How to search for filters on Instagram

How to search for filters on Instagram

One of the most interesting functions of Instagram are the photographic filters and special effects that can be applied to each post or story, so as to make spectacular every moment you decide to share with their followers. You have learned about these lenses but, despite the efforts and numerous searches done on the Web, you have not been able to understand how to search for filters on Instagram , much less how to use them to embellish your photos, stories or direct .

You were probably looking the wrong way until you got down here. In this guide, in fact, you will find all the information to find the most famous Instagram filters, as well as the steps to find those present on the photos or stories published by other users.


What are Instagram filters and how do they work

come cercare i filtri su Instagram

Instagram filters are multimedia effects that are applied (using the use of various technologies) to photos, videos or audio / video signals in real time (in case of live broadcast). Thanks to them it is possible to modify colors, shades, contrasts and saturations of images and frames, as well as add 3D elements, augmented reality masks and modify the objects and / or subjects that are captured.

These lenses are rendered available from both Instagram developers (as far as predefined filters are concerned) and independent developers. Precisely for this reason, it is possible to find an almost indefinite number of filters on Instagram.

AR effects and masks are saved on Instagram servers and can only be applied using the application’s features. In this way, the right credit is also given to the developer, who obviously owns the rights to the lens he designed, despite having agreed to make it available to other users who use Instagram.

Types of Instagram effects

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There are these types of lenses on Instagram:

  • Filters for post ;
  • Filters for stories;
  • Filters for live .

With Instagram, therefore, each element you share can be enhanced with a 3D effect, an AR mask or one of the other available filters.

Some of these elements can be searched for in the application in in a specific and personalized manner, as well as using hashtags. That’s why you need to make this distinction.

Search for all Instagram effects

In the following paragraphs, I’ll explain how to find all Instagram filters , dividing the procedures by type of content (among those mentioned above). After that, I’ll dig into the filter search for IG Stories.

Live Direct

come cercare i filtri su Instagram diretta

For live direct , Instagram provides facial filters , ie AR masks, composed of 3D objects and effects to change the face. These are applicable in real time, so you can use them for the duration of the broadcast.

If you want to search these filters, you must open the app and swipe from the left edge towards the center, to open the camera section. From there, swipe your finger to select the various modes registration, until you find and choose Live . At that point, scroll through the filters category, in order to choose one before starting the stream.

The filter will be applied immediately to the live , which you can start at any time by pressing on the chosen filter (which will appear at the bottom, instead of the classic “Rec” button).


come cercare i filtri su Instagram post

To add filters on Instagram when sharing a post , open the social app, press the + button > (in the bottom bar) and take the photo to use (you can also open the gallery or select a video, by scrolling through the available modes below). As soon as the content is ready, scroll through the filters available, immediately below the preview.

Apply the one you think is most suitable, in order to improve the photo or video. Then, press Next to choose the latest details before publishing.

Instagram Stories

come cercare i filtri su Instagram stories

Even in Instagram Stories you can apply filters and effects, as well as special modes. Actually, this is where 3D masks are used most often.

To find these effects, open the Instagram app on your Android smartphone / tablet or your iPhone / iPad, and then press the Your Story button (top left). Now, use the same photographic section seen for the live broadcasts, selecting one of the Normal , Boomerang or Without holding modes.

Swipe on the filter or 3D mask you want to apply. You can do it by swiping your finger on the capture or record button, from right to left. In case you want to learn more about it, keep reading.

Advanced search for hidden filters for Instagram Stories

Can’t find the right filter for your story or your live stream? In this chapter, I’ll show you how to search for new Instagram filters via advanced search . In addition, I will explain how to identify them based on an interactive word (called hashtag) or by consulting the profile of a creator or that of a follower.

Searchable filters in Instagram Stories

come cercare i filtri su Instagram Galleria degli effetti

In addition to the lenses proposed in the camera, you can find many others in a special section of the app .

Back in the camera , then start scroll the lenses as I described above, from right to left. Go all the way to find the magnifying glass icon , which corresponds to the Search for effects option.

A new screen, where you can choose from the numerous effects , created by the developers of the social network and even by other users. Among the prominent categories , you will find:

  • Instagram: these are the only filters designed, developed and published by IG;
  • Selfie;
  • Love;
  • Color and light;
  • Camera styles;
  • Moods;
  • Fun ;
  • Surroundings;
  • Animals;
  • Science fiction and fantasy;
  • Strange and scary;
  • Events;
  • Fan;
  • Cause.

Next to Effects Gallery , you will find another icon with magnifying glass . By tapping on it, you can search for a filter by theme, lens name or creator name.

In the search results, Creators will be divided by Camera Effects . By making a tap on the creator , you will be able to access his profile , as well as view all the effects he has published. While tapping an effect , you will be able to preview it. If you like, you could save the Instagram filter, to have it immediately available in the camera.

There are a lot of effects on Instagram. My advice is to search for them based on a keyword .

Among the trending filters on Instagram , at the time of writing, there are:

  • Filters of the world Disney;
  • Filters related to fashion : Gucci, Luis Vitton (LV ), etc .;
  • random filters: which show images at high speed and are interactive , i.e. they start after a tap on the preview image. Once this is done, the random calculation will begin, which will choose an element from those available within a few seconds (e.g. a character from a manga, choosing it among the various protagonists);
  • Filters quiz : these are also interactive and work about the same way as the random ones. These are always predefined surveys, which do not involve interaction with followers, i.e. they are not like IG stickers for questions;
  • big lips filter: it is a lens that magnifies the parts of the face, specifically the lips of the mouth, making them look “remade” (“plastic surgery” effect);
  • Personalized filters: are the AR effects created by various independent developers and can include all the aforementioned categories. You too, if you like, could create your own custom IG filter.

There are clearly other types of filters as well. However, to “stay ahead”, just check out the Explore section, to see the various popular filters used by successful creators.

Among the best known developers in this area, there is undoubtedly Nahir Esper , which offers hundreds of custom filters. By following the profile, you should unblock others (this, at least, is what was written in his Bio, but I can not guarantee that this is actually the case).

Search by hashtag

come cercare i filtri su Instagram per hashtag

In addition to the search engine for filters in the photo section, you can also search for new ones using the search form of the social network, specifically the search by hashtag .

To proceed, open the app and tap the magnifying glass . Then, select the Search option and move to the Hashtag.

section Now, search for hashtags like these:

  • #facefilter
  • #filters
  • #filters
  • #effects
  • #effects
  • #instafilter
  • #filterselfie
  • #filtered
  • #sparkar
  • You will be able to identify new filters to use in the stories. To add , you will need to tap one, to view the content posted. After that, select the stylized man icon (if present, bottom left), so as to see any apps or tagged pages, related to the effect applied (see also the description of the post). In the stories , on the other hand, tap the tag or the hashtag related to the effect, if any.

    Search by follower or follow

    come cercare i filtri su Instagram esempio profilo Nahir Esper

    If you remember the name of the follower or the person followed who posted the story with the effect you like, you can find the filter very easily.

    First, search the user or the Page and connect to the profile . So, find the story (among those in evidence or posted within 24 hours). While viewing the story, tap the tag or the hashtag related to the filter (usually placed there). Then, search for it in the Effects Gallery and install it on your camera.

    Obviously, the story must be public and must not have been removed . Also, the filter in question must have been shared as a public on Instagram , otherwise you won’t be able to add it. If eg. the AR mask was mounted in a video before it was uploaded to Instagram, you would not be able to use the effect. This, unless the creator tells you how he did it or what software / app he used.

    It should be noted that, if the follower or the Page / person followed coincides with the developer of the filter , the Custom Effects Gallery may be present on the profile board. Just enter it and then view, try and if necessary install the lens (see the example image).

    Find Instagram custom filters

    If you have If you’ve seen only a glimpse of a custom filter you’d like to use, you have several possibilities to locate it.

    Specifically, you could:

    • Look for the name of the user or page that posted it : if the lens were developed from this profile, the filter icon would appear on its dashboard, next to the post gallery and IGTV icons. Otherwise, you could touch the content and, immediately after, the filter tag , so as to view it and then search for it in the appropriate section;
    • Search for the filter directly : if you remember the name, look for the filter in the Effects Gallery, as I showed you earlier;
    • Search for your AR filter : to use an AR filter that you have uploaded, open the camera. You will find it by moving, from left to right, among the saved ones. Alternatively, go to the gallery of published posts and move to your filters section;
    • Contact the user or the Page : use Direct to quote the content (eg. the story) with the filter used and ask for clarification (useful option if you do not find references regarding the name of the lens).

    Find the filters used by other Instagram users

    If they are filters shared by friends or Pages in stories or live , you can locate them in the same way of the search for personalized IG effects.

    As for the posts , however, there is this possibility. You will therefore have to ask for explanations from the creator of the same. That is, unless is an Instagram default filter, which you may find by simply starting the creation of a new post and scrolling through the available effects when they appear.

    I can’t find an Instagram filter

    Can’t find the filter you like? It probably means that this effect was applied using third party programs or apps , which have proprietary AR masks and 3D effects. If so, the only solution would be to ask the creator related information.

    Instead, if the Instagram filter search doesn’t work , try to do this:

    • Restart the phone : this should be enough to solve most problems with the app;
    • Make sure to be connected to the Internet (via Wi-Fi or cellular data): without connection, you cannot search and / or add filters;
    • Update the Instagram app : your version is probably not compatible with that of the user who shared that particular effect;
    • Reinstall the app : to fix any cache-related issues;
    • Try with another phone or account : if you can’t solve on your phone, try to search for filters on Instagram with a friend’s mobile / tablet, using another if possible account.

    S and these suggestions did not help you, it may be that you have an account problem, called shadowban . Read the guide to the action blocked on Instagram for more information.

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