How to see Instagram direct from PC, Mobile and TV

How to see Instagram direct from PC, Mobile and TV

Instagram is a social network that has been responsible for revolutionizing technology. This network allows you to get into instant interaction with your followers. So today in this article you will learn how I can watch live videos, lives or direct on Instagram from my Windows PC.

This application has become a very powerful network, until 2017 Instagram had around 700 million active users on this platform. For this reason, little by little this company has been climbing the top and innovating its users.

Requirements to view live broadcasts from my Windows PC

The Instagram platform in its version adaptable to a Windows PC, some time ago it was not possible to see any kind of live transmission ; since there was not enough adaptability on the web to be able to run. However, today it is already possible to do so, in some cases in a simple way; in others not so much.

Several users have noticed that from their computer the circle does not appear in the profile photo of some accounts that they follow when they are broadcasting live; This means that the pc is not suitable for it so it requires installing a program on the device to be able to see them from there.

A tool that helps you in this case is ‘IG Stories for Instagram’ ; which is compatible with the Chrome, Brave and similar browsers. You must download it so you can normally go to your account and see the lives of those you follow.

Instagram movil

Do I need to have Chrome extensions on my Windows PC to watch videos?

In principle, it depends on what computer you have and what version of Windows and browser you have. Also it is important to check if you can watch movies, series, documentaries and others like it from your PC. In addition, you can enter Instagram and if the lives are reproduced, it is because you do not need; otherwise you must install one.

On many occasions it is advisable to install the Chrome extensions for your browser; Since with this you will be able to watch the videos without any kind of mishap, you can also see live videos from Instagram .

Are there more options to watch live broadcasts from my PC?

In the first instance from our PC we can only see the stories of our contacts. For this reason, today we will carry out a few simple steps that will allow us to see lives or direct from Windows.

The main and essential thing is to have an account on Instagram. We go to our browser, preferably Google Chrome, since there we will download an extension that will allow us to perform this action.

We go to the Chrome Web Store option, we can get this function in our common search engine. After this we look for the extension ‘IG Stories For Instagram’.

To add it to our search engine, click on the ‘Add to Chrome’ option and in the box that will appear on your screen click ‘Add extension’. You will notice that now the extension will appear in the top bar.

Click on it and select the option ‘Go to Instagram’. This will immediately redirect you to a new window to log in. You enter your data and after a few seconds the lives or live shows that are being carried out at that moment will be shown next to the stories. Click on the live you want to see and in this way you will be viewing the lives or direct from your Windows PC.

Where can I watch Instagram streams?

Instagram offers its users to be able to see live transmissions from any device that they manage to connect to their respective accounts; as long as they have an app update that allows them and is compatible with it. You can see them on: tablets, Smartphone, computers and other technological devices.

ver videos en vivo lives directos en instagram

On your Windows or MAC computer

To be able to see the live ones from your Windows pc or Mac it is easy to do it; first you must have the IG Stories for Instagram app installed, then you open your account in the browser, look for the user who is broadcasting live and enter it; finally it will load the live where you will see the comments that are being produced and also comment, in addition to the likes.

From your mobile device

Indistinctly if your mobile has Android or iOS system, you can go to the live from your Instagram following the instructions given below.

  • Open Instagram on your mobile
  • In the feed you can see at the top the accounts you follow and which of these are doing a live
  • Select the one you want to see and that’s it
  • In case you don’t follow the account, you search for it with the help of the app cursor
  • You enter his profile and click on the ring in the profile photo to see the transmission

Play them on a TV

Now if you want to have a better view of an Instagram live feed, you can zoom in while it is playing on a TV. This requires having the PC on hand , in it the IG Stories for Instagram app, as well as a Chromecast connector and; follow the next steps.

  1. Connect Chromecast from computer to TV
  2. Turn on the TV
  3. Open your Instagram account on the computer
  4. Go to the live from there and voila you will be able to see it on your TV

instagram perfil pantalla blanco mano

Benefits of Instagram

On this platform you will find graphic material based on visual communication as a priority. Characterized by uploading photos or stories to this platform.

Lately they have implemented a system that allows you to save photos from other accounts on this platform without them noticing. This is how it is when saving your photos the person will not receive a notification, much less a message.

It has more than 20 filters and allows the use of tags. The stories have facial recognition, which increases the security of your account. And it is precisely that which allowed its users to adapt it in such an easy way.

Regarding privacy, this platform has increased functions to guarantee the security of your content. Developing the option to regulate your account in private mode. In this way, anyone who wants to follow you will send you a request.

Its simplicity and easy handling has made it a favorite. Besides that it makes you feel like a professional photographer . As well as promoting the hashtags and benefits the interaction between the creator – follower.

Instagram business

Instagram seeks the inclusion of its entire audience, which is why it has decided to allow companies to also create their account on this platform. And in this way to facilitate the sale of their products.

One of the essential steps for the success of your brand is the design of your account. This is very important since it is for sure the first impression that the user will have of your business.

directos instagram desde mi pc windows

Another recommendation is to publish content periodically and of value. Tips or tricks that attract the attention of the user and allow them to educate themselves through your account. This could be 80% of your posts.

Instagram vs TikTok

Instagram has just launched in the last months the Reels function in more than 50 countries. Based on short videos with an archive of songs that are at your disposal.

Application very similar to TikTok , but as this platform does not want to be left behind, an incentive for influencers was released according to their views and the interaction of their users.

However, all this will depend on the tastes and preferences of the users, but despite this TikTok has a disadvantage since was banned in the United States last year.

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