How to see Instagram stories without being seen

How to see Instagram stories without being seen

Instagram stories are becoming increasingly important. Many users mainly use this method to upload multimedia content during the day, leaving out (in part) the classic posts. As I have already had the opportunity to tell you in the past, in fact, using Instagram Stories is really fun and this could guarantee you a higher engagement compared to traditional photos and videos.

It is also true, however, that there are still users who do not look favorably on this means of communication, above all because it makes them visible when they scroll through those present at the top of the main page. If you are one of them, and for this reason you have wondered how to see Instagram stories without being seen , I must tell you that you were lucky to get here. In the following guide, in fact, I will explain what you need to do to hide your name from the IG Stories view list.


How anonymous viewing works of Instagram stories

come vedere le storie Instagram senza essere visti

As I said earlier, every time you look at another user’s story, your username is automatically registered and added to the corresponding list. In this way, the owner of the story will know that you have tapped its multimedia content and played it.

If you don’t want this to happen, you will have to rely on third party procedures , because officially there is no way to fix it. In most cases, all the procedures that I will propose to you below will allow you to watch the IG stories without viewing only after having downloaded the multimedia content. You can do it incognito, without being seen and without being followers of a particular profile, even if you have been blocked. This statement, however, varies according to certain circumstances (read on to understand).

After downloading an IG story, simply open the photo or video with any media player so that you can watch in invisible mode.

For downloading, third-party apps and tools connect to the Instagram API , thus bypassing follows and blocks. The only thing that will be respected is the type of profile which, if private , can remain partially protected.

In any case, I remind you that the guide is written and published for informational purposes, and that you will act at your sole responsibility. Don’t forget that reposting a story without the creator’s consent is punishable by law.

Which IG stories can be seen anonymously

come vedere le storie Instagram senza essere visti tipologie

What was said in the previous paragraph leads to the question of which Instagram stories can be seen without being seen . The procedures that I will show you, in fact, apply only to certain profiles or to certain categories of stories. Therefore, it will not be possible to “spy” all users of the social network.

Specifically, it will be possible to reproduce the Instagram stories secretly related to public profiles . This is the basic condition, which can still be overcome by any apps that require access , which, at the “cost” of your credentials, will also secretly show you the stories of the private profiles you follow , and who therefore accepted you as a follower.

Nevertheless, it should be noted that people connected to a public profile, or who manage a public Instagram Page, may still not show some stories to everyone, sharing them in the list of closest friends . The timed content that will be posted there will not be accessible with these tools, unless you are part of that circle of friendship.

Who can spy on Instagram stories

come vedere le storie Instagram senza essere visti persone anonime

Everyone can see Instagram stories without you knowing, even if, absurdly, they are not subscribed to the photographic social network. Obviously, anyone can do it based on the aforementioned limitations.

The best situation that allows you to control another subject through Instagram Stories, is that in which you normally follow a profile, regardless of the type of the same. In this way, it will be possible to use the apps proposed below to play an Instagram story with full anonymity, even if it has been hidden.

Play Instagram stories anonymously without app

If you do not intend to use third-party apps for anonymous viewing of IG Stories, you could always take advantage of the procedure I propose below, which does not require software installations.

I state that this operation will not allow you to play all the stories in the Instagram feed , but only the first of each uploaded account. At the very least, though, with this trick you will be able to “peek” without getting noticed.

Using airplane mode

come vedere le storie Instagram senza essere visti modalità offline

The only way to see Instagram stories without being seen, without an app and with the same profile, is to use the airplane mode, also known as offline mode. This option will give you the ability to achieve your goal on both Android and iPhone , iPad or PC .

If you are using the Instagram mobile application , available for iOS and Android, first open it. Then, update the content feed , so as to load all new stories and posts.

At this point, go to the System Settings of the your tablet or phone, find and enable airplane mode . Usually, you can also do this by going to the Control Center (on iOS) or the Notification Center (on Android).

Using the desktop app for Windows 10 , or even the website in mobile version on Ubuntu / Linux and macOS (via browser, such as Chrome), just unplug the ethernet network cable or disable Wi-Fi, or even activate Offline Mode .

Once you have turned off the data a 3G / 4G / 4.5G package and wireless connectivity, tap the preview of the stories related to the Instagram profile you intend to secretly view. This will play the first timed content that was published in the course of the 24 hours.

To watch the subsequent stories, as already mentioned, you will need to use software developed by third parties (described below) or wait for the old stories to auto-delete and repeat the steps.

Name change in Instagram Stories views

come vedere le storie Instagram senza essere visti identità nascosta

Still using the social network application, you have the possibility to act in another way. You could in fact change your Instagram username, in such a way as to “confuse the waters” and be able to view the stories undisturbed.

Always keep in mind, however, that if the user taps on your view , he will still be able to view your profile and see your photos, probably discovering your true identity.

Alternatively, you can create a second Instagram profile , with an abstract nickname or in any case that does not refer to you, so as to appear in the views while remaining invisible.

App to watch Instagram stories without leaving a trace

As I told you at the beginning of this guide, there are several applications that allow you to view Instagram stories without getting caught . These are mostly free and behave according to the aforementioned limitations.

For the rest, the recommended iOS or Android applications will be of great help, allowing you, in addition to an anonymous view of the contents, a extended playback, which will also be available after 24 hours of publication.

Reshare Story for iOS

come vedere le storie Instagram senza essere visti app Reshare Story

Do you have an Apple device? Perfect, then, because Reshare Story is just the application for you. It’s free and you can download it from this App Store page.

After installation, it will be really easy to use this app. Just open it and log in with your Instagram credentials. Once this is done, simply type in the profile name of your friend, or in any case of the person in question, and start the search.

You will be able to view his stories without being recognized, as well as his posts.

InShot Story Saver for Android

come vedere le storie Instagram senza essere visti app Story Saver InShot

If you have a smartphone or Android tablet, you have the opportunity to see Instagram stories without being detected using the free app called Story Saver , developed by InShot . You can download it via this Play Store address.

Once you have downloaded and installed the app, just open it and log in with your Instagram account. Therefore, to use this app you will need to be subscribed to the photographic social network.

come vedere le storie Instagram senza essere visti app Story Saver InShot salvataggio

The user interface is really very simple to use: it allows you to search for the profile to check, then download the stories and view them secretly.

Stogram for Windows and macOS

come vedere le storie Instagram senza essere visti app Stogram

To browse Instagram, many prefer to use the PC . If you were one of them, don’t worry: there is a desktop application that will allow you to see the stories without being tracked. It’s called Stogram and you can download it from this web address.

After downloading and installing it on your PC, use the search bar (top) to find users, hashtags or places within Instagram, of which you intend to download the stories published during the day.

At this point, depending on the search method you used, you will be able to view the stories and the posts of a particular user. You will be allowed to download them to your computer or play them directly. I recommend you save them

Chrome extension IG Stories

come vedere le storie Instagram senza essere visti Chrome IG Stories

If you use the Chrome browser , you must know that there is a mod, or an extension, that allows you to carry out some anonymous activities on Instagram stories. It’s called Chrome IG Stories and you can find it at this address in the Chrome Web Store.

To use this service, once installed, just navigate to the Instagram site and log in. Now, to activate the extension , click on its icon in the toolbar and choose the item “ Go to IG Stories ”.

This will open a new screen in the browser, where you will be offered all the Instagram stories uploaded by your contacts. To view them without showing your name, all you have to do is press the eye icon and possibly download the image locally.

I remind you, however, that the Chrome extension IG Stories provides other features . For example, you could also use this add-on to hide comments from a live Instagram viewer.

Site to play Instagram stories in secret

There is also a website that provides an online tool to play IG stories incognito. It is one of the most used, also considering that it does not provide access with social network credentials.

However, since the service proposed below does not require you to log in with your account, and therefore you could use it even if you are not registered to Instagram, keep in mind that with it you will only be able to view stories shared by public profiles , specifically those published without restrictive privacy settings.


come vedere le storie Instagram senza essere visti tipologie0

The service in question is called Storiesig . Even if its interface is a bit spartan, it will allow you to watch Instagram stories without being seen quickly and easily.

Proceed by connecting to this web address. After that, enter the username you are interested in in the appropriate field and press the button Search . This will open a new page, from which you can access all the published stories and view them without being spied on.

I remind you, however, that you could also select the “ Download ” button , located next to each photo or video, to start downloading. That way, you wouldn’t have deadlines to meet.

Watching Instagram Stories without following a person

Everything I’ve shown you up to this moment, it is also possible without following an account within the social network. Even though you will have to log into your profile page every time to see Instagram Stories secretly, you can do it without being a follower.

Although you didn’t want / could make the follow request, you would have no limitations. This, as long as the profile is public .

Watching Instagram stories without having the profile

Have you never subscribed to Instagram ? Don’t worry, even in this case, you can view Instagram stories without leaving your name written in the list and without creating an account. Maybe you’d like to sporadically see what your friend is doing on Instagram.

To do this, just use a service like Storiesig , which I told you about earlier. If the user had a public profile and was not hiding some stories from the list of close friends, you could view and save their contents locally without realizing it.

Other ways to see Instagram stories secretly

If the methods I have described so far aren’t enough for you, you should know that there are others that might be for you. However, these are more invasive and I recommend that you always pay attention to your moves , so as not to get into trouble.

Having clarified the concept, to find all the information you are looking for, I advise you to carefully read my article on how to spy on Instagram. In it, you should find some interesting ideas in my opinion.

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