How to see Direct Instagram from your computer

How to see Direct Instagram from your computer

Piece by piece, Instagram is integrating on its web platform all the features present within its app for Android and iOS. If you have already used Instagram Web to see Stories from a PC, for example, you will have noticed that the icon in the shape of a paper airplane is missing to access Direct. The reason is obvious: the Instagram chat is not yet officially accessible from the web, regardless of the operating system you are using. This, however, does not mean that you cannot see Direct Instagram from your computer . In fact, it’s simpler than you might think.

If you’ve come here with the intention of finding out how you can use Instagram chat on Windows, macOS or Linux, you’ve come to the right place . I often have to access IG without my phone and, for this reason, I had to find some ways to make up for the lack of Direct on the browser. Having succeeded, I have decided to share these tricks with you. Putting them into practice, when you are in front of your computer screen to work, you can check your account and chat with your Instagram followers without too much effort.


Is it possible to see Instagram Direct from PC?

come vedere i Direct Instagram dal computer

Even if everyone has always told you that the browser version of Instagram does not integrate chats on mobile or tablet, after reading the title of my tutorial, you may have changed your mind. I tell you right away, as you may have understood, that this possibility is absolutely feasible, and the reason is easily explained: as with almost all messaging applications, in fact, including WhatsApp and Telegram, the conversations you exchange with your contacts do not remain. inside your smartphone, but they are stored on a remote server .

This means that, before reaching the interlocutors, the messages pass through the cloud and are stored there until they are deleted. It is precisely for this reason, then, that you can see Instagram Direct messages from your PC. Yes, although this feature is not officially available.

Don’t worry about that, because my job will be to explain to you how to achieve your goal in the simplest way possible.

Limitations of Direct chats on PC

Before showing you in detail how to activate and view Instagram Direct chats on PC, it is good to first understand what the differences will be than the version for iOS or Android. As you can guess, using an unofficial function can sometimes lead to limitations. Although these may be of little consequence, it is a good idea to investigate.

The first point to pay attention to is the one related to the use of third-party software . The reason why Instagram has not yet made Direct from the PC available is not clear, since the implementation in the browser version could be relatively simple. For the moment, we can attribute this choice only to the will of the development team, which wants to keep (at least in this juncture) the attention on the app for smartphones and tablets.

In any case, using desktop applications third, I advise you to always be careful. Although these are fairly well-known applications, these could perform certain operations independently, without going through the Instagram servers (for example, they could track your contacts directory). So check the permissions granted to protect your privacy.

Now that the situation is a little clearer, let’s see what you will need to do this. There are many ways to bring Instagram chats to PC and require you to make some simple changes to the browser or, as I told you, to use third-party apps .

Although the procedures are simple to follow and within everyone’s reach (including newbies), you will have to consider immediately to give up video calls and voice messages . At the moment, in fact, it is not possible to replicate these features with the methods available. The fact remains that, if for you the priority is to send text messages, I will soon reveal how to unlock this function also on PC.

Remember that all the steps I will show you are valid on Windows, macOS and various Linux distributions (such as Ubuntu). The supported browsers, on the other hand, are many, even if I recommend you to use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, the most versatile on this front.

How to chat on Instagram from your computer

The time has come to see in detail how to chat on Instagram from your PC . In the next paragraphs, I will detail all the methods related to this operation. I suggest that you read them and use the one that best suits your needs.

In addition, at the end of this guide, I will answer some questions that I think are particularly useful to deepen this topic.

Mobile-version of the Instagram site

come vedere i Direct Instagram dal computer versione mobile opzione Ispeziona

Although it is not the most “stylistically” way to control Direct from your computer, use the Instagram chat from browser is certainly the fastest and most immediate method, especially if you have little confidence in the world of information technology. What not many people know, in fact, is that modern browsers integrate different development tools which, in these cases, can be really useful.

First, then, connect to the official Instagram site and enter your credentials to login. As you can see, the web page of the social network does not present any difference compared to the usual one. Actually, this is where you can start to act: click with the right mouse button anywhere in the window and select the item Inspect , to bring up on the right, the developer console .

come vedere i Direct Instagram dal computer versione mobile chat

Don’t be frightened by the long lines of HTML code that will appear on your screen. All you have to do right now is to select the icon in the shape of a smartphone and tablet , which is the one in the top left of the developer console, next to the Elements item . Once activated, this will light up in blue.

At this point, simply reloading the web page , you can enjoy the mobile interface at the inside your browser. Here, by clicking on the appropriate airplane-shaped icon , you can access Instagram Direct conversations.

Instagram app for Windows 10

come vedere i Direct Instagram dal computer app Windows 10

Just like iOS and Android, Windows 10 also has an app for Instagram . It allows you to access your profile and see Direct Instagram from your computer, without the need to use the browser. It is a desktop client made by the same social platform and available for free download from this Microsoft Store address.

Instagram for Windows 10 also has a user interface in all respects identical to the one usually used on smartphones and tablets. This was created in such a way as to simplify the user experience and make it uniform.

First, install the application via the Microsoft Store. Once the operation is complete, click on the Windows search bar and type “ Instagram “: you will be offered the application, on which icon you will have to click, in order to open it. Log in now login using the username and password related to your Instagram account.

As soon as you are logged in, you will immediately notice that the Direct chat icon (shaped like a paper airplane) is easily identifiable at the top of the screen. In fact, it will allow you to access conversations from Windows, so you can interact in real time with all your contacts or followers.

For some time, then, via Instagram for Windows, it is You can also send temporary videos and photos in Direct . This means that they can be viewed for a limited number of times, and then disappear and leave no trace. But watch out for any screenshots!

IG: dm

come vedere i Direct Instagram dal computer IG dm

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, macOS and the various Linux distributions do not yet have a native client for Instagram that allows users to access their profile. How, then, to read the Direct Instagram from the computer with these two operating systems? You could use the free desktop app called IG: dm . It is in fact an alternative multi-platform client.

First, go to the IG: dm website and click on the download button for the operating system you are using. Once you have finished downloading the installation package, open it and follow the wizard to configure it on your computer. Once the installation is finished, start IG: dm and log in to the platform using your Instagram credentials.

As you will notice, unlike the other solutions, this application integrates only Direct Instagram . This means that you will not be able to view the post feed or stories of those you follow. On the other hand, however, you can concentrate on sending and receiving your Direct Instagram messages, relying on a simple but well-designed application.


come vedere i Direct Instagram dal computer installazione app BlueStacks

If you really can’t do without the smartphone app interface and you use Android , to see Direct Instagram from your computer you could use BlueStacks . It is an emulator, or a software that brings the experience of your Android smartphone directly to the PC screen, simulating its operation. You can get it for free by connecting to the BlueStacks website.

Once you have finished installing the software on your computer, click on the Play Store icon and enter your Google account . Then search for “ Instagram ” using the appropriate function and install the app . I remind you that the options offered by BlueStacks mean that you can fully replicate the Android experience directly on your Windows PC.

Now, you just have to go back to the BlueStacks and open Instagram by clicking on the corresponding icon. Then, login with your Instagram profile credentials.

come vedere i Direct Instagram dal computer chat BlueStacks

After logging in, you will notice that the interface is completely identical to that on your Android smartphone or tablet. To access Direct messages , then, click on the paper airplane icon (present at the top right).

As soon as you open the your first chat, you will notice a pleasant surprise: Instagram on BlueStacks, in fact, also offers the possibility to send voice messages . To do this, however, you will need a microphone connected to your PC.

Different speech instead for video calls , which require a more complex configuration and in my opinion useless, since you can do them much more easily from your Android or iOS smartphone.

come vedere i Direct Instagram dal computer invio contenuti multimediali

A part on which it is necessary to dwell, is the possibility to send multimedia contents in Direct from PC . If there is little hope for audio messages and video calls, how will the solutions I presented you with images and videos behave instead?

I’ll tell you right away that the most complete alternative you can use in this case is undoubtedly BlueStacks . The Android emulator for PC, in fact, allows you to use all the features also present on your smartphone or tablet, such as sending images and videos.

In the same way, you can send the multimedia files also from browser , taking advantage of the little trick I presented to you earlier. There are not many hopes instead for the application for Windows, which is much less functional from this point of view.

See the details of the Direct Instagram chats from PC

come vedere i Direct Instagram dal computer dettagli chat BlueStacks

Another feature on Instagram on your PC is the ability to see the details of the chats , such as the last login or the view of a message. Again, if you want to have the most complete experience possible, you can use the BlueStacks emulator. Thanks to it, in fact, you will be able to check all the details that usually can only be consulted on your Android or iOS device.

If you prefer to use Instagram from your browser , instead, remember that here you will only be able to see when a contact views a message . However, the latest accesses are not available and therefore you will not be able to monitor any of your followers via the activity status.

See the Direct Instagram of others from your PC

Would you like to know what others are saying in social network chats? Know that you are not the only one wondering how to see other people’s Direct Instagram messages using your computer.

First, remember that what you are trying to do is illegal , because it implies the violation of another account. Furthermore, even from an ethical and moral point of view, this procedure is highly questionable. For these reasons, I advise you not to complete it. No, not even if you manage to get hold of the login credentials for a particular account.

In any case, since these intrusion techniques are widely used by digital spies, it might still be convenient for you to know them, at least in theoretical line. In this way, in fact, you could better understand how to defend yourself from these subjects, now more and more numerous on the web and social networks.

In this regard, I recommend that you carefully read my guide on how spy on instagram. Beyond the title, in fact, within this tutorial you will find lots of information on how to prepare countermeasures to keep out spies on the network.

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