How to recover Instagram account

How to recover Instagram account

A while ago, you opened an Instagram account. However, not having the opportunity to dedicate space to this activity, you have decided to uninstall the application or delete the IG profile permanently. At some point you thought about it again, and now you would absolutely want to get back on the social network; you are on the home screen, but the warning that the password is wrong continues to appear. Yet you really thought it was that.

If you have arrived here, it is probably because after several attempts you no longer know what to do to recover the Instagram account you were managing. Don’t panic, it happens to everyone and it is almost always possible to find posts, likes and – above all – followers related to the profile in question. In the tutorial that follows, I will describe everything you can do to restore access to your account, and I will also try to explain why, at times, you are unable to access it. Maybe too much time has passed since the account was deleted? Or maybe you have been hacked? Let’s find out!


How long does it take to restore an Instagram account

recuperare account Instagram

Once once the procedure to unsubscribe from Instagram has been started, your profile will disappear from the social network and will be permanently deleted only after 30 days .

During this time period, if you I wanted to go back to posting photos, you could do it. Just log in again to restore your Instagram account. Doing so, clearly, would invalidate the deletion procedure.

Why reactivate an Instagram account

There are various reasons for which you could think of reactivating the Instagram profile: maybe you had planned a period of digital detox to disconnect from social networks; you have deleted your account only momentarily to avoid distracting yourself in a particularly stressful period of your life; you deleted the profile by mistake; or again, you were hacked without realizing it and now you want to fix it.

Well, as I told you, the reasons for returning to Instagram can be endless! It must be said, however, that this social network has a strong presence in the digital age. And not having an Instagram profile nowadays could – in some cases – “cut you off” from some work activities, as well as from certain trends and themes.


Recovering an Instagram account is a very simple operation if 30 days have not passed since its deletion, as I mentioned earlier and how I will be able to explain you in detail shortly. However, there are circumstances in which this is not possible : for example, if this time limit has already elapsed or if your profile has been hacked.

In this and other cases , you may “go all out” by contacting the Instagram support team, but it may still be difficult or even impossible to regain access. Sometimes, the best solution is to create another Instagram account and start over. In short, evaluate if you need to continue based on the popularity of the profile and the situation you are in.

Restoring a temporarily disabled Instagram profile

recuperare account Instagram schermata principale del social network

The temporary suspension of the Instagram account allows you to hide the profile from anyone, without however permanently removing it. If you have previously done this, or if you have deleted your profile and it has not been more than 30 days, you can find the Instagram account and recover it very easily. Use one of the procedures below.

From the iOS or Android app

If you have temporarily disabled your Instagram account and want to reactivate it using the app for iOS or Android , you simply need to log in. Touch the social network icon on the main screen of your smartphone: the login page should appear; all you have to do is enter your email address, username or phone number and then your password , as well as perform two-factor authentication ( or type the temp code if necessary).

If you don’t remember the temp code, you could use one of the recovery codes. While if you have forgotten your password, I suggest you put into practice the tips I have already given you to change your Instagram password.

From Instagram Web or desktop app

You can restore your temporarily disabled account from Instagram Web (via Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge or another browser) or by using the Instagram app to Windows 10. Just follow the same instructions I just gave you for the mobile application.

How to restore a Instagram profile based on a circumstance

As you have already understood, the circumstances for restoring an Instagram profile can be manifold, and therefore there is no always valid solution. Below, however, I tried to analyze some “typical situations”, providing you with suggestions.

If the account has been permanently deleted

recuperare account Instagram copia dei contenuti condivisi

It is not always possible to recover a permanently deleted account, especially if 30 days have passed since you clicked on the “Delete my account permanently” button, which, I remind you, you can only do from Instagram Web.

If you find yourself in this situation, the only thing you can do is create a new profile . If you had downloaded the data of the old one (before removing it, of course), you could still see all the contents you shared and, perhaps, republish them on the new one with the appropriate changes; if you had not done this, even that content would be irrecoverable.

If the account was hacked or stolen

recuperare account Instagram richiesta di assistenza

If after following my advice to understand if you are hacked on Instagram you have determined that this is indeed the case, the only thing you can do to recover the account is contact the support of the social network .

To do so, from the login screen, click on the option “ Get help with access ” and then on the link “ You need for further assistance? ”located below. On the “Request assistance” screen, check the type of account you are trying to recover (business or personal), select “ My account has been hacked ” and proceed with the report by pressing the Request assistance button. You will be contacted by the Instagram team as soon as possible.

If you don’t remember your email or password

recuperare account Instagram ricerca account da schermata iniziale

You are in the Instagram login screen and you are unable to log in, because after several attempts you have realized that the password is not what you thought. You’ve probably forgotten it and now you’re wondering what you can do to recover your account.

Well, I suggest you do the following:

  • If you remember the e-mail address or username with which you subscribed to the photographic social network, from the home page, click on the “ Have you forgotten your password? ” button and enter your e-mail or username in the space provided. You will receive a link in your e-mail box to reset the access code;
  • If, on the other hand, you have also forgotten your e-mail address , you can use your phone number . You will receive the login link via SMS and from that you can proceed to create new credentials. But know that this solution works only if you previously added the phone number to your account, otherwise, once entered, you will see the words “No users found”;
  • An alternative method could be to recover Instagram password from browser . From the Chrome home page, for example, click on the three dots (top right) and select Settings . In the section “ Auto Fill ”, click on “ Password ”. The list of saved access keys will appear. Try searching for the one related to the domain and, if you find it, click on the option “ Show password ” (eye icon).

If you have been banned from Instagram

It is no longer possible to recover a profile that has been permanently banned. An account is disabled without notice if it does not comply with the guidelines and conditions of use of the social network. However, if you don’t think you’ve done anything wrong and you think an error has occurred, there is one more thing you can do.

Once logged in, you will see account disabled notification : choose “ More information ” to open a new screen, in which you can select the option “ Contact us ”. You would then send a report, and within a short time you should receive an email from Instagram with instructions to verify your identity and re-enable your account.

If it is an old profile

You can recover an old Instagram account if it has not been deleted , otherwise, as I have already told you, after 30 days, it will be lost forever .

So if you had simply disabled it or if you had only disconnected from the social network, you would just have to log in from the app or Instagram Web, possibly recovering the password.

After phone-change

recuperare account Instagram autenticazione a due fattori

You may have changed your smartphone and, once configured, you would like to access Instagram and find all profile data. To do this, it is normally sufficient to log in , since Instagram stores everything on the servers via the cloud network.

The problem arises instead if authentication is enabled two-factor of Instagram . In fact, you may no longer be able to access the profile due to this security option. To solve, as I told you earlier, you should use one of the 8 recovery codes that were provided to you during activation (and that you should have written to you somewhere) alternatively, if you have not yet dismissed or reset your old phone , you could open the Instagram app , go to Settings , choose Security and then Two-Factor Authentication . Then choose the Recovery codes option to view them; as a further solution, you could request the receipt of the temporary code via SMS .

Reactivate an Instagram account via Facebook

recuperare account Instagram opzione Accedi con Facebook

You can retrieve your Instagram profile via Facebook, but only if you previously connected Instagram to Facebook , and as long as you remember the latter’s credentials.

To do this, from the initial Instagram login screen , choose the “ Login with Facebook ” option and follow the instructions shown on the screen.

I can’t recover my Instagram profile

If you’ve tried them all and still can’t log in, the last option you have left is contact Instagram support . However, if you decide to do this, be aware that it may take several weeks (or more) before you receive a response (positive or negative). So, if yours wasn’t a well-known profile or one you were working with, perhaps you’d better create a new one, even if starting from scratch. Take it as an opportunity to give space to your creativity!

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