How to remove comments from a live Instagram

How to remove comments from a live Instagram

Every time you make a live stream on Instagram, the comments of some annoying users appear punctually, trying to spoil the atmosphere and put you in a bad light towards your followers. Unfortunately, the haters phenomenon is widespread nowadays, and it also involves unsuspecting viewers, who see hateful or insulting comments posted while watching live streaming. Fortunately, there are various methods to un-comment from a live Instagram , for both creators and followers. Using them, you would be able to focus only on the live event, but it is also true that you should take into account the social interaction with the other viewers (especially if you are the host).

In the following chapters, I will show you how to hide o delete comments from Instagram direct. I will look at the issue from two points of view: that of the creator, who streams the event and wants to moderate the comments he sees in real time, and that of the spectator, who follows the live event and wants to “put a stop to” offensive or useless messages that appear under the live broadcast during viewing, however, covering a large part of the screen. Based on the action you decide to take, I suggest you proceed with weighting. Instagram is in fact based on the interactions of the public, and if you cut off any possibility of comment, or in any case you start to obscure criticism (especially constructive ones), you may not be able to increase your following on the social network.


How comments work in Instagram direct

come togliere i commenti da una diretta Instagram

The chat system of the live broadcasts of Instagram allows you to communicate between viewers, followers and creators, as well as to write comments addressed to the streamer.

During the live broadcast, messaging can be used by both followers who are watching the event, both from the host . The latter can use them in an explicit way, eg. to reply to a comment, or implied , eg. to answer a user’s question during the broadcast.

The creator can manage comments by performing blocking or redacting actions, but also highlight them temporarily (with third-party programs such as StreamYard) to give them greater visibility . On the other hand, viewers are limited to the possibilities of hiding the comment section and / or reporting any irrelevant content.

live comments can be seen by multiple people for a short period of time, which varies according to the number of viewers connected and the comments that are published.

Once the broadcast has ended, this could be replayed as a story for 24 hours, as well as shared as a video post via IGTV. In that case, however, post comments would not be the same as live.

Post comments will always be available until the resource is removed. While those published in the direct will remain visible only during the broadcast.

If you are the creator of the Instagram live

In case you were the streamer , you would have several control features for comments. For example, you could:

  • Remove the haters who follow you and possibly report them, before the live;
  • Eliminate inappropriate comments during the live broadcast;
  • Deactivate or limit live comments or requests to connect to users’ live stream.
  • Keep in mind that the complete deactivation of comments could make you lose the “real-time feedback” of followers (useful for example to understand if “there is someone on the other side”, and if the live broadcast feels good, but not only).

    If you are the viewer of the live Instagram

    If you were the follower ( or the user) who is watching the live Instagram, you could only report the comment inappropriate.

    While viewing, however, you could choose whether to show or hide the chat of the live stream (in a limited way, as shown below).

    How to hide the comments of the Instagram stream from the viewer

    iOS and Android

    Instagram’s mobile application (available for iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone and tablet), no longer allows (at the time of this writing) to remove the comments section while viewing the live stream.

    I suggest you try rotate your smartphone during the live show, to try to hide them. In case that doesn’t work, you could always use the desktop version of Instagram and a third party extension to remove them (see below to understand what I’m talking about).

    Chrome Extension IG Stories for PC

    come togliere i commenti da una diretta Instagram Chrome IG Stories

    Memories that you can see Instagram Stories secretly with Chrome IG Stories ? Here, this free Google browser plugin also allows you to hide comments viewed live during a live broadcast.

    Just install the add-on in your Chrome browser (on macOS, Windows 10 or even on Ubuntu or other Linux distributions), which you can find at this address of the Chrome Web Store. After that, turn it on, connect to Instagram and log in.

    So use the plugin options to see live, using the “ Watch Live Video ” button, and to make the comments invisible , using the “ Hide Comments ” button.

    How to hide the comments of followers in the live Instagram

    come togliere i commenti da una diretta Instagram dei follower

    If you are a creator and you want limit the comments of all followers during streaming , all you have to do is press on the icon with the three dots , present in the chat , and select the option Disable comments .

    Instead, to block only a comment , published eg. from a hater, press and hold your finger on the message (or profile picture) and choose the option Report comment or Hide live video for .

    How to deactivate the chat before the live Instagram

    come togliere i commenti da una diretta Instagram disattivazione risposte

    Do you want to disable the comments section for a live Instagram ? In this case, you can act on the advanced settings of the live broadcast, by pressing on the gear icon (top left), in the camera of Instagram.

    In that section, under “ Allow replies to messages ”, set the choice to No . By doing this, you will prevent all followers from being able to reply to your Live Story. If you want to allow comments only to your followers , choose the option People you follow .

    Remember that this option will be activated for all new stories . If is not this what you want, I suggest you start the story Live, then deactivate the chat.

    come togliere i commenti da una diretta Instagram segnalare

    If you are watching the live stream with your smartphone or tablet (with iOS or Android operating system), so you are the viewer, you can report a comment .

    To do this, hold down your finger on it and choose the Report option; to report the entire live chat , instead, tap the three dots , select the Report option and choose the Spam item or Inappropriate content .

    If you want to block abusive comments automatically , you can activate the word filter inappropriate. Proceed by tapping the stylized man icon, selecting the menu with three lines and following the path Settings> Privacy> Comments .

    In the window that opens, enable the Hide offensive content option, so that you can block all comments with inappropriate words (based on the dictionary contained in the social network). Furthermore, you could create a custom filter by activating the Manual filter item and by entering , one by one, the words that you don’t want to be shown during direct, in posts or stories.

    As you understand, the filter will be applied to the entire account , that is, to all feeds. This operation could therefore be too restrictive in some cases.

    Using Instagram as creator , however, you can touch for a long time the viewer’s message, and then choose the option Report comment (as I told you a moment ago).

    come togliere i commenti da una diretta Instagram conclusione e archiviazione

    You are a creator and you want delete comments already posted by viewers during the live on Instagram? Well, you can, but not during the event .

    In this case, you have to end the stream and then archive it in the gallery or in the Camera Roll of your smartphone, by choosing the Save option. Read how to save Instagram streams for more information.

    Once this is done, you can upload the content to the social network, as a short-lived video or as IGTV video . This will be re-shared without the comments , and your followers will be able to “repopulate” this section all over again.

    I can’t make comments invisible Instagram

    Despite all the advice I just showed you , did you not manage to make the comments invisible in the Instagram live ? Remember the permissions that are granted to you by creator or viewer: in the latter case, you would not be able to make the comments present in the live stream completely invisible, if not using the third-party extension that you I recommended.

    If you are the streamer instead, you should be able to use the aforementioned options. If not, check that the Instagram action has not been blocked.

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