How to schedule Instagram posts

How to schedule Instagram posts

Programming an Instagram post is one of the most comfortable actions for those who use this social network intensively. For both private and professional use, having the ability to decide when to publish posts without having to log in every time, is really convenient.

Fortunately, there are services that allow you to upload images and videos in advance on a private cloud network, and then choose when to publish such content on social media. This is very different from what happens with the official application, with which – for now – you can only save a draft, and then publish it at a later time. So let’s see what these services are and how they are used.


What does it mean to schedule an Instagram post

come programmare post Instagram statistiche

If you are unfamiliar with this purely technical language, it is good to clarify. Schedulare is in fact an Italianization of the English verb to schedule , which means nothing more than to schedule (intended as publication at a certain time of day). Scheduling an Instagram post therefore assumes the meaning of planning the loading of content based on a “roadmap”.

Scheduling Instagram posts acquires almost crucial importance, especially if inserted as an action within of a social growth plan. In this case, in fact, by carefully choosing the moment in which you upload a post, you could significantly expand the audience of followers, with excellent results also in terms of engagement. Before doing this, however, it is necessary to understand what are the best times to post content in the social network timeline.

Best times to schedule Instagram posts

come programmare post Instagram orari

As I just mentioned, in order to carry out a winning strategy, it is necessary to establish a roadmap to be followed carefully. To many users, this may seem unnecessary when dealing with a personal profile. In reality, if your goal is the growth of likes, followers and comments, you shouldn’t underestimate the passage I’m about to show you.

Even if there are no general rules to respect, the best Schedules for scheduling Instagram posts are strictly dependent on the behavior of your audience. Of course, uploading photos in the middle of the night, especially if you have an account that is still under-followed, will almost certainly bring poor results. But this does not mean that there are necessarily set times to upload your content.

To better understand this mechanism, first of all, I recommend that you activate the company account . Thanks to it, you will be able to access many really interesting statistics , which will show you the progress of your account over time. To do this, just follow this guide, I assure you that it will not take you more than a couple of minutes.

Now, open Instagram and go to the page dedicated to your Profile . Here, once you open the menu via the three lines at the top right, you will notice the appearance of the Statistical data item. By tapping on this new option, you will have access to a new screen with all the data relating to your account.

To find the best times to post on Instagram, you will have to press on the Public tab > and then scroll down, until you meet the Follower item. Here, you will have the possibility to check in a very simple and fast way which are the time slots in which your followers are most active.

This means that scheduling Instagram posts during peaks will lead to better results than less “crowded” times.

App for scheduling Instagram posts

Now that I’ve talked to you more about what scheduling Instagram posts means, it’s time to see together what are the tools most used by influencers and social professionals to accomplish this.

In the next paragraphs, in fact, I will show you the best apps for scheduling Instagram posts among those currently available. Are you ready to start this journey? So come on, let’s get started.


come programmare post Instagram Hootsuite

Hootsuite is one of the most used applications by social networks media managers from all over the world to schedule Instagram posts and more. In fact, this service offers the possibility to control all the social networks currently present in the web landscape, including Facebook and Twitter.

Of all the services that I will show you today, this is perhaps the most suitable for professional use , even without having to spend a lot. The basic plan of Hootsuite costs € 25.00 per month and allows you to access all the features of the suite. Among these, in addition to automatic post scheduling, you can also consult performance metrics and promote your posts.

The only flaw I can recognize in this service is a (sometimes) confusing interface . After some practice, however, I guarantee that you will be able to manage your social channels in the best way.

If you want to use Hootsuite to schedule Instagram posts, just go to the official website and subscribe to the service. For new users, there is a 30-day free trial to familiarize yourself with the service. In addition, in order not to miss anything, you can download the applications for Android (link) and iOS (link) directly from their respective stores.


come programmare post Instagram Later

Later is another excellent application for scheduling Instagram posts, which is also often used by those who have done their main job on social networks. Slightly younger than Hootsuite, Later is perhaps more intuitive from a graphical point of view, without sacrificing the amount of functions available.

In addition to Instagram, with Later you can also control Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest , uploading photos and videos and viewing the results obtained. The special feature of this service is that it offers its users a free plan to schedule up to 30 Instagram posts per month . This is usually more than enough content for an average user.

Alternatively, you can choose to purchase a paid plan, with prices starting at $ 9.00 per month up to a maximum of $ 49.00 for the most complete plan.

To use Later, all you have to do is go to the official website, register an account and choose the plan that best suits your needs. Later, to schedule Instagram posts also from smartphones, you can download the application available for both Android (link) and iOS (link).


come programmare post Instagram Sendible

Are you looking for a service to schedule Instagram posts in a more professional way and also suitable for team work? Then you should definitely take a look at Sendible, a more recent application than those seen so far, but no less performing. In fact, it is a truly complete tool, which allows those who use it to better control all the social profiles at their disposal.

With Sendible, in fact, you can control, in addition to the more classic social networks, the popular blogging platforms, such as WordPress and Blogger. Subscriptions for this application start this time at € 24.00 per month , allowing one user to control up to 12 services at the same time .

To work in a team , however, you will need to purchase at least the Traction plan , available at € 94.00 per month and with 3 user slots available.

In any case, whatever subscription you intend to subscribe, you can take advantage of a free 30-day trial . Find all the information on the official website. As for the other alternatives, Sendible offers its customers applications for Android (link) and iOS (link).


come programmare post Instagram Buffer

In case you are looking for a solution to schedule Instagram posts a little “out of the box”, Buffer could be the most suitable tool for you.

In this case, you will be dealing with a service that relies heavily on its graphical interface, which is really well done and colorful. Furthermore, among the alternatives that Buffer offers you, you can analyze the data related to your posts and thus improve your performance over time.

The Buffer basic plan has a cost of $ 15.00 per month , a price that you can reduce by 20% by choosing to subscribe to an annual subscription . This package gives you 8 accounts and the ability to schedule up to 100 Instagram posts per profile .

Alternatively, the Premium and Business plans , which have a cost of $ 65.00 and $ 99.00 per month respectively , more suitable for those who carry out this activity as a job.

To subscribe to Buffer, all you need to do is visit the official website and press the Get started now button, also having a free trial period . Once you are familiar with the service, you can schedule Instagram posts directly from your smartphone, by downloading the application for Android (link) or iOS (link).


come programmare post Instagram Shorby

An excellent service to better manage Instagram, is definitely Shorby . This tool allows you to insert a sort of personalized home within your profile, where you can insert external links to your Facebook page or website. This is certainly not the first service of this type, but Shorby also focuses on the interface, very colorful and easily customizable.

To use this tool with Instagram, you will need to register by entering your email address in the home page and then pressing the Get Started button. Once your account is confirmed, you can insert a link in your profile to all the content you want. A bit like it also happens with Linktree , of which you can find details at this address.

The cheapest plan of Shorby allows you to check up to 3 links for the Instagram Bio , with an unlimited number of clicks and links. At the moment, there is still no app for Android or iOS and it is not clear if this feature will be implemented in the near future.


come programmare post Instagram Iconosquare

Another great alternative for scheduling Instagram posts is Iconosquare , a well-known service used especially in countries outside Italy. This service allows you to check your profile by following even the smallest details, thanks to the ability to monitor post performance and user engagement.

Unfortunately, Iconosquare is not the cheapest service of this type. among those on the market. The basic profile in fact, called Pro , costs € 39.00 per month and allows you to control up to 3 profiles with 2 user slots . In any case, before deciding whether to subscribe, you will have the opportunity to try the service for free for 14 days .

Once you reach the Iconosquare homepage, just press the Start 14-Day Free Trial button and enter your details to register. If you prefer, know that you could also use this solution from smartphones, thanks to the applications for Android (link) and iOS (link).

Sked Social – ex Schedugram

come programmare post Instagram Sked Social

After being at the top of this sector, Schedugram has decided to completely renew itself, changing its name to Sked Social and radically changing both the graphical interface and the functions available to users. Thanks to this service, in fact, in addition to being able to schedule Instagram posts, you can follow your account in detail in every step.

Among the services integrated in Sked Social, in fact, there is also a photo editing tool and a series of templates really very useful, which easily adapt to any environment. The package also contains a tool similar to Shorby, which allows you to insert in the Instagram profile a link to a much more articulated Bio .

The prices of Sked Social start at € 22.00 per month and provide you with the possibility of using 1 Instagram account and 2 Facebook and Twitter profiles .

To register, even in this case, just visit the official page and click on Start your free trial . For new users, a 7-day free trial period is also available. Recently, applications for Android (link) and iOS (link) are also available, which will allow you to control your profiles directly from your smartphone.

Hopper HQ

come programmare post Instagram Hopper HQ

The latest application to schedule Instagram posts that I want to introduce you today is called Hopper HQ . It is a valid alternative, cheaper than other services of the same type and also easy to use. With Hopper HQ, in fact, you can control Instagram, Facebook and Twitter by organizing the publication of posts in an intuitive way.

With a basic account , the price of which is 19 , 00 $ per month , you can check a profile for each social network by creating a post calendar. If the number of accounts made available is not enough for your business, you could choose, using the integrated calculator , the solution that suits you best. Five profiles , for a total of 15 accounts , cost $ 95.00 per month .

Before purchasing any of the paid plans, you can still try Hopper HQ for free for 15 days and find out if it is the best service for your purposes. To do this, just go to the official page, fill in the fields on the screen and press the Get started button. As for the mobile part, Hopper HQ is currently available as an app only for iOS (link).

Schedule posts with Instagram Business

come programmare post Instagram orari0

As I have already shown you at the beginning of this guide, the company-type Instagram profile, also called Instagram Business , integrates a series of tools that are very important to grow your account or page. This type of Instagram profile can be activated by any user, even if specifically designed for companies that intend to increase their visibility with social networks.

Thanks to an Instagram Business account, you can view in time real metrics related to your account. This means that, at all times, you will have at your disposal all the data on the interactions that take place with your profile.

Furthermore, precisely because it is aimed at companies, in the business account you can add the opening and closing times, the phone number and the location on the map.

When it comes to scheduling posts with Instagram Business, however, it must be said that this feature is limited to paid listings . For organic posts, you will in any case need to use one of the alternatives I have given you so far. Also, if you want more information on Instagram Business, I suggest you take a look at the official website.

Schedule Instagram posts from Facebook

come programmare post Instagram orari1

If you use social networks a lot, chances are you want to know how to schedule Instagram posts from Facebook. In fact, this would be a very convenient solution, which would allow you to check two social networks in one go and organize your profiles in the best possible way.

This is a function that, at the moment, is not yet available. However, in everyday practice, you may be able to publish Facebook posts on Instagram using a little trick.

First, log in to your Facebook profile (preferably a page). Then, through the Settings , click on the Instagram item (on the left). Then, connect your account by entering your credentials and confirming.

Now, go back to the home of your page or profile and start writing the post . Once completed, at the bottom, you will find a small section, where you will be allowed to check the item Post on Instagram . But be careful, you can only take this opportunity by publishing the post immediately . In case of programming, however, this operation will not be possible.

If you do not find the item “Post to Instagram” , don’t be scared. It seems that this feature has not been introduced permanently on Facebook, but that it is still in Beta. Often, in fact, I happen to be able to use the function and the next day I no longer have it among those available.

Program Instagram posts from iPhone

come programmare post Instagram orari2

If you’re planning on scheduling Instagram posts from iPhone , this is a really good idea. Most users use this social network exclusively from mobile and using a smartphone for this task will allow you to optimize spaces and post formatting.

Among the apps I have recommended so far, the best they are definitely Hootsuite e Sendible . They are optimized for smartphone use and have many features available.

Program Instagram posts from Android

come programmare post Instagram orari3

Similarly , you can schedule Instagram posts from Android with the same simplicity that distinguishes iOS. In fact, in recent years, the integration of these services with the Google operating system has greatly improved, bringing significant benefits to users who use them.

If you intend to follow this path, I absolutely recommend that you try Buffer , perfect for mobile use and complete with all the functions you may need. Alternatively, you can choose to use Later , more staid, but still a great alternative.

Instagram post scheduling doesn’t it works

come programmare post Instagram orari4

I’m going to conclude this guide on how to schedule Instagram posts by analyzing the most common problems that users encounter when trying to use one of the applications I have included in this article.

When scheduling Instagram posts doesn’t work , in fact, it is a particularly annoying situation, given that you are paying for a service that you cannot use. So let’s see what are the circumstances of this type that occur most frequently.

Synchronization account

When you use apps to schedule Instagram posts, you must always remember that these are third-party solutions , not directly integrated with the social network. Sometimes, in fact, it may happen that you cannot publish posts because the synchronization has skipped.

In this case, I recommend that you disconnect your Instagram account from the application and log in again.

Down of service

Again for the same reason, it may happen that the service you have chosen, due to an update of the Instagram servers, is no longer able to address your requests in the right way.

In this situation, at least in most cases, on the bulletin board you will find a message warning you of the outage . You can not help but wait for the problem to be solved or at least contact the assistance service. In the meantime, you could check if Instagram is down.


It may seem really trivial but, sometimes, the renewal of the ‘subscription is not managed automatically. This means that once the period covered by the plan you purchased is over, if you don’t renew your subscription manually, the service will stop working.

Usually, you can check the term of your Instagram plan on the page dedicated to your profile. If it is available, however, I suggest you activate the automatic renewal of the service, in order to avoid problems of this type.

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