How to promote my business on Instagram

How to promote my business on Instagram

promocionar negocio instagram

Instagram is currently the king of social networks, already with more than one billion followers a Worldwide it is the platform where every business should be.

If you are looking to use Instagram wisely to promote your business, you cannot miss this article.

Statistics of Instagram usage

  • Instagram has more than 500 million active users per month.
  • Instagram users have shared more than 40 billion photos and an average of 95 million photos and videos per day.
  • 80% of Instagram users are outside the US
  • Instagram users will they “like” 4.2 billion posts per day
  • Top brands post 4.9 times a week on Instagram, an increase of more than 50 percent over 2015

Source: Hootsuite

Make your account public

This point, in addition to being essential If you want to convert your Instagram account into a business account, it is of utmost importance to gain reach. When you keep your business account private, not only will people who don’t follow you see your profile, they won’t be able to access your photos, tags, or mentions.

Cuenta de Instagram
Instagram account

Having your private profile is like becoming invisible except for those people who are already your followers. The ultimate purpose of having a Instagram presence is that as many people as possible can like your posts and even comment or send you messages, and eventually grow your base of followers.

Hashtags are those small tags accompanied by a” # “that serve to, in a certain way, categorize your publications or link them to a concept, word or set of words. Believe it or not, using the indicated hashtags can bring you a lot of free promotion.

hashtags populares en instagram
Image of hashtags on Instagram

If you are not sure which hashtags to choose, take a look at the accounts of your competition, and make use of both the Instagram search section and external tools to find the optimal hashtags according to your business.

Although the maximum allowed hashtags in a post is 30, we recommend using between 5 and 11 so as not to saturate your content and make your account cheaper by making it look like spam.

Use Instagram paid advertising

aplicacion mobil de instagram

Instagram Mobile App

Probably the most valuable tip on this list, advertising paid on Instagram is a guarantee that your business will have a higher reach and your follower base will grow much faster than if you tried to do everything organically.

Whether you choose to promote your posts individually directly with Instagram or you want to enter the world of the Facebook Ads Manager, in both cases this can greatly benefit your brand’s account.

An advantage of paid advertising is that you can choose in detail the audience to whom you will direct your publication, and control details such as the promotion time and where to direct those who click on your ad.

Incorporate purchase posts

Of course, at this point those companies or businesses that have physical products to promote will get the most out of it; but it is such a useful function that it deserves to be mentioned.

comprar online
Shopping cart-buy online

A couple of years ago, Instagram enabled catalogs within its platform, so that you can connect the catalog of your online store or create one directly in your Facebook store and thus promote your products from Instagram.

Once you follow the process of registering your catalog on Instagram, as well as tagging other users in your photos, you will be able to tag your products when they appear in a photo, giving the user the opportunity to access a description and price of your products without leaving the app.

Do not saturate your feed with your product

Since we are talking about directly promoting your product, it is worth mentioning something that you should avoid in your business account.

We know that the ultimate purpose of having a presence on Instagram is to be able to spread the benefits of your products or services and attract more customers; But that’s not why it’s right for you to saturate your feed (and that of your followers) with content that exclusively talks about them.

Feed de Redes Sociales
Social Media Feed

In these times, marketing demands valuable content for your audience, let them know , interesting facts and all kinds of content that enriches your life beyond what you sell.

Interact with your audience

Just as the public wants to see valuable content, they also want to see brands become closer and more accessible. That is why a crucial point in your journey to promote your business using Instagram is that you learn to interact naturally and casually with your audience.

Anuncios en Instagram
Connect with your ideal customer on Instagram

It’s not just about answering their questions, doubts and comments. We are talking about creating a fluid dialogue, a true community where people want to participate in your surveys, answer your questions and be part of your discussion forums.

And speaking of Instagram … I hope you follow my profile on Instagram @rsantosweb


These are just some of the best tips you can follow if you want to use Instagram to promote your business and boost your potential. Try them all and find out which ones have worked best for you.

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