the message “ Unable to post photos on Instagram ” appears on the screen? You must know that this is a rather common problem, encountered by many users around the world. Let’s see together what the possible causes may be:

  • Instagram down : sometimes, it happens that the problem is related to the Instagram servers. In fact, these are not always able to withstand the workload to which they are subjected, consequently leaving users without Instagram in different areas of the globe. See this guide for more information;
  • Problems with the connection : Similarly, Internet providers also often have problems. Whether it is a fixed connection or cellular data, sometimes operators inadvertently suspend the services, thus preventing users from posting photos on Instagram;
  • Application not updated: Instagram is one of those applications that are updated quite frequently by developers. An update brings with it, in addition to new features, also bug and security improvements. If you have an outdated version of Instagram installed on your smartphone, it may not work properly and prevent you from uploading photos.
  • Restart your smartphone : in other situations, it may be the your smartphone to create problems with Instagram. In most cases, just restarting it. While at other times, you need to use a more drastic method, restoring it to factory settings.

Doing so, in most cases, should fix the situation. If not, it could also be that a shadowban has been applied, or a temporary block of that action.

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