How to see statistical data on Instagram

How to see statistical data on Instagram

The road to becoming a great influencer on Instagram is very steep and requires, among other things, a careful statistical analysis related to the success of each post or story you share. Analyzing your audience is in fact of fundamental importance, especially if the aim is to improve it to reach new people or to maximize interactions.

Well, if you too are a bit lost on the road that leads to success, I would say that you have come to the right guide: here, in fact, I will show you what you need to do to see the statistics on Instagram , so that you can carefully examine what is good and what, instead, dev ‘be correct. With the right precautions, you could work out and start your social growth project, as well as end up in the Explore section of Instagram, even just once. This would translate into free visibility, which you should then be able to manage based on trends and your skills.


What Instagram Insights are and how they work

come vedere i dati statistici su Instagram

The Insights of Instagram are statistics that the photographic social network offers to all users who have a company profile : if you wanted to be an influencer as a job, in fact, it would be better if you signed up with the professional account, so as to be able to have relevant statistical data available. It is free and the change does not involve major changes (I’ll explain better in a few paragraphs).

In any case, keep in mind that Insights are available thanks to the active tracking codes on each post, story or section of the social network. Thanks to these codes, in fact, the social network system offers creators real information panels, which are constantly updated .

These data, then, are also used by the algorithm of the social network, which proposes personalized content to each user, or even sponsored posts based on a specific target.

To protect the privacy of users, however, be aware that no Instagram statistics will allow you to view the names of your followers . The only exceptions to this statement, as of this writing, are made when viewing likes on Instagram or when viewing the Instagram Stories view order.

Types of Instagram statistics

come vedere i dati statistici su Instagram tipologie

Once unlocked, Instagram statistics will provide you with a analytics suite full of information. Among the many, you can see:

  • Profile views;
  • Reach and impressions;
  • Profile growth chart;
  • Post views;

  • Number of comments on each post;
  • Number of likes on each post;
  • Number of followers who saved the post ;
  • Number of followers who sent a Direct about a post;
  • Number of actions performed on the post or account;
  • Statistical data on stories, very similar to those of posts;
  • Statistics on promotions;
  • Variations of followers, to understand how many people have started or stopped following you;
  • Most popular places of your followers, to understand which city they connect from (useful if, for example, you decide to hold an event in an area to bring together Instagram followers);
  • Gender and age range of followers , to find out what the age target is, for example 18-24, and how many men or women follow you;
  • Number of active followers based on times and days;
  • Other useful statistics.

Do you think it’s not much? I mean, such an amount of information would allow you to at least optimize the interaction on your posts , if not grow and continue to publish with the right focus on the topic. This, in fact, is also a way to monitor Instagram followers.

Moreover, you must know that these data are compliant with the GDPR , so no problem if you operate from Italy or from any other part of the European territory. Beyond the fact that Instagram has already made all users accept the clauses of the service, then the data collected remains anonymous , and does not track IP addresses or other sensitive information.

Are Instagram statistics true?

Instagram tracks statistics even using artificial intelligence, and does not use of third party codes to monitor users. So, this is definitely real data , which is not inflated in any way.

As I told you before, however, the results must still take into account the privacy of the users : in some cases, you may find them superficial for this reason, but certainly not due to the negligence of the social network; for example, you won’t be able to tell precisely if a specific person or group of people has viewed your post gallery.

What you need to see Instagram stats

come vedere i dati statistici su Instagram opzioni app

As I told you in the first chapters of the guide, in order to view the statistical data of Instagram, there is a need to enable the public business profile . You can do this very simply by opening Instagram’s settings , tapping the Account option and then Switch to a professional account .

In the window that opens, choose Creator if your goal is to become an influencer or Company if you need to manage the public page of a company or sole proprietorship; Insights data will be pretty much the same. For more information, read how to activate your business profile on Instagram.

Now that the professional account is enabled, you are ready to see Instagram statistics. Read on to find out how.

Can you see the statistics with a private Instagram profile?

Currently, is not possible access statistical data if you use a private Instagram profile : you cannot become an influencer if you hide your identity from new followers; or at least, you will never be visible to your full potential, nor favored by the social network algorithm. Then unlock your Instagram profile and make it public if this is your goal, so you can activate your professional account and start carefully monitoring the progress of your posts.

It is also true that, in some scenarios, you could always rely on external tools to check post stats on a private account. However, this information would never be as accurate as the data collected by Instagram. Not to mention the problems you might run into (shadowban to name one).

How to view and interpret Instagram Insights

Proud of yours influencer account, now you need to be able to view and interpret Instagram statistics . I will help you in this part of the guide, in which I will detail the legend of the symbols related to the Insights and I will describe the procedures to see them from each section of the social network.

Remember, in any case, that the higher the number of published posts and interactions, the greater the accuracy of the analytics data.

Meaning of the Instagram Insights symbols

come vedere i dati statistici su Instagram significato simboli

Within the overview of each information section (for example in each published post), you will find different graphs and numbers. In addition to these statistics, however, icons appear, which may not be so understandable to newbies.

To clarify all your doubts, then, I thought of elaborating legend for Instagram statistical data symbols. Here are the details:

  • Like heart symbol: indicates the number of likes obtained on the post;
  • Comments bubble symbol: indicates the number of replies obtained on a post;
  • Direct airplane symbol of paper : indicates the number of Direct messages that have been sent by followers regarding a photo or video;
  • Saves – symbol bookmark : indicates the number of archives that have been made by users regarding a photo or video.

These 4 symbols will appear in the statistical data of the posts. You will be able to analyze them one by one, and understand which ones were most appreciated by your fans.

Of your own posts

come vedere i dati statistici su Instagram post

any of your post published, be it a photo or a video, you can see the statistical data of Instagram. To access the details of each, simply open the post and, while viewing, touch the View Insights item.

This will take you to the Statistical data ​​strong > and the aforementioned symbols will appear, complete with total numbers under each of them. To further expand these details, swipe up (drag your finger from bottom to top).

You will be able to analyze views, coverage, number of likes and comments, so that you know with good precision which photos or videos have been very successful and which ones did not go as expected.

Of your own stories

come vedere i dati statistici su Instagram storie

In the Stories section, you can observe the same statistical data seen for the posts, with the difference that you can also view the names of each follower . You will therefore have a more granular detail of the views.

I remind you, however, that in the specific list only the names of those who watch the stories will appear without hiding . Those who view IG stories anonymously will not appear.

Your own profile

come vedere i dati statistici su Instagram visite al profilo

You can get information about visits to the your profile from the Activities and Audience tabs, present in the Insights section of Instagram. You can always access it from your profile , by tapping the total number of visits that appears at the top, or by opening the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines placed vertically, on the right) and selecting the Statistical data option.

As I said, you will be able to know more details about sex and age of your followers, and also the places they live in (without addresses, telephones or other sensitive information), but neither the username nor the photo will appear the profile of these people. Exactly, for a talk of privacy. Further information on this can be found in the guide to see who is looking at your Instagram profile.

Keep in mind, however, that to view the gender and age ranges of your followers, you will have to overcome the 100 followers . Otherwise, you will get some inaccurate data.

From another profile

Unfortunately, you cannot get the Insights data of other Instagram profiles . The only accessible information regarding accounts that are not managed are:

  • Number of followers and details of names;
  • Total likes of a post (photo or video ) and details of who posted them;
  • Number of comments and details of who wrote them;
  • Places frequented.

Some of this information you will be able to view only if you have not been blocked on Instagram and if you follow the profile in question, or in any case you have been accepted (in case of private profile).

As another choice, you could use tools developed by third parties , which would allow you to evaluate if a particular profile has followers who interact. Read the guide to discover a fake profile on Instagram in case you want to learn more.

On stories and posts already published

come vedere i dati statistici su Instagram post vecchi

You can see statistics on Instagram related to old posts , but not those related to stories that have been deleted .

As for the posts , simply go to your wall , locate the photo or video and tap it , as if I wanted to visualize it. Lastly, select the View Insights item.

Instead, regarding the Instagram stories , the only thing you could do is perform the repost of the same. By doing so, you would be able to understand who views them.

How to interpret Instagram impressions

come vedere i dati statistici su Instagram impression

By observing all the statistical data provided by Instagram, you will have a clear picture of your profile and you can accurately correct all the mistakes you make, so that, in the next post published, you will know exactly how to act to improve it. However, there is one fact that, more than others, could catch your attention: the impressions.

The impressions represent the total views , corresponding to the sessions that were made to view that post. They differ from the coverage or in any case from the number of people who watched the post precisely because multiple sessions could correspond to the same user .

In detail, the impressions readable in the statistical data of Instagram categorize as follows:

  • From home : indicates the sessions deriving from the home section, therefore from the Instagram feed;
  • From profile : indicates the impressions on the post that derive from viewing the profile gallery;
  • From Hashtags : indicates the impressions on the post that refer to the display of a hashtag;
  • From other : indicates the impressions deriving from any other section of the social network, for example from a share.

You may not see some of these items if related metrics are not available.

To maximize impressions, however, I remind you that you may i post during the best publishing times for Instagram.

Can you see the browsing statistics on Instagram?

come vedere i dati statistici su Instagram sezione Recenti

Unfortunately, it is not possible to see users’ browsing statistics, being the algorithm of the social network secret and not shared. With the statistics in your possession, however, you should be able to guess what your followers like and what you can do to increase their interaction (understood as likes, shares and comments under all your published content).

With the increase of followers and the increasing success of your profile, then, Instagram will reward you, positioning your content higher and higher, so as to appear first (the algorithm, in fact, rewards those who share the right content to the right time!).

If you want to see your browsing data , you could check the Recent section of the searches, accessible by pressing the magnifying glass (bottom left) and tapping the entry field named Search .

Error loading data Instagram statistics

Can’t access the statistics of your Instagram profile? First of all, try to publish a new post and wait at least a few hours to make sure everything works.

After this time, if nothing still appears, try to follow these tips:

  • Make sure your profile is public and of a corporate or influencer type;
  • Make sure you have not been banned by the social network;
  • Try to log out and re-enter the account;
  • Remember to analyze this information from your smartphone, because neither the website nor the desktop app will be able to consult it (exclude the PC for these analyzes, ‘mobile app is much better).

By carrying out these checks, you should be able to unlock the situation, thus being able to analyze your stats and study a business plan for your future as an influencer.

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