How to put the Swipe Up on Instagram

How to put the Swipe Up on Instagram

Swipe Up is one of the most sought after goals by Instagram users: probably the most important, hand in hand with increasing followers.

Today I’ll explain how to put the Swipe Up on Instagram . But first, let’s see what this term means and why it is important to understand the insertion mechanism in order to have it also on your profile.

Come mettere lo Swipe Up su Instagram
How to Swipe Up on Instagram

Swipe Up: what it is and what it means

Literally Swipe Up means “swipe up”. And this is the mechanism by which the person can open the link.

Instagram is a social network that as we all know does not allow for example to put links in the descriptions of the photos and therefore does not let you shift your attention too much to external resources from the platform. / p>

With this function, the Swipe Up in fact, instead allows you to connect a story loaded on the profile to a link to an external resource. For example, you could decide to link to an article on your blog , a video on Youtube, or any other resource outside the social network.

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Why use Instagram Swipe Up

It is important to understand how to put the Swipe Up on Instagram if you are involved in marketing or otherwise want to promote your blog . This is because when people look at your Instagram story, they can decide to follow a certain link directly.

The advantage for you is that in this way you can shift the user’s attention to an external resource such as a product you want to sell, the services page, an interesting article you wrote and much more.

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How to Swipe Up on Instagram

Now I’ll explain in a practical way how to insert links in Instagram stories.

First of all you need to know that this feature is not active for everyone. To be able to take advantage of the links in the Instagram stories you have to respect two fundamental requirements that you can in no way avoid:

  • You must have at least 10,000 followers on your profile
  • You must have opened a business account, therefore you cannot use or see the function if you have a private account

If you meet both requirements, then you can safely proceed and swipe up on Instagram , with all the marketing and visibility benefits that this entails for your company . Here is explained below, step by step, how to do it.

  • Log in to your Instagram account
  • Choose from the gallery the photo, image or video you want to publish as a story
  • Before proceeding with the publication you must click on the link symbol at the top to be able to insert the link you want
  • A window will open that allows you to choose whether to insert an external link or an IGTV video (for links to IGTV videos the requirement of 10,000 followers is not there)
  • Select ‘Web Link’
  • At this point you just have to copy and paste the link to insert in the Instagram story

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How to customize the link when adding the swipe up

You can choose to customize your swipe up for example through a sticker, a GIF, or by writing it in the text of the story. When you access the stickers or want to search for an inherent GIF, type “swipe up” in the search bar and choose the animation you like best. Otherwise you can proceed with the customization of the story according to your creativity and your tastes.


Well, we’ve seen how to put the Swipe Up on Instagram and what its advantages are.

Instagram only allows you to insert an external link, that is the link in bio . For users, on the other hand, who have reached the 10,000 follower requirement, it allows you to insert links to external resources even in the stories.

This is a great advantage to be able to make money with Instagram and share interesting resources with your community.

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