How to remove silenced accounts on Instagram

How to remove silenced accounts on Instagram

How many times have you come across annoying users or posting stories and posts that are very unpleasant to see? I believe several. Often and gladly you have ignored it, while in other cases you have used the “Silence” function of Instagram, so as not to view their contents anymore, without however removing the follow.

Unfortunately, during this “Cleaning” you have also silenced the account of a friend or relative, whose multimedia contents, now, no longer appear in your feed. To avoid embarrassing situations and qui pro quo, you ran on the Web in search of a solution, and here you are. In the following paragraphs, I will explain to you how to remove silenced accounts on Instagram , treating every facet of the topic in the simplest possible way.


What does silenced accounts on Instagram mean

come togliere gli account silenziati su Instagram

Silenced accounts on Instagram are profiles for which “ mute ” is active, understood in a slightly different way from the classic concept: by silent mode, on the photographic social network, we refer to a function through which new contents (e.g. stories or posts), published by a certain profile followed, are blocked; as a result, they will be hidden from your feeds within the application, but you will remain a follower .

This is an alternative to blocking or removing the follow, which always allows you to message via Direct with a certain profile (unless you also deactivate the messages) and which, at the same time, gives you the possibility to view only the most interesting contents.

Difference between Instagram accounts silenced and blocked

The difference among the silenced and banned Instagram accounts it is remarkable: of the first ones you continue to be a follower and possibly see either the posts or the IG Stories , as well as to read their Direct messages ; while the users you have inserted in the blacklist will no longer be able to search for you, nor view the Direct chats in common, and automatically, you will stop following them.

It must also be said that, if it is easy to see who blocked you on Instagram, the same cannot be said for profiles hidden within the application. Indeed, they would have a hard time finding out, especially if they are people you don’t know.

How silenced Instagram profiles are activated

The option Instagram’s “Silence” is used singly on followed accounts. It can be enabled / disabled at any time.

Usually, when a user considers the contents of a profile repetitive and / or irrelevant, he activates this option by connecting to the dashboard of the same. For more information about activating this feature, you can read how to mute Instagram posts and how to mute Instagram stories.

How long accounts remain muted on Instagram ?

Silenced profiles on Instagram remain in this condition until you manually unlock them . There is no expiration or reactivation date, such as by enabling silent mode on WhatsApp. Moreover, there is no option that allows you to possibly adjust an automatic expiration: I am referring, in this case, to a setting similar to “Pause for 30 days”, available on Facebook.

You will then have to act personally to reactivate the posts and Instagram Stories of an Instagram user.

Can a silenced account on Instagram know they are silenced?

As you may have already guessed from reading the introductory paragraphs, a person cannot easily know that their account has been silenced, even if it was your friend or partner.

This individual may be looking at who has seen their IG stories, which is the list of views , where your name would not appear. However, it is very unlikely that the lack of viewing / playback is associated with the use of the “Mute” option.

Even more so, if you only mute the posts, or if the profile followed did not know you, the problem would not exist. For more information, read how to understand if you have been silenced on Instagram.

How to unblock a silenced account on Instagram

In the following paragraphs I will show you concretely how to remove silenced accounts on Instagram . I have divided the procedures by type of device, in order to make the steps that you will have to put into practice on your own easier.


come togliere gli account silenziati su Instagram iPhone

To unlock silenced accounts from iPhone or iPad , open the Instagram app and press the icon stylized man (bottom right), so you can move to your profile . Then, select the three horizontal lines and follow the path Settings> Privacy . Then choose the Muted accounts option.

On that screen, find and tap the name of the Page or profile to be unlocked. After that, hit the Follow Already button and tap Silence. In the submenu you will access, all you have to do is turn off the switches present next to the items Post and Stories.

You can also reach this menu by opening directly the profile page you silenced. Just search for it , also in the list of followed users (“Followed” option at the top of your dashboard).


come togliere gli account silenziati su Instagram Android

If you want to restore a silenced account from a smartphone or tablet running Android , open the Instagram app and tap the stick man icon (bottom right). Then, select the Settings item, choose Privacy and then Silenced accounts .

In that section, after identifying the profile to be reactivated, select his name with a touch to connect to his wall. Then choose the Follow already option and tap the Silence item. Finally, press the Post and Stories switches, in order to deactivate them.

Again, you could speed up activation by searching for the profile , then connect to its gallery of posts and repeat the same steps I have just described.


come togliere gli account silenziati su Instagram storie silenziate PC

It is not possible to restore a silenced profile from the web version of Instagram. You could try the IG app for Windows 10, or alternatively, by activating the mobile version of the Instagram website. But as of this writing, I have not been able to replicate this operation from the computer.

Please note, however, that the settings applied by iOS or Android will take effect also on the feed of the web version of Instagram. Therefore, you could only use the mobile app to perform this setup.

How to unblock only silenced stories or posts on Instagram

come togliere gli account silenziati su Instagram solo post

As you may have guessed from the procedures I showed you a little while ago, you could also just deactivate the silence of an Instagram account partially .

To proceed in this direction, you will have to repeat the procedure described, until you reach the Follow> Silence section. In there, if you intend to only see posts from that person or Page, disable the Post option; while if you want to view only the stories , you must disable only the Stories option .

How to reactivate Instagram account silenced in Direct

come togliere gli account silenziati su Instagram Direct

If you had disabled the messages deriving from that account, perhaps so as not to be disturbed, now you could also unblock this option, which is independent from the others mentioned above.

To do so, go to Direct (icon of the paper airplane), then enter the chat with the user. At that point, tap the i (i top right) to enter the Details . So, disable the Disable messages option.

To learn more about these and other types of blocking, read how to reactivate on Instagram.

I can’t deactivate the Instagram account you silenced

You can’t in any way unblock the Instagram account that you silenced some time does? Probably, the person running it has blocked you. To find out, try another IG account or a shared account (ask a friend for help), so that you can find the answers you are looking for.

If, on the other hand, you had removed the follow by mistake , you should search the profile, connect to it and tap the Follow button, as if you want to become a follower for the first time. Only then would you have the opportunity to review the content it publishes on your feed.

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