How to Recover a Deleted or Deleted Instagram Message – Message Recovery

How to Recover a Deleted or Deleted Instagram Message – Message Recovery

Being one of the largest social networks on the planet, Instagram has various functions (and even filters for photos) that you may not have known about, either by mistake or for some other reason you deleted an important message and it you want back . Today we will teach you how to recover a deleted or deleted Instagram message.

Step by step to recover deleted messages from Instagram

  1. The first thing you should do is, of course, log into your Instagram account.
  2. Enter your profile, there you must locate the symbol of the 3 horizontal stripes.
  3. Once the menu of the symbol of the 3 horizontal stripes is displayed, we look for the symbol with the gear wheel that says “ Settings “.
  4. Then we locate the option “ Security “.
  5. In the “Security” section, we will look for “ Data and history “.
  6. We are looking for “ Download data “.
  7. After this, Instagram will ask you to add the email address to which you want the backup copy that we are going to download to be sent.
  8. Then we enter our password for the Instagram account.

Waiting time: 48 hours

After having followed these steps we must wait approximately 48 hours, at the end of this time a ZIP file will arrive at the email that we previously provided with all your conversations, your profile information, photos, files, among other data.

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Done, with these simple steps to follow you already know how to recover those conversations or messages that are important to you and that, for one reason or another, we had deleted and almost given up for lost.

Some security measures

As you can see, recovering this data from our private Instagram conversations is not that complicated. Of course, this makes you vulnerable when it comes to protecting our confidential information that we have in such conversations.

To avoid a violation of privacy we recommend certain security measures that will surely make this process a little more secure.

Use your own email

When Instagram asks you for an email address, to which to send the ZIP file that contains all the information from our conversations, conversations that may contain private and personal information.

You should provide your own email address , whether you forgot your Gmail password, do not have it on hand, or any other type of eventuality you should solve it and avoid using email addresses from third parties.

Use a trusted computer or equipment

When you proceed to download the ZIP file that will arrive at the email you have provided, try to ensure that the computer or mobile device that you are going to use to download the file from your email is 100% trustworthy and commonly used .

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Delete the evidence

If you have already downloaded the ZIP file from your email to a computer or mobile device, to protect your social network it is best to delete the message from your email , then also delete it from the recycle bin email.

If you already have the downloaded file, the message that came to your email will no longer be of use to you, on the contrary it is a weak point of your security. remember, the ZIP file contains all your conversations from when you opened your Instagram account to the date when you requested the backup.

What to do if my Smartphone does not allow updating the app

Even so your Smartphone does not allow you to update the Instagram app to its most current version, do not worry, you can still recover your conversations , you only need to enter from your PC and select the icon with a arrow.

This action will give you access to private chats and all the conversations you have had through direct messages up to that date. Now that you know this useful trick you will be able to recover direct messages from your Instagram account, either from your personal account, or simply, the account of your business or enterprise.

We know that this fantastic social network is a great platform for those businesses that want to offer their services to more people through social networks, some customer data, a payment reference for a service, etc. All this information and more can be recovered in case of accidental deletion or other reasons for this information to be lost.

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