How to see previous names and bio on Instagram

How to see previous names and bio on Instagram

I am sure that, over time, you will have changed your name on Instagram several times, as well as your username and – even more often – your biography. On this social network, of course, the photos and videos are the protagonists; but also the name, the username and the biography are important elements, which contribute to the creation of one’s digital identity. Precisely for this reason, we generally choose something that best represents us in a given period of our life; other times, instead, we simply opt for something that “rides” the trends of the moment. In this regard, have you ever thought of sifting through the names, usernames and captions you have used in the past on Instagram? Not many people know about this function, because it is “hidden” quite well and not easily found, but it is there and I think it is useful to talk about it.

I would like to teach you to trace your old names, username and captions for several reasons: first of all, because it can always come in handy; secondly, because it’s a nice way to relive moments from the past. In short, who doesn’t like to take a dip in memories every now and then? Let’s try to deepen the matter.


How names work on Instagram

immagine che mostra la schermata iniziale di Instagram su mobile

Since the beginning of this article, I have used the terms “name” and “username”. However, I haven’t specified what they are yet, and that’s where I’d start. Before going further, in fact, I think it is essential to understand what it is, distinguishing one concept well from the other. These words could leave you perplexed if you have recently used Instagram or if you are not a regular visitor to this social network.

I don’t know how long you have been on Instagram, but you probably don’t remember well which steps you had to take. follow to subscribe. I refresh your memory: when someone subscribes to Instagram, he must necessarily enter a e-mail address valid and never used before on this social network and / or a mobile number . In addition, he must choose a username , which is the name by which other users will search for him. Usernames are all different from each other; of course, there are similar ones, but they must have at least a punctuation mark, a number or a letter that distinguishes them from each other. The username is a bit like the tax code: everyone has their own, unique and unrepeatable, through which to identify. For this reason, the username is not changed very often: it is not easy to invent new ones every time that we like, represent us and are not already in use by someone else.

The situation of the name is very different. appears below your profile picture. First of all, having a username is mandatory, while you can choose not to enter any name; moreover, the latter does not necessarily have to be different from all the others already existing on the social network, but it can also have a “duplicate” or more. Not surprisingly, the name is changed more frequently than the username, precisely because it is not necessary to find a new and unique one every time.

How Instagram biographies work

And the biographies instead? Now that you understand what the difference is between username and username, let’s solve this other doubt as well. The biography is that short description that can be read under the profile photo and the name of each user; these are precisely a few characters – maximum 150 – through which it is possible to talk a little about oneself or, in any case, about who or what this account represents.

You don’t have to enter a bio, but I advise you not to leave this element out. It takes very little: a few words chosen with care (written by your hand or taken from a movie, a book or a song), emojis, an external link and “that’s it”. I don’t know if this also applies to you, but – in principle – biographies are also changed quite frequently.

What is the section named “Login Details”

Now that we’ve finally shed some light on these concepts, I’m ready to tell you about the section called “ Login Details ”. Through this section, you can view the history of usernames, names and biographies, starting from your Instagram subscription to date. Actually, the ones I’ve just listed aren’t the only data accessible through this settings entry, but we’ll look at this in detail a little later.

For now, you can check your data. access at any time, whether you are using a fixed or mobile device, without distinction between the iOS and Android operating systems. Obviously, you just need to know the credentials for your account, then log in and follow some simple steps that I will show you shortly.

Furthermore, the login data can be downloaded, in order to be consulted in depth at outside the Instagram app. Downloading your Instagram login data is not complex, but it may take some patience. In fact, it can take up to 48 hours from the moment you forward the request to the one in which you will receive by email a link through which to start the download in a format that can be read by the computer, or JSON.

Can you see the access data of other people?

At this point, you’re probably curious to know if there is a way to view other people’s logins. Sorry to disappoint you, but the answer is no . You can only consult the access data of your account and of all those accounts whose credentials you know, but you cannot “sift through” – for example – those of the girl you like.

You would like to do that, wouldn’t you? I know, but try to think of the same situation in reverse. I bet you wouldn’t be happy if anyone could browse your Instagram login details.

View Instagram account details

Check login details of your Instagram profile is much simpler than you imagine. As I told you at the beginning of this guide, it is a little-known and well-hidden function, but the steps to follow are few and within everyone’s reach. Below, you will find the procedures to put into practice depending on the device used.

View login data from iOS / Android

Whether you are using an iPhone / iPad with an iOS operating system or a smartphone / tablet with an Android operating system, proceed as follows:

  1. Open Instagram;
  2. Go to your profile by tapping on the stylized man icon (bottom right);
  3. Tap the settings wheel, located at the top right;
  4. Choose the item “Security”;
  5. At this point, select the option “Access data”.

Choose the data you want to check and tap on “View all”, under the item relating to this information.

View access data from PC or Mac

If you are browsing from the browser on your computer (with Windows operating system, Ubuntu / Linux, macOS, ChromeOS, etc.), to view the data login you need to follow these steps:

  1. Open Instagram;
  2. Click on your profile picture, top right;
  3. Tap the settings wheel from the drop-down menu that opens;
  4. Choose “Privacy and security” from the left column;
  5. Scroll down to “Account data”, then click on “View account data”;
  6. Choose the data you want to check and click on “View all”, under the heading for that data.

Other information available from Instagram login data

As already mentioned, when it comes to Instagram login data, we don’t just refer to usernames, names and biographies. By entering this section, in fact, you have the possibility to learn more about the entire history of the account , viewing the registration date, the changes that have been made over time – related for example to privacy – or the emails and / or telephone numbers that have been associated with the profile.

The subcategory “Connections” is also interesting, which collects all the activities carried out in relation to other accounts: who you follow and who follows you, which requests have been sent without being answered, which accounts have been blocked and which ones cannot see the stories you post. But it doesn’t stop there, because it is even possible to analyze the actions you take on the stories shared by others; for example, you can consult the answers to surveys or quizzes.

In short, if someone knew your credentials, they could view all your activities in detail, or spy on your Instagram, as well as your relationships.

If no-login-details for Instagram

It might happen that you can’t see some login data on Instagram. In most cases, this is not a bug. There are two options: either you are trying to see the name history of a company page or you are trying to check the login details of a little-used account , with little ( or nothing) history.

For example, if you’ve been on Instagram for a few days and have never changed your bio, the login details section will have nothing to show you. This is therefore a completely normal condition. Over time, and obviously by using Instagram frequently, this section will spread the aforementioned information.

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