How to put a live photo on Instagram

How to put a live photo on Instagram

Posting on Instagram is one of the actions that is now part of the daily routine of many young people. Stories and posts are used repeatedly, while the Explore section is getting more precise and trending. And since there are so many creators, to keep followers glued, it is necessary to diversify. So you asked a friend for an unbiased suggestion, and he told you that you should try posting some photos with live effect. Not knowing what it was, you decided to investigate the matter by searching the net, and here you are.

In the tutorial that follows, I’ll help you put a live photo on Instagram , using the camera of an iPhone or that of an Android smartphone. This way, you will be able to impress your followers with special content. Photography is in fact an art, as it is rich in facets and elements. It is not enough to press the virtual button to take the best shot, or to capture one that conveys emotion. You need to know how to seize the moment and, at the same time, be able to make the most of the features of your phone. Among those most used to generate the “wow” effect, there is the “Live photos” option, common on iPhones, less so on Android phones. In the next few paragraphs, I’ll explain how to use it to post a handful of frames in sequence on IG.


What a Live photo is and how it works

come mettere una foto live su Instagram

The Live photos are moving shots that can be taken using the Live mode of the Camera app on iOS for iPhone . This option causes the recording to take place a few moments before and after the shutter movement. The total duration of the video capture is approximately 1.5 seconds .

You will thus obtain a moving photograph, similar to a GIF, which is a short video. In detail, these are a few frames in series that are captured at the same time (except for a possible video editing).

This mode is not available in the camera of Android , at least natively. It is possible, however, to replicate the live effect using a app or a third party effect .

Does Instagram support live photos?

come mettere una foto live su Instagram effetto in movimento

Before proceeding, it is good to answer a particularly thorny question: Does Does Instagram support Live photos ? The dry answer would be not quite ; but it is also true that, in some way, it is possible to “adapt” them.

If you have already tried to upload a content of this type to the social network, you will surely have noticed that the final result is represented by a static image . This is because the format used for the shot is reproducible only within the iOS Camera Roll.

To use this type of content on IG, therefore, you will have to make them compatible, that is convert them . And that’s exactly what we’ll talk about in the following paragraphs.

Compatible devices

The best devices for capturing live photos , transform them and upload them to Instagram, of course, are iPhones or iPad , running a recent version of the iOS operating system (at least from iOS 9 onwards). Since it is a proprietary format of Apple, these smartphones and tablets do not require third-party apps.

Cell phones / tablets with Android operating system can also be used, as well as computers with Windows 10, macOS or Ubuntu / Linux. In these cases, however, you will need to have apps and software developed by third parties (which I recommend below).

How to create live photos and convert them to Instagram videos

It’s the time to discover together which are the best apps (in mobile and desktop version) that allow you to create live photos for Instagram . Below, I have included the most used ones, taking into account the various operating systems.

App Camera of iOS and Lively

come mettere una foto live su Instagram app Fotocamera iOS

The simplest method to capture a live photo with iPhone or iPad, certainly involves the use of the Camera app , pre-installed on iOS. As I told you a moment ago, thanks to it you will be able to capture a dynamic image lasting 1.5 seconds, which you can find a moment later in the Camera Roll.

To proceed in this sense, first unlock the iPhone and open the Camera app. Then, choose which lens to use, i.e. the front or rear one, as well as any effects to apply to the photo (e.g. those that change the hue, saturation, etc.). Once this is done, tap the Live option, represented by the circle icon (at the top, next to the timer), so that it lights up in yellow .

At this point, frame your face, or in any case the object, person or landscape you want to post on social networks. Then, tap the capture button .

The photograph will be saved to Camera Roll with the Live label (which will appear in the top left). Viewing it in the gallery, you will notice that moves , but it’s not over : you will always have to convert it to video so that you can show the effect in motion to your followers.

come mettere una foto live su Instagram app Lively

To do this, I suggest you use the Lively app, available for free, which you can find at this App Store address. First of all, download and install it on your smartphone (after or before taking the motion picture, it doesn’t matter).

At this point, once you have recorded the live photo, make sure it is available in the Roll. Then, open the Lively app and select the multimedia content . Now, in the multimedia editor, choose the Movie option (which will be replaced by the GIF item). Then, select the frames of your interest (using the crop option, present in the timeline, at the bottom). Finally, tap the Export Movie button and choose the Save option to archive the video to Camera Roll (in the “Videos” or “Recent” album).

App or Boomerang effect

come mettere una foto live su Instagram app Boomerang

Instagram has been thinking about its users for some time, creating the app and effect called Boomerang , which both allow you to create and share Live photos on the social network, both using Android and iOS.

The main difference is that the application , available through this page of the Play Store or this link of the App Store, it allows you to share the video also on Facebook, or in the post section. On the other hand, however, it does not allow to search for Instagram filters.

To use the Boomerang app , after installing it, you just need open it and capture the sequence of live frames with the middle button . After that, you will be offered to share the video in the various feeds of your IG account (see below for more information).

To use the Boomerang effect instead, you need to connect to the IG Stories camera. From there, you’ll need to switch to Boomerang mode (icon with the infinity symbol) and start recording by tapping the middle button . >

In both cases, you will have created your live photo, or rather, your short video, which will already be compatible with Instagram. I remind you, however, that this option could also be useful for speeding up Instagram videos.

Photo app with Loop or Bounce effects

come mettere una foto live su Instagram effetto Loop

Another way to convert a live photo into a GIF and, immediately after, into a video, involves using the Camera Roll, or rather, the Photo app . Basically, after saving the live photo, access the Camera Roll and tap it , as if you wanted to view it.

When you see its preview, swipe up on it, to bring up the Effects section. Here, now choose the Loop or Bounce effect (it doesn’t matter). At this point, the live photography has been converted to GIF. Now, choose the Share option, tap Save to File , select iCloud Drive and choose the Download option (you can choose any other path, this is just an example). Finally, tap Save.

To make the GIF compatible with Instagram, i.e. to convert it to MP4 video , proceed using Kapwing , as described below.

Convert GIF to MP4 video for Instagram with Kapwing

come mettere una foto live su Instagram Kapwing

Kapwing is an interesting service. Available online at this address, it allows you to convert GIFs to video in MP4 format . You could use it with the mobile browser (eg. Chrome or Safari), in order to convert the photo with Loop or Bounce effect, but also any GIF, into a movie.

The first step you need to take is connect to the service, then choose the option “ Click to upload ” and then Browse . Then, select the GIF you just saved in “Downloads” (or anywhere else). By doing so, you will see a preview of it in the Kapwing multimedia editor (complete with a “Play” button). Now, edit the GIF as you see fit and, when ready, tap the “ Publish ” option.

By doing so, Kapwing will convert the GIF to video automatically, then show you the result. If you were not registered to the service, a watermark (or watermark) with the Kapwing logo will be applied at the bottom right. In any case, at that point, tap the “ Download ” option to save the short-length video to Camera Roll.

if you have problems using the mobile version of the Kapwing website, I suggest you install the related free app , available for iOS at this App Store address. Please also note that you could always use the web service with Android or with the PC , via browser (e.g. to create the live photo for Instagram starting from a GIF ).

How to upload and share a live photo on Instagram

See? Capturing a live photo for Instagram and converting it to video was anything but difficult. Now, however, you may need “some tips” when sharing on the social photo network. If so, continue reading based on the device you use to post.


come mettere una foto live su Instagram condivisione iOS

As I told you a little while ago, using iPhone or iPad , you can choose whether to use one of the apps Camera, Photo or Boomerang. In all three cases, once the procedure is completed, you will get a video in MP4 format .

So you just need to open Instagram and upload the movie as a post or as a story (using the Boomerang app, however, you can tap the share icon directly). After you have customized the video with some effects, proceed to publish it, to show it to your followers.

The same goes if you have used the Boomerang effect , with the difference that you will already be inside a story . And therefore, to publish the video in a post, you will have to eventually save your IG story in the Camera Roll or in the gallery, and then upload the video again on the social network, as a post.


come mettere una foto live su Instagram condivisione Android

On Android , the various apps I mentioned above come in handy. If you used Boomerang , to put the live photo on Instagram just use the share button , available immediately after capture.

In case you have used Kapwing , another service or another app, you will have obtained a MP4 video . Then just upload it as a post or story, according to your needs.

Instead, if you had used the Boomerang effect , just finish the multimedia editing of the story , and then share it with your followers. If you want to repurpose the story as a video post, you should first publish it privately, download it to the gallery, and then upload the content to the post feed.


Although the PC is not the best device to use, you could always use it to share a live photo on Instagram. After converting the live photo on your mobile, you will have transferred it to your PC in the form of video ; the same will have happened if you converted a GIF as an MP4 video via Kapwing.

Well, with the MP4 video on the Desktop (or any other location on your hard drive), just connect to the social network and upload the multimedia content. Yes, you can also do it from your computer, read how to upload videos to Instagram from your PC for more information.

I can’t post a live photo on Instagram

It happens more often than you think that some applications are not compatible with all smartphone models. For this reason, it may be necessary to work around the problem by following different “paths”.

First, you may ask your friend or family member to try the steps I just gave you for you described. Alternatively, if this isn’t possible, you could convert a sequence of photos to GIF (there are many apps and services online that allow you to do this). After that, it would be sufficient to convert the GIF into video and publish the latter on the social network, to achieve the same result.

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