How to recover Direct Instagram

How to recover Direct Instagram

A few hours ago, a friend of yours sent you an important Direct message on Instagram. Unfortunately, however, in a hectic and busy day, you realized that you had accidentally deleted the entire content of the chat in question, thus not being able to view the text or multimedia content. Before you play the “re-send” card and make a bad impression, stop just a few minutes and carefully read the chapters that I will show you below. In this way, you would have the opportunity to learn more about all the solutions that allow you to recover Direct Instagram lost or mistakenly deleted.

I start by telling you that Instagram Direct messages are not saved locally, so do not are stored in the internal memory of the smartphone or tablet. Instead, these refer to a database that manages communications via the Instagram cloud network. Although this system avoids the need to backup Instagram chats and is much safer, on the other hand, it makes data recovery more difficult. In any case, you must not despair: as I mentioned before, there are various methods to attempt to restore Instagram messages, which I will now show you in detail.


Can Instagram Direct messages be restored?

come recuperare Direct Instagram

As you may have guessed from the introduction, recovering Instagram Direct messages is not a quick and” painless “procedure like on other platforms, being the app based exclusively on the cloud. However, to increase your chances of success, I recommend that you act as soon as possible , regardless of the scenario that led to the loss of messages (app uninstall, complete deletion etc.).

The sooner you go through the recovery process, the more items you can recover before they are permanently removed from yours data collection (I’ll talk about this shortly).

Direct Instagram deletion method

In addition to the simple delete the message (manual method), you may encounter an automatic deletion, due to a user who has hidden his profile or has reported you or the messages you sent as offensive, leading Instagram to permanently remove them.

Moreover, please note that if a user blocks you , or even if you have blocked them , you may no longer be able to view the conversations that have taken place, as they are hidden.

Even if rare, then, don’t forget that the ban or the shadowban of Instagram could result in the immediate deletion of all messages you have exchanged with one or more users over time. If you had had an incorrect behavior, breaking the rules of the social network several times, you could be prevented from reading and sending Direct , making any recovery procedure useless!

Therefore, always try to be careful, respecting the conditions of use of Instagram, so as to avoid scenarios in which you can suffer a punishment of this type.

If you have uninstalled the application

If you believe you have lost all Direct messages because you simply uninstalled the Instagram app , you can rest assured: being the messaging platform based on the cloud , your messages are safe!

To view them, all you have to do is reinstall the app on your smartphone or tablet, then log in with the Facebook account or with the dedicated account. Then just move to the Direct section, tapping the paper airplane icon, to find them.

If you remember having physically deleted your messages, continue reading to find out how to recover lost Instagram Direct.

If you blocked the contact

If by mistake you banned a contact and now you don’t see the chat anymore, don’t worry, it’s normal. This trick is often used to make messages invisible to those who enter the application.

To solve, you just need to unblock the user on Instagram . By doing so, you should be able to view the messages again; but if it had been a long time since the block, please note that the chat may have been deleted (it almost never happens, unless there are other reasons).

How to restore deleted Instagram Direct messages

Finally, you have reached the most important chapter of the guide, where I will explain in depth what you need to do to restore deleted Instagram Direct messages .

I state that the procedure described below is safe to apply, but does not guarantee anything : in fact, the messages may no longer be present in your data collection, making it useless any other recovery procedure. You just have to cross your fingers and act as soon as possible, hoping to find them.

Download the backup of Instagram Direct messages

come recuperare Direct Instagram scaricamento dati cellulare

The first step to perform the recovery of the Instagram Direct, involves the download of the data collection of your Instagram profile, which contains a backup copy of the Direct messages exchanged up to that moment.

To download from mobile or tablet, open the Instagram app , press the icon in the shape of stylized man (bottom right), go to the Settings> Security menu and then click on the Download data option. The app will ask you to enter an e-mail address where to send all the data; confirm where necessary and wait for the email message to arrive from Instagram (in some cases it may take up to 48 hours).

come recuperare Direct Instagram scaricamento dati PC

If you want to perform the download procedure your data from your computer , open the Instagram site and log in with the account in your possession. After that, click on the icon of your profile (top right), then on the icon in the shape of gear and then on the menu Privacy and security . In this section, you can perform the same download procedure as seen above, by choosing the Request download option, in the Data download section.

To learn more about this operation in detail, I suggest reading the guide in which I explained how to backup Instagram. In any case, when you have completed the procedure, continue reading.

Opening Direct Instagram messages in JSON

From e- Instagram email to download the profile, you will get an attachment , which contains a folder with all the elements on your profile, divided into many files with JSON extension . Here, the Direct messages are present in the messages.json file, which you can open both from PC and smartphone with the appropriate apps.

Json Genie for Android

come recuperare Direct Instagram app Json Genie

From smartphone or tablet with Android operating system, you can open the file messages.json using the free Json Genie app, which you can find at this address of the Play Store.

Once installed, all you have to do is open it, press the icon with the three lines (top on the left), press on Open JSON File and indicate the path where the file messages.json.

is present The app will then show you all the messages saved from your profile in chronological order: use the magnifying glass (above) to speed up the search by user or on the cancellation date .

JSON Pro Free for iOS

come recuperare Direct Instagram app JSON Pro Free

From iPhone and iPad , you can use the free app JSON Pro Free to manage backups downloaded from Instagram and open the file messages.json . You can find it at this App Store address.

To use the app, go to the File section, go to the path where the file is kept messages.json and, when you have found it, click on it, taking care to select the JSON Pro FREE app for reading.

Also in this case, you will see all the messages exchanged appear on your profile: scroll inside the file to find and read the deleted Direct messages .

Notepad ++ for Windows

come recuperare Direct Instagram Notepad plus plus

If you want to open the messages.json file directly from your Windows PC , you can use the free Notepad ++ program, which can replace the classic Notepad and also open JSON files. It’s free software, which you can find on this page.

Once installed, double-click the messages.json file and, if Windows asks you to specify which app use to open the file, be sure to select Notepad ++ , also using Other apps or Look for another app on this PC entries.

How to restore photos and videos from Direct Instagram

come recuperare Direct Instagram foto

In addition to messages, you also want to recover photos or videos exchanged in Direct Instagram ? Fortunately, these media files are often stored locally, therefore within the device’s memory, as well as in the cloud. Therefore, it could be much easier to recover them, especially with regard to the media sent.

The photos and videos you have sent can be accessed from the Gallery or Photos app of your smartphone. If you have not cleared the device memory, you will see all the files you sent, without the need to recover anything.

Moreover, if you had activated the backup of the Google Photos app , your content could be safe in the cloud, thanks to automatic synchronization.

As for the media received , you could try to see if with a backup of the data I could find them. Or also, look for any album named “ Instagram ” in the Camera Roll or in the gallery of your smartphone or tablet.

Retrieving other shared elements in Direct

There are also other elements that can be exchanged in Direct chats. For example, I’m talking about:

  • Voice notes
  • Comments
  • Like
  • Stories
  • Tags

Unfortunately, for these types of data it is not possible to attempt recovery . Forget it, because even using third-party apps, if the chat was canceled, you would not be able to complete your goal.

If they were deleted by the counterpart

The Direct messages you want to recover were deleted by your interlocutor ? In this case, there is nothing you can do , since you do not have access to his account and cannot download his personal data.

However, if the message has remained at least a few minutes in the Direct chat, and maybe it was canceled after some time , you can try to put into practice the procedure seen above to download your personal data and look for a copy of the message received, but it doesn’t necessarily work (trying doesn’t hurt!).

I can’t recover Direct Instagram

come recuperare Direct Instagram ripristino impossibile

If not even with the download of personal data I managed to recover the Instagram Direct , there is probably nothing more to do: the messages are lost.

If, however, you have noticed the disappearance of several messages without having deleted them personally , you may be involved in a shadowban of your profile or the Direct section: att end a few days without entering the profile and then re-enter to see if the situation improves. If you notice that the ban is longer than expected and you don’t know how to act, I invite you to read the in-depth study dedicated to the action blocked on Instagram, where you will find many useful tips to understand if your account has been banned and what to do to unblock it. .

Finally, I advise you not to take for granted the possibility that someone has managed to sneak into your profile to cancel Direct. Read how to find out if Instagram has been hacked and what to do to fix. I remind you, in fact, that in this situation, the assistance of Instagram could help you find the chats that have been lost.

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