How to report an Instagram account

How to report an Instagram account

Social networks like Instagram allow us to interact with many people, including friends and friends who live hundreds of miles away. Sometimes, however, the content we publish can make us the object of unpleasant attention, even from strangers. If something similar happened to you, you may have decided not to allow that profile to access what you post anymore. After all, you can always choose who is part of your circle, online or offline. We must also consider the fact that on all social networks there are many fake profiles, as well as the possibility that an account will be hacked, for many reasons.

The Web, in fact, is a place as beautiful as it is dangerous. , in which crimes are repeatedly committed, such as scams with the aim of obtaining personal data, for the purpose of blackmail, but also for money. Knowing how to identify spam and inappropriate content, therefore, allows you to defend yourself, and the social networks themselves give users the opportunity to report incorrect behavior that occurs through these platforms. It is useful to block an Instagram profile because it is too intrusive, both through the continuous views of the stories, and through comments and DM (Direct Message). In this case, the person would easily understand that she was blocked on IG, but she might just keep mentioning you, instead failing to reach you in other ways, at least on that channel. However, if you believe that the behavior of one of your followers or a profile you come across is particularly harmful and inappropriate, you have another possibility before you, that is to report an Instagram account. In this tutorial, I will explain how to do this both from a mobile device and from the web. Remember, however, that the guide is written for information only. That is to say that I will not be held responsible for any misconduct caused by applying it.


What happens if I report an Instagram account

come segnalare un account Instagram

Before moving on to the few and simple steps of the procedure, it is important to remember that you can report any Instagram account , both those that have the privacy set on “Public” and “Private”, and of course, both personal and corporate profiles, and creator. Obviously, this also applies to the Instagram Pages.

Following the report, Instagram will decide if and how to intervene , and for the reported account there may be any technical consequences. There is no secure information to this effect, but it is more likely that a large number of reports from the same account will be taken into greater consideration than that of a single user, and in the former case, the intervention by the platform could be more fast.

Why report an Instagram account

segnalare un account Instagram concetto di allarme

In the feed of Instagram posts, and sometimes even in that of stories, you can happen to come across a profile that uses stolen content : unfortunately there are many people who steal images, videos and other copyrighted materials, who republish them as their own. Of course, it often happens to more or less prominent characters, but not only. Such a discovery could (or should) prompt you to report the responsible account to Instagram.

This motivation is not the only one, however, but we also find :

  • Phishing (read this in-depth article on Wikipedia Italy to learn more): if you believe you are the victim of a theft of sensitive data (or attempt to) through Instagram or by e-mail, you should report the account. Unfortunately, in fact, it is very easy for hackers to access a personal profile on this social network, especially if the right security measures have not been activated (which I will talk about in the next paragraphs);
  • Fake news : it may happen that a profile you follow repeatedly spreads untrue news;
  • Spam and inappropriate content ;
  • Fake sales : many accounts have the sole purpose of attracting followers into real virtual traps (to steal data or money) by promoting objects and services that, in reality , turn out to be non-existent;
  • Harassment : unfortunately, social networks are a place where not everyone has good intentions, and for this reason, it can happen to be bothered, with episodes that can cease in a short time or even lead to cyberbullying.

Among the most serious cases that I can finally, there are:

  • Identity theft ;
  • Hacking a profile;
  • Posting spam ;
  • Posting inappropriate material , which goes against the guidelines of the Instagram community (such as eg. objectionable content that displays nudity or pornography, incites hatred, violence, threatens someone or something, promotes the sale of weapons, drugs or unwanted behavior, violates intellectual property, disseminates false information, etc).
  • Is reporting an Instagram profile anonymous?

    Probably, before proceeding to report an Instagram profile, you will wonder if this action is anonymous or if the user has a way of knowing that it was you who did it. The answer is yes , the report is anonymous: Instagram will not communicate the profile from which it came to the subject that was reported, but some things must be taken into consideration.

    If to For example, stop following someone on Instagram and at the same time report it to them and / or communicate, or in any case this person notices it, they could guess that the report originated from you. In any case, it is better not to get carried away and to think calmly, carefully analyzing the profile you want to report, before doing so.

    Look for confirmations or evidence of what you have assumed, do not report someone solely out of dislike or unfounded reasons, because this behavior would contribute to worsening the Web, rather than improving it, as well as defaming someone and lowering the reputation of the your Instagram profile. In case you have any doubts about the reliability of an account, my tutorial on how to discover a fake profile on Instagram could be useful.

    However, it is the same social network that reminds you of the importance of the action of each user, through the rules they have established (you can consult them by following the link I inserted in the previous chapter). If you are sure that a content violates it (for various reasons, as we have seen), you can use the “Report” function.

    Following the notification (of a content or the entire profile), as mentioned above, Instagram will take some time to evaluate the case (there is no way to know how much) and will anonymously warn the user, blocking or hiding the posts or profile. Finally, the social network team will decide what to do, based on the seriousness of the situation: they could unblock the post or profile after a certain (indefinite) period, or delete them permanently.

    How to report someone else’s Instagram account

    After making the necessary checks, are you convinced that an Instagram profile is violating policies or, worse, we have committed actions that could also be illegal? Then proceed to report the person, page or organization on Instagram.

    iOS or Android

    segnalare un account Instagram opzione Segnala app

    Using iPhone , iPad , Android smartphone or tablet, first, open the Instagram application and log in to the social network with your credentials, if you have not already done so.

    Now, search for the account you want to report and connect to his profile . At the top right, you will find three dots , which you will need to select to open a menu with various items, including Report . By choosing the latter, you will see two options:

    • It’s spam “: the account will be reported and you will see a message in which Instagram reminds you that, following the report, the profile was also blocked automatically (therefore, it will not be able to search for you or see your content);
    • It is inappropriate ”: by selecting this option, two more will appear, namely“ Report post, message or comment ”and“ Report account ”. Choose the item you are interested in and wait for the confirmation message from Instagram.

    Instagram Web

    segnalare un account Instagram opzione Segnala utente PC

    You can also report an IG account from your computer, using the Web version of the social network. Proceed by following these steps:

  1. Connect to and log in to the social network with username and password;
  2. Search the account to report, go to its dashboard and click on the three dots (top right, near the image and to the profile name) and choose the option Report user (red);

  3. At this point, you will see the window “ Why are you reporting this account? ”, and you can proceed by following the same instructions I gave you for the mobile version.

How to report your stolen Instagram account

One of the reasons you might want to report a user on Instagram is that you discovered that hacked your account . In fact, it could happen that an attacker gets into possession of your password to spy on you on Instagram and / or interact on your behalf with other people.

An unusual Instagram login activity, for example, could warn you about this possibility, but there are also other operations you can do: the tutorial on how to find out if you have been hacked on Instagram could be useful in this regard. In the guide, you will also find useful information to contact the support team of the platform.

Report an inactive Instagram profile

A inactive profile could arouse suspicion and be confused with an account to report. The main features are, in general, the following:

  • Few followers;
  • Few sporadic or absent interactions and publications;
  • No biography;
  • Profile image not loaded or abstract;
  • Etc.

Indeed, it may be unusual to be contacted by these profiles via Direct message requests. However, before reporting an inactive profile, keep an eye on it for a while and make sure your doubts are well founded. In fact, it is not certain that it is a false profile or in any case an attacker.

Alternatives to reporting an IG profile

It is important to behave in a manner responsible when you are online, or making the right choices. One piece of advice I would like to give you is to pay close attention to access management : if you do not want your Instagram account to be stolen, for example, you could control access by activating 2FA on Instagram.

In addition to this, I remind you that it is possible to limit an account on Instagram , that is, apply restrictions to a particular account. You could use this action if you want the profile to continue following you, but don’t want it to interact with what you post at the same time (although your content remains available on its feed).

As another choice, you could also mute Instagram posts published by a particular user, as well as activate silent mode for IG stories that you don’t care.

In short, before making a report on Instagram, or to prevent it (in case of a stolen profile), you have several features that could help you.

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