How to remove the displayed from Instagram

How to remove the displayed from Instagram

Instagram is an app on which you spend a lot of your free time and which you like to use. You enjoy publishing posts, stories, IGTV and, for a very short time now, also Reels; curious in the virtual life of other people, whether you follow them or not; leave likes and comments; and of course you interact privately with your circles of friends and followers, through continuous exchanges of messages. In short, the activities you can do are different and none of these guarantee you a lot of privacy. It is certainly not a surprise: Instagram is a social network designed, created and constantly implemented with a single purpose, namely sharing, and it is obvious that in these cases confidentiality takes a back seat. However, there are some tricks to have a little more privacy.

It might seem counterintuitive to try to protect your privacy on Instagram, but if you are here it means that you feel the need. Whatever the reason for your decision, you’ve come to the right place. What you can do to have more control over Instagram is to prevent other users from noticing that you have seen their story or a DM they have sent you. If you don’t know how to remove the view from Instagram , don’t worry: I’ll take care of explaining it to you, through this guide.


How the visualization notifications work on Instagram

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The visualization notifications inform you about who has viewed of a certain content that you have published (in this case the stories) or sent (ie private messages). It is not possible to find out – at least for the moment, but who knows if things will change in the future – who has seen a post (be it a video or a photo), an IGTV content or a Reel. However, indirectly, other elements on Instagram could also be tracked (for example, comments to posts, reactions to stories or swipe up links).

What I just explained to you about notifications from visualization is obviously also valid “in reverse”: other users can in fact know if you have seen their story or their message, or not. And this is exactly what you would like to avoid, perhaps to feel free not to reply immediately to a friend who has written to you or to sift through the stories of a person with whom you are not on good terms without any worries.

To luckily, this is not an unsolvable question. Conversely, there are several ways to get rid of Instagram view notifications. Now let’s try to find out together how to do it, case by case.

Is it possible to deactivate the display notifications on Instagram?

As I mentioned earlier , the answer to this question is yes . To be precise, however, there is no direct option to do this. What does it mean? It means that, unfortunately, there is no button in the Instagram settings to activate / deactivate display notifications. In fact, we must not confuse the display notification with the option that allows you to remove Instagram’s online status: that’s a different thing.

However, there are some “tricks” to prevent other users from seeing your profile name when looking at the statistics of their content. Through some tricks – which I will now show you in detail -, you can use Instagram incognito .

Anonymous viewing of Instagram messages

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It will surely have happened to you, at least once since you have used Instagram, to receive a message from an unwelcome person, and to have no desire to reply. Yet, the curiosity remains: you would still like to read the DM, but without being discovered .

Well, to read Instagram Direct Messages without letting the sender know, there are several methods. Let’s see what they are together.

Read the message from the notification

First, you can read the message directly from the chat notification, without opening it . If the DM is long and does not enter the preview in full, you can expand it and view it in its entirety. Until you enter the chat, the person who wrote you will not know that you have already read.

Of course, in order to take advantage of this trick, you must activate the previews of Instagram notifications ( after the screen is unlocked, otherwise anyone holding your mobile could spy on your Instagram activities). You can do this from the system settings of your smartphone (or tablet). Once this is done, remember: every time you receive a DM, you will have to see it through the iOS or Android Notification Center (at least until you want to reply); you can expand the notification by swiping down (to see a longer piece of text).

However, I specify that with this method it will not be possible view shared images, videos, stories or other multimedia content, or even listen to voice notes. Only view text messages.

Read message without connection

Another little secret to secretly reading an Instagram message is turn off the internet before viewing it (Wi-Fi and cellular data). In this case, you have two options, equally effective:

  • After receiving the message, and without touching the relevant notification, go to Direct Messages, tapping on the paper airplane (top right) or swiping left (anywhere on the screen). Then he disconnects the Wi-Fi and the data network to read – undisturbed – the message. Wait, however, since it’s not over yet: while you are disconnected from the internet, to prevent Instagram from tracking your view, you will have to logout from your IG profile (don’t worry, the data of it will remain saved on the cloud network). Once this is done, you can safely reactivate the connection and enter Instagram again;
  • After receiving a DM, go to the screen dedicated to Instagram chats, then deactivate the internet. View the message and then, instead of exiting, close the application (but be careful: it’s not enough to exit, you just have to “kill it”). If you choose to take advantage of this alternative, the DM will remain “ unread, delivered ” until you enter – again – on Instagram.

Read the message via third-party app

Maybe you don’t know, but if you use an Android smartphone, you have a very simple solution to read the DM received on Instagram without doing it know to the sender. In fact, on the Google Play Store you can download Unseen, which clones messages received on various messaging apps (do you remember when I recommended it to clone WhatsApp messages or to see Messenger messages anonymously?), thus allowing you to read them “secretly”.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, Instagram DM support on Unseen is only available for the Android operating system. Using iOS, therefore, this application will be useful exclusively for Messenger and WhatsApp. Surely it is only a matter of time; while you wait, however, you can always use the procedures suggested above.

Hide activities in Instagram DMs

Make invisible your activities in the Instagram DMs is ideal if, in general, you want a little more privacy. It is obvious that this social network, like all the others, is based on the opposite concept of privacy, but this does not mean that we may wish to scroll peacefully between posts and stories without always letting all the people who follow us know.

By hiding activities in Direct Messages, your followers will not know when you are online , nor will they be able to see the day, date or time of your last login. In this way, you can continue to use the app undisturbed, even if you have received a message and do not wish to reply. In fact, if you do not open a DM but are connected to Instagram (at this moment or after receiving the message), then the sender will understand that you do not want to reply to him. Better to avoid, right?

To find out how to put into practice what I just told you, you can consult the guide in which I explain how to be invisible in Instagram Direct Messages.

If it’s a message request on Instagram

All the suggestions I’ve given you so far may not help you in case the DM you’re ignoring is a request . On Instagram, in fact, if someone tries to contact you for the first time, you can read their message, then decide whether to accept or reject their request. All this will happen without the other person noticing anything ; obviously, when you accept the message, it will be announced that you have viewed it.

If you want to understand more about it, read how message requests work on Instagram.

Anonymous viewing of Instagram stories

In addition to messages, another content that you often wanted to see anonymously is stories . You always thought it wasn’t possible, but there is a way, and there is.

To view timed content posted by others without having your name appear in the order of the stories, you can use different tricks: you can use the airplane mode or take advantage of sites or browser extensions to navigate not logged in, or save the stories as videos, and then watch them in secret and even after their expiration; if you want to know all the options available to you, I suggest you to retrieve a guide that I published some time ago, in which I explained how to see Instagram stories without being seen.

Anonymous viewing of other Instagram contents

At the beginning of this guide, I explained to you that some elements on Instagram – such as external links – could be tracked using third party software or apps. This means that, albeit indirectly, your online privacy still risks being lost, even in cases like these.

If you want to stay protected, you should avoid following these links., at least when you use the Instagram application on iOS or Android. You can open them instead using Instagram Web , or from a browser, after installing a special extension that blocks cookies or trackers. You can use Safari on any Mac, as well as the incognito mode of Chrome or Firefox (after setting up a restricted privacy, these browsers automatically protect against invasive or tracking elements). Alternatively, you can use Chrome and install an anti-tracker like Ghostery , from this address of the Chrome Web Store.

You will be able to protect your privacy, but be careful: depending on the settings configured (on the extension), you may not be able to fully use the social network (that is, some functions may be limited / prevented).

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