How to reactivate Instagram account

How to reactivate Instagram account

How to reactivate Instagram account? You have deactivated the Instagram account following my advice (if not, I will not talk to you again) but now you want to share your passion again with the whole world , so you have to reactivate the profile and want to know how. Read on to gain knowledge.

Hand on your smartphone because this time you can also do the procedure from the app itself, which is quite unusual for Instagram and which gives us confidence in the world.

Come riattivare account Instagram
How to reactivate Instagram account

How to reactivate deactivated Instagram account

First of all, if you are not familiar with technology, rest assured because no special skills are required: turning on your smartphone is more than enough. Reactivation can also be done from a PC, through the app that Windows has made available, and from the site through Google. Below we will see how to reactivate the Instagram account in any situation. Fasten your seat belts, let’s go!

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How to reactivate Instagram account from smartphone

Ok, if you have reached this point, it means that you have the app on your phone and therefore you know how to log in. Open the Instagram app, access your deactivated profile by entering your credentials. Instagram is happy to see you again and even welcomes you. Your posts are still there in all their glory (it’s the perfect time to take out that photo that just doesn’t do you justice). If you access the app via Facebook, continue to do so and confirm if you are asked if you are the one logged in. Profile successfully reactivated!

See? Really very simple, the only thing you will have to do to reactivate your profile, in fact, is to remember your credentials.

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How to reactivate Instagram account from PC

Windows 10 has made the official Instagram app available to users, but where can you find it? From the evergreen Start menu, from which the icon of the hugely popular application peeps out; click on it and enter your login details.

Once logged in, you will find yourself inside the frozen profile, which has remained identical and with all the posts as you left them. From now on you can go back to using the profile as normal!

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How to reactivate Instagram account from browser

Step 1: Go to the site. You would never have gotten there on your own, would you? 🙂

Also in this case you have to enter your profile credentials and log in, thank Instagram for the welcome back and start using your profile again as it once was. As you can see, the steps are simple and clear, proof of any level of knowledge of the network.

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Is it possible to reactivate a deleted Instagram account?

Unfortunately not. Once an account has been deleted from the platform it is impossible to recover it: the deleted accounts are no longer accessible, the only thing to do is to create a new account.

For photos, it is always possible to recover them if you have saved them in a cloud, or on the smartphone itself: you can recreate an Instagram profile identical to the other and recover, even if with difficulty, the lost followers. It will be hard work because you will have to start over, but if it was a job for you and you made a name for yourself within your niche, then followers will find you pretty quickly.

If your profile was personal and followed by friends and family, just follow them again to retrieve them. To prevent Instagram from deleting your profile again, pay attention to some basic rules:

  • Avoid wild like bombing. You will be warned to stop 3 times, after which the profile will be blocked and, in extreme cases, deactivated without the possibility of recovering it;
  • Buy followers: if the growth of your account is sudden and with very high numbers, the platform becomes suspicious and bye bye profile;
  • Be kind and avoid offensive discussions with other users.

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Well, we’ve seen how to reactivate Instagram accounts quickly . Deactivating your profile is not a permanent choice, but a temporary one. Going back and reactivating your profile, whether for work or leisure, is always possible and simple. That said, I wish you a good return on social. If you need advice you can find hundreds of articles on this blog that I’m sure will be useful for getting results on Instagram.

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