How to put swipe up Instagram stories

How to put swipe up Instagram stories

More and more people ask me what the swipe up Instagram is and how to get it, given its potential to increase followers on the photographic social network. After seeing many users and Pages create Instagram stories that link to their blogs, you wondered what the trick is. You looked everywhere for an option to do it, but by now you had given up on the evidence that you could not insert links in the stories. If you ended up here, however, it means that you have not given yourself “for defeat”. And you did well, because in this tutorial you will find out how to solve the mystery that has pervaded your mind for days.

In this guide, I will show you what you need to do to insert a web link in the Instagram stories, which refers to your blog, application or other site. By doing so, you could increase the visibility of a certain product, or that of another profile or channel you manage, in order to generate interest around it.


What is the Instagram swipe up

come mettere swipe up storie Instagram esempio trascinamento

The Instagram swipe up is a link inserted within the stories , which can be activated by scrolling from the bottom upwards (hence the name). This useful advertising tool is not available to all Instagram users (we will talk about it in the dedicated chapter), since it is a “VIP” tool .

It represents great potential for turn Instagram traffic elsewhere, as the so-called conversion of followers increases exponentially.

What actions allows you to perform

come mettere swipe up storie Instagram esempio prodotti

With the swipe up you can:

  • Sponsor products;
  • Show your guides or the recipes you post on a blog to your followers;
  • Refer to a YouTube channel you wish to sponsor;
  • Insert your e-commerce products with the referral;
  • Link to a Wiki page or to a page of a website to deepen the discussion contained within of the main story.

These are just some of the actions that can be “triggered” by swiping up in Instagram stories. You can use it in many other ways for any web-related activity.

Guidelines to follow for swipe up

come mettere swipe up storie Instagram simbolo divieto

Given the advertising potential of the tool, you will have to respect some simple guidelines (obviously if your profile meets the necessary requirements):

  • Do not insert a swipe up on every story you post;
  • Do not add links to content that does not bring you any advantage in terms of followers or sponsorships (except in cases where you publish a video with an in-depth swipe up);
  • Avoid swiping up content that can be reported by users or that can offend certain categories of people or groups of any kind (not is an effective propaganda tool, as you may only attract people who sow hatred or “haters”).

This way, you will prevent nt can be banned from Instagram or reported by users. And as a result, you will ensure a constant and lasting conversion.

Who can use the Instagram swipe up?

come mettere swipe up storie Instagram numero follower

You have finally arrived at the most important chapter of the guide, where I will explain why Instagram swipe ups are not available to all users . The secret lies in the number of followers of a profile: to be able to insert links in the stories in the form of a swipe up, it is mandatory to exceed 10,000 followers .

Below this value, the function is not available : in fact, it is a tool reserved only for users who are already familiar enough. Indeed, it would be in vain to make this functionality available to everyone. Also because, with few followers, the conversion would be really low. Not to mention the possible improper uses.

It is also true that I would reach 10 thousand followers is not at all easy : you will have to work hard and publish quality content, even several times per day, to see the followers grow steadily and in a short time.

Format Instagram stories to swipe up

come mettere swipe up storie Instagram dimensioni

Before aggregating a link to Instagram Stories, you should analyze the size of your Stories . You must know, in fact, that Instagram provides precise measurements for photos and videos that, if they are not respected, the system will force them at will and automatically. Have you ever seen the preview of your story enlarged, blurry or otherwise distorted? Well, that’s the best way to lose followers and, consequently, the privilege of being able to post swipe ups on Instagram.

So you need to know the right aspect ratio for stories, in order for you to be able to create content. which fits perfectly into the Instagram box and the Facebook box (yes, because many times, the IG stories also appear on the connected Facebook profile).

Only in this way can you insert a “ call to action ”effective, that can be displayed in the right place and that does not only show the arrow that moves at the bottom of the content (very bad thing to see and that often escapes, losing the advantage of using links). Learn more by reading my guide on what the Instagram Stories format is.

How to insert a link in Instagram story

If you are one of the lucky ones who already have 10,000 followers, but you don’t know how to swipe up an Instagram story , below you will find the answer you are looking for. Continue reading to learn more.

come mettere swipe up storie Instagram opzione Aggiungi Link

To swipe up Instagram stories , I suggest you use the iPhone or Android app . Open it and, from the feed, swipe your finger from left to right, so as to start the camera.

Now, create the IG story as you usually do, by uploading a photo or video that you have already made, or even creating multimedia content “on the fly”. When you are done, before publishing it, you should see the chain icon . Click on it to add the web link to the story.

In the screen that will appear, check the link preview . If everything is okay, you can share the Instagram story with a link by pressing the Done button. Do not forget, in case, to change the various privacy settings before sharing.

come mettere swipe up storie Instagram statistiche

At this point, you should be able to add the swipe up on Instagram stories. Thanks to the statistics , or the so-called Insights, you should understand how many followers have followed the link by swiping up .

If you saw little interaction , as I told you above, try to insert a call to action in the story. Try writing text in Instagram stories, perhaps with a particular font. Specify to your followers that, by dragging up the story, you will be able to access special content or an in-depth study.

How to increase conversion of Instagram swipe up

come mettere swipe up storie Instagram aumento conversione

Now that you’ve managed to put your first swipe up on Instagram stories , you may want to get a higher conversion rate .

The conversion rate is the number of “clicks” on the link proportionate to the number of people watching your story : the higher this percentage, the more sponsors will want to fill your “space” with advertising products or themed content. You will thus be able to earn with Instagram, by sponsoring gadgets or other pages related to the topic you are dealing with.

To succeed, I also recommend that you use the featured stories on Instagram . This is a feature that allows you not to make the most important stories disappear after 24 hours, leaving them in plain sight on your profile indefinitely.

You may not know, but Instagram doesn’t automatically delete them. stories once a day has passed, but moves them to an archive (inside the app) and makes them visible only to you. From there, however, you could take them back and publish them in your profile information.

By showing a story for longer, whoever looks at your profile (new followers, companies that want to sponsor their products and other subjects) will see it immediately and will fully understand your potential as an Instagram influencer . And if there was a link inside that story to swipe up, I’d say it helps, don’t you think?

Alternatively, you could add a tag to the Instagram story , to send it in Direct to a friend of yours and ask him to publish it also on his profile, which maybe has more followers.

As another choice, you could use the system of Instagram advertising to get you some advertising, even targeted. So, in addition to sponsoring your Instagram account, you would also promote your blog.

What to do if you don’t see the swipe up Instagram option

come mettere swipe up storie Instagram aumentare engagement

The only real limit of Instagram swipe ups is the high number of followers , necessary to unlock the feature: for many, it is already so much to reach 1,000 followers, let alone having to reach 10 times that sum!

To be able to increase your potential as an influencer, you must necessarily start from the “little things”, starting to take care of the details of your profile and posting photos of quality in a constant way, which can attract more and more users and at the same time guarantee regular growth.

The golden rules to be able to aim for 10,000 followers are the following :

  • Make your profile public (with the private profile you don’t go anywhere!);
  • Increase your circle of friends (even people who do not know, but have a lot of followers and talk about your niche);
  • Follow the most famous brands and other influencers;
  • Publish content from a certain niche, taking into account that they must have “an edge over” than “the usual”.

By doing so, after a few months or years, you should be able to unlock the swipe up option on Instagram . And if you were lucky, the times could be greatly shortened. How? It would be enough to end up in the Explore section . You can learn more by reading the guide in which I explained how to become an influencer on Instagram.

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