How to read Instagram messages

How to read Instagram messages

The Instagram chat is now one of the most used. Given the enormous popularity of the social network, Direct is also exploited daily by those who preferred different messaging apps, such as Telegram, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. And you too have been attracted to this feature, but you have never explored it. So, to entice you to use this type of chat, a friend of yours contacted you via Direct. The problem is, before you start conversing, you’d like to understand how you can read Instagram messages . In addition, you would also like to have more details on conversation security and its options. Searching the net, you found my blog.

I’m really happy to tell you that you’ve come to the right place. In fact, in this tutorial I will give you all the details on how to check Instagram conversations from your PC or mobile. Also, I’ll explain what you need to do to view messages anonymously.


How Direct messages work

come leggere messaggi Instagram

Direct are a type of instant messaging that was developed by Instagram with the aim of increasing user engagement. Instead of leaving the photo social network, people can chat with each other using this feature.

Users can send Direct messages to any public or private account. The follow, in this case, is irrelevant (or almost, later you’ll understand why). However, to start the chat, at least the first time, the other party will have to respond to the message request received.

Message request notifications are usually enabled by default. However, entering the Direct, if there were any, you might notice it by looking up, above the conversations. There, you should find “ 1 required ”in light blue color. Just touch it to preview the message and to proceed with the acceptance / denial of the same.

The only situation in which the chat is activated automatically, without the need for acceptance, is that in which comment on a story . In that case, the comment will arrive straight in the “inbox” of Direct, so it will be clearly visible with respect to requests.

Then there is the character limit of each Direct message. At the time of this writing, the threshold is set to 2000 characters . You shouldn’t need to get over it.

How to access Instagram Direct

come leggere messaggi Instagram accesso Direct

There are three ways you can go enter Instagram Direct , that is:

  • Instagram Direct application (now obsolete)
  • Icon of Direct on Instagram
  • Swipe from right to left

Not too long ago, Instagram introduced an app called Direct from Instagram , which focused attention on social instant messaging network.

It was actually an experiment, which ended shortly after the middle of 2019. Soon after, in fact, the app was removed from the Play Store and App Store. Now, the messaging feature is an integral part of Instagram. Therefore, there is no longer a need for such an app. If you still want to install it, you could try to search for an APK for Android by searching online.

The only two methods that allow you to access Direct, therefore, are both at inside the social network. The first is the paper airplane icon , which appears on the Home screen (top right). While the second “way of access” is via swipe . From Home, just swipe to the left.

This will take you to Direct , where all the active conversations will be. From there, you can either send a new Direct or read the ones you’ve received. To compose a new message , tap the pencil icon (top right), select the user and choose Chat .

You can also enter Direct from PC . Although I’ll talk more about this in the following points, I can tell you that, using Windows 10 , you could download the Instagram desktop app from the Microsoft Store. Instead, if you are using macOS , you could use the mobile version of the Chrome browser , via the developer console. This will allow you to chat on Instagram from your computer.

Enable / disable Instagram message notifications

come leggere messaggi Instagram notifiche Direct

When you install the app Instagram on iOS, Android or Windows 10 PC, message notifications turn on automatically (default). Therefore, unless you have configured the app differently, you should receive them.

In any case, you can always check and adjust the Direct alerts from the application. Open it and go to Profile Settings . Then, choose the Notifications option, select Push notifications and look for the item Instagram Direct and Instagram Direct Requests. They are set to Everyone , but you can set them to No or Friends on Instagram to hide those from certain users.

But chances are you’re having trouble with Instagram push notifications regarding iPhone . If so, try reading this guide, where you will find some useful solutions.

Viewing private Instagram messages

When you receive a message on Instagram, by default, you will see a notification . To see the Direct message, just tap it. By doing so, in fact, Instagram will immediately show the Direct screen.

However, if you have deleted the notification or have not seen it due to your numerous followers, you could always search manually. Open Instagram and go to Direct , as I suggested earlier. After that, check for new Direct or new Direct requests. When you’ve found the right conversation, tap it to enter it and see what has been written.

Instead, in case you want to know if viewing private Instagram messages generated a read notification , the answer is it depends. If you had already talked to this person , then yes, the other party would see that you have looked at their message sent. If it were a Direct message request , until you accept it, that person would never know that you have read their message, even if you had entered the conversation.

Read requests for Messages on Instagram

come leggere messaggi Instagram richieste

As I told you in the previous paragraph, Instagram could send you an alert for message requests. Just touch it to view the text received in the chat.

In any case, to check requests for Direct messages originating from unknown users, of which you are not a follower (therefore that you do not follow), you should first enter Direct . In that section, if you look at the top right, you should see the link to access the received message requests. Just touch it to consult them and eventually accept them. More information, you can find it in this guide.

Reading Instagram messages from PC

come leggere messaggi Instagram PC console sviluppatori

There are several methods that allow you to read Instagram messages from your PC . In detail:

  • Instagram app for Windows 10
  • Mobile version of the Instagram site
  • Chrome browser extension
  • Direct reading software

If you use a computer with Windows 10 operating system, nothing is better than installing the Instagram application from the Microsoft Store. Once installed, just log in with your data to relive the mobile experience even from a PC. The available options, in fact, will be almost the same as the app for iOS and Android.

A similar thing can be done using the mobile version of the Instagram site . I suggest you use the Chrome browser in this case. Open it and link to this URL. After that, log in with your Instagram username and password.

After that, click with right mouse button anywhere on the screen and choose Inspect . The developer console will open. Now, click on the mobile and tablet icon (at the top and left of the console). You will then view the Instagram site in a mobile version. Maybe, reload the web page so you can be sure you have all the features. You can also publish posts.

Alternatively, you could use this extension for the Chrome browser, called Direct Message for Instagram . Once you have installed the add-on , just configure it by following the on-screen instructions to use the Instagram chat on your computer.

As another choice, you could use a program for Windows, macOS or Linux, which can be used as a desktop app for Direct . A concrete example is certainly IG: dm (Instagram Direct Messages on Desktop), which you can find at this address. To sum it up briefly, it works a bit like WhatsApp Desktop, with the difference that (obviously) it supports Direct and you don’t need a mobile phone to view messages.

This way, you can watch Direct chats from your PC, without necessarily having to have your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet. To learn more, read this other tutorial.

Reading Instagram messages without opening them

come leggere messaggi Instagram Unseen

You may want to read Instagram messages without opening them to prevent others from knowing that you have viewed them. First, you need to take into account the activity status . Although you do not enter the chat with that person, they may check that detail in a similar way to the last WhatsApp login. That way he might know if you ignore what he writes to you.

What’s more, you need to know that Instagram records offline actions . Therefore, even disconnecting the Wi-Fi or cellular network (perhaps activating the airplane mode), it will not work.

You will instead have to use an app to read Instagram messages offline , or rather, an app to clone Instagram messages. On iOS , there are currently none. Instead, on Android , you could download and install Unseen from the Play Store. Thanks to it, incoming Direct messages will be cloned and you will be able to consult them without entering Instagram.

The situation does not concern Direct message requests . Until you accept them , the read notification will never be sent to the other party.

Read deleted Instagram messages

If you deleted a message on Instagram Direct and now you want to recover it , you could use a few tricks. First of all, you should know that there is no way to restore the removed messages with your device. These are in fact stored in the cloud and, once deleted, no trace remains .

The only thing you can do in these cases is to check the gallery on your smartphone to see if you have taken screenshots of that conversation in the past. Or even, you could ask the counterpart if he could in fact forward the messages or send you a screenshot of them.

In fact, unlike Telegram, Instagram Direct, at least for the moment, cannot be deleted on the recipient’s account . Therefore, the other participant will surely have a copy of the messages stored in her device. That, unless he, too, has removed them.

Reading another person’s Instagram messages

There are several methods that allow you to read the Instagram messages of other users . However, the first thing you need to know is that by doing so, you would be committing a illegal action . Therefore, if you get caught, you could be in trouble. Proceed according to your responsibility.

That said, you should know that you can spy on Instagram either without picking up the “victim’s” phone or knowing the password. If you knew the login credentials , unless two-factor authentication is enabled, you could log in from any device to view the Direct and activities of that profile. Depending on how it is configured, however, the account owner may receive an e-mail of a new login.

Instead, if you don’t know the password , you should pick up your phone and install a spy app or check what it posts anonymously (stories and posts) . This last action, you can only perform it if it were a public profile. More information can be found in the detailed guide I have already published.

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