How to see likes on Instagram

How to see likes on Instagram

Instagram continues to have a lot of success among users, especially among the youngest. The interactions within the social network are in fact constantly growing and the introduction of new features is always a very welcome fact. Despite these positive points, however, in recent times, the platform has changed some of its “cornerstones”. For example, the way you can see likes on Instagram has changed.

This change, to be honest, hasn’t really been loved by users. they are found without a concrete method to check the likes posted by others. Precisely for this reason, in the tutorial that follows, I wanted to deepen the matter, in order to show you what you can do today to analyze the likes posted by you, your followers or a person you follow. If you too were a bit confused by the changes in the social network, then, you just have to dedicate a few minutes of your time to me, so that I can “find the key to the problem”.


How Instagram likes work

come vedere i Mi piace su Instagram

First, we need to focus on how Instagram likes work . The modification of their use, as I told you, has created a real “earthquake” among users, who have felt a little disoriented by this new mode.

You can still put and receive likes on Instagram , without too many limitations. This time, however, these will remain invisible in the notification screen, as the “Follow Already” section has been removed .

Precisely, the like on Instagram, but the detail is shown only to creators , so that they can analyze the performance of their posts (via Insight).

Therefore, if you want to analyze the likes placed on posts published by other users, you will have to use alternative methods. A bit like when you want to see who has viewed the Instagram videos.

If, on the other hand, you were the author of a post , then, you could always consult the number of I like it, using most of the procedures outlined below. I remind you, however, that the names of the people who interacted with your post could be positioned according to different criteria (so they will not always be in chronological order). More information on this topic, you can find by reading more about the order of Instagram likes.

How to see your likes on Instagram

come vedere i Mi piace su Instagram post piaciuti

There is a specific section in the app that allows you to view all the Instagram likes that have put themselves on the photos and videos posted by the users you follow.

To access it, open Instagram and go to the page dedicated to your profile . Here, press on the three lines (present at the top right) and then select the item Settings . Now, tap on Account and then click on Posts you like .

In the screen that opens, you will find the complete list posts you’ve liked over time. For more information on this section, see the guide dedicated to how to see the posts I like on Instagram.

How to see someone’s likes on Instagram

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Until recently, it was relatively easy to see another person’s Instagram likes , because this information was automatically entered into the Activity log of the social network (accessible by tapping the heart-shaped icon at the bottom of the application). It was enough to follow a user, be it a friend, a partner, a family member, a child or even a stranger, to view his activities and his interactions with other Pages or profiles. Currently, however, this option is no longer available , probably for privacy reasons.

So how do you look at the details of other people’s hearts? Well, to accomplish this goal, you will need to use alternative methods. The first option available to you is to manually control social interactions : if you think that two users exchange likes, the easiest way to find out is to “keep an eye on” the comments . In this way, you could easily verify if the two profiles interact with each other and how often.

Alternatively, you could look at the Facebook Like detail , the social platform on which, often, Instagram posts and stories also appear. If you had the possibility to access a person’s Facebook profile and see their wall, then, you could analyze the reactions and comments that have been posted by friends or followers. For more details, read how to see the likes of a Facebook friend.

How to see the likes posted by Instagram followers

So far, I’ve given you some information that, in some way, should have helped you understand how to see Instagram likes based on certain situations. Now, however, the time has come to analyze the like detail of your Instagram profile.

Specifically, by following the insights proposed below, you will be able to find out who has liked your profile. Instagram when you have performed certain activities on the social network.


come vedere i Mi piace su Instagram dettaglio nomi sui post

Do you want to check the Instagram likes that have been placed by followers on your posts ? Luckily, you can do this very easily.

Proceed by opening Instagram and navigating to your profile . Here, choose one of the photos or one of the videos you posted and tap on it. As you can see, even in this screen the total number of likes has been eliminated. So how do you go about viewing it? In reality, just tap on the names of the users , which appears next to the item “ Likes “.

In the next screen, in fact, you can see both the number of likes you have obtained, and the name of all users who have put “Like”.

About published stories

come vedere i Mi piace su Instagram dettaglio nomi nelle storie

The Instagram stories have always been the most used content on the social network. This is due to their versatility and their customization. Despite this, however, at present, there is still no possibility to like a story.

You should know that Instagram stories only count views and that these are shown in the lower part of the screen, that is in the order of views of the Instagram stories.

As surely you have noticed, however, it is also possible to send reactions . These are represented by some emojis or hearts , and give the possibility to let the creator know if the content he posted is liked or not.

To see the likes placed on Instagram Stories, therefore, just wait for a notification via DM , which will inform you that you have received a comment or a reaction to a certain story (which will be mentioned in chat) via Direct message.

come vedere i Mi piace su Instagram dettaglio su commento

On Instagram, you can also like comments . For them, the number of likes has not yet been hidden. So, it’s super easy to check the detail.

To do this, simply enter the comment section of a post (regardless of whether it was posted by you or someone else user) and find the comment you are interested in knowing how many people liked it. When viewing it, tap “ Likes people ” to open the list of users who have liked it. Of them, you will see the profile picture and the name.

I remind you, however, that not always you will be able to view the Instagram likes related to the comments: for example, a user may have blocked you, or even, there may be so many interactions that they cannot identify the one of their interest. Learn more by reading more about the order of Instagram comments.

On a Page

come vedere i Mi piace su Instagram seguaci Pagina

You are interested in finding out how many likes does an Instagram Page have ? Well, know that they can be visualized. However, with this statement, one could refer to:

  • I like in the sense of follow , or how many users follow a Page (like on Facebook, to be understood) ;
  • Total Likes on a One Page Post ;
  • Total Likes on a One Page Story .

In the first case, just search and access the profile of the Page in question. From there, you can find out the number of followers by looking at the word

The first corresponds to the likes in the sense of following, that is the number of users who follow a specific page and check the writing Follower . To see the detail, just tap the total number of followers.

In case you want to know the detail of the Instagram Likes related to a Page, as regards the post , you can view it by tapping the item “ Likes and other “, that appears under each published content.

Instead, as regards the stories, you will be able to view the details of the likes only if the Page is owned by you , or in any case if it is linked to your Instagram account. If you did not administer it, you would have no way to access Insight.

As another choice, you could always consult the general statistics of the Page , especially this is public. Read the guide dedicated to how to discover the Pages with few likes on Instagram to learn more.

Nei Direct

come vedere i Mi piace su Instagram notifiche Direct

Also all ‘internal direct messages it has been possible, for some time, to put or receive likes. As I have already shown you, if you have activated the corresponding notifications , when you receive likes on the photos, videos or stories that you post, a DM message will arrive that will notify you. But that’s not all: in addition to this, it is also possible to like individual messages within the chat.

The user who receives a like in Direct, will receive a notification . Just touch it to be brought back to the point of the chat where the Like was placed. You will then be able to understand what that appreciation refers to.

How to see the number of Instagram likes

come vedere i Mi piace su Instagram numero totale

Until recently, the number of likes under Instagram posts had been totally obscured by the development team. After the complaints of users, however, the social network has decided to take a partial backtrack on this front.

To see the number of Instagram likes under a post , just click on “ Likes and others ”. A screen will open that, in addition to the exact number of likes, will also show you the users who have placed them.

App to see Likes on Instagram

Following the elimination of the number of Instagram likes posted by other people, several third-party applications have been developed with the intention of being able to circumvent this limit. In fact, since this feature has been removed from Instagram, services of this type are now useless.

Moreover, remember that these apps could reduce (by far) the security of your Instagram profile. So try to always be very careful about false promises: don’t get caught up in the frenzy.

See Like Instagram without account

come vedere i Mi piace su Instagram senza account

You can view Instagram likes without logging in or even without being registered . This can be done in a very simple way, that is browsing from browser on the social network site.

I remind you, however, that in this way you will have the possibility to see only the I like detail of public Instagram profiles . As for the private profiles, on the other hand, you could create a second, somewhat anonymous Instagram account, to be accepted and viewed in this way the posts published, and consequently, the likes that have been placed. Read how to see private Instagram profiles without following them to learn more.

Don’t-show Instagram Likes

come vedere i Mi piace su Instagram post piaciuti0

Do you want to disable the display of likes for one or more users? If your account is public, actually, anyone could read the details. In this case, there are two solutions:

  • Blocking of the Instagram user – so as to avoid showing him all the photos and videos published;
  • Activation of the private Instagram profile – so as to prevent strangers from viewing your posts, and therefore also the detail of the likes (not recommended if you want to increase the audience of your profile).

If, on the other hand, you don’t want to show the likes you put on others , don’t worry: Instagram has already thought of it . As I already told you above, the social network has increased the level of privacy by removing the “Follow already” section. More information, you can find them by reading the guide on how to hide Instagram likes.

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