How to see the latest followers of an Instagram profile

How to see the latest followers of an Instagram profile

Do you use Instagram on a daily basis? Then, you will surely have noticed that from 2019 big changes are taking place for the social network owned by Facebook. If in the past I have often praised this platform for being one of the most active in introducing new features, now is the time to address a point that will certainly be negative for most users. As you may have noticed, it has become difficult to see the latest followers of an Instagram profile , since the “Follow Already” section has disappeared.

This choice is due to a radical change in the policies of the social network, which has decided to take a totally different path. But don’t worry, because there is (almost) always a solution for every obstacle. I only ask you to use the information I am about to give you in the right way. Some operations, in fact, could affect the privacy of other users. However, the guide is shared for information purposes, and therefore you will be solely responsible for your actions.


Why Instagram has removed the “Follow” section

come vedere gli ultimi seguiti di un profilo Instagram

Since 2019, the Instagram team has decided to upset the ordinary, removing the like counter on posts and precisely the section “Follow already”. As I already told you, it is not possible to go back to seeing the total likes on Instagram. Nor is it possible to restore the “Follow Already” section.

But why this change? According to the Instagram team, this is a necessary change to focus attention on content and not on the success it has, which could misrepresent a lot of people.

come vedere gli ultimi seguiti di un profilo Instagram numero mi piace scomparso

Seeing a high number of likes, in fact, could subconsciously push you to contribute to the success of a content, without taking into account the actual quality of the same. As well as constantly checking the section of other people’s activities could divert your attention from the social network feed (and invade users’ privacy a little too much).

At the moment, not even pressing on the people who have left the like you can see the total number, unless you start to count them individually. Instead, let’s see what you can do to see the recent followers of an Instagram profile without the “Follow Already” list.

How to find out the activities of an Instagram user

Surely, right now you are wondering how to watch the activities of another user on Instagram , since the application no longer allows you to follow this path. In reality, it is possible to take advantage of alternatives that then lead to the same goal.

As I already mentioned at the beginning of the tutorial, however, try to take this information for what it is, that is, informative. Harming a person’s privacy, even if with completely harmless intentions, is never pleasant.

Instagram Follow-up Section

come vedere gli ultimi seguiti di un profilo Instagram sezione Seguiti like e hashtag

The first method you can use to see the latest followers of an Instagram profile is the “ Followers ” section. In fact, you must know that from this menu you will be able to see all the accounts that a person follows, even if not always in chronological order . This can be a great way to start your search, especially if the account is small.

You have to keep in mind, however, that this path is not always viable. If you are going to go through the “Followed” section of a private account , in fact, you will have to follow it first. This is not necessary for a public profile. Similarly, however, you will also be able to view hashtags followed. See the guide on how to follow Instagram hashtags for more information.

To do so, first unlock your smartphone, open Instagram and go to the dashboard of the profile you want to check. Here, tap on Followed (top right), where the number of accounts in the user’s list is also indicated. Once you open the page, you will have free access to the complete list of Instagram profiles followed.

In case of hashtags followed, you will also find the entry Hashtag at the top of the page. Inside, there are all the interactive topics (yes, hashtags are nothing more than topics) that that particular user is a follower of.

Monitor the counter of followers and following

come vedere gli ultimi seguiti di un profilo Instagram conteggio follower e following

The method I showed you in the previous paragraph allows you to check all the profiles followed on Instagram, but it does not give you information on the changes that occur over time . In fact, it may happen that a user stops following some profiles or instead follows new ones.

In this case, I recommend that you keep an eye on the follower and follow counter , which you can find on the main page of the account.

come vedere gli ultimi seguiti di un profilo Instagram app Follower Analyzer

But since you have to write down the numbers every time and check the names in both lists, I decided to recommend a method alternative, much easier to use. The free app called “ Follower Analyzer for Instagram “, available for Android at this Google Play address, allows you to keep track of the followers of a profile without any particular effort.

Once installed and opened, connect your Instagram account by logging in. Don’t worry, it is a safe application that does not involve risks for your privacy. After that, click on the total of followers or users you follow. On the next page, locate and tap the profile you are interested in. Then, tap on the Analize.

button. most followed profiles . You will also be able to view a very convenient graph with the trend of likes received.

On iOS , however, there are fewer applications that can perform this task in the right way. You could try IG Analyzer , available at this App Store address. I consider it an interesting app, but unfortunately, it allows you to have information only related to your profile.

Alternatively, if you connect from PC , or in any case via browser , you may be using IG Audit . This online tool, which you can easily find by searching the web, allows you to analyze all the interactions of a public profile, providing you with a detailed follower chart. For other apps, instead, try to consult the guide on how to discover a fake Instagram profile.

come vedere gli ultimi seguiti di un profilo Instagram commenti

Another method that allows you to see interactions on Instagram, often left in second plan because unknown, provides for the control of comments in posts . In fact, these are not randomly ordered, at least in the part that appears in preview.

As happens on Facebook, the first comments are those of the users who interact most with that certain profile, or in any case those related to known profiles, or even those with the most likes. Right after that, there are (usually) the names of the people who comment for the first time or in any case those of emerging accounts and / or related to your circles (in common with that profile).

However elementary , therefore, this little trick could make you understand who is following that profile the most and who is following it in the short time. A bit like the order of Instagram stories views.

Checking the like list in a post

come vedere gli ultimi seguiti di un profilo Instagram ricerca nei mi piace

A few more paragraphs come on, I told you that it is no longer possible to see how many likes a photo or video gets overall (as long as you are not the creator). Instagram has in fact vetoed this practice, but allowing access to the list of profiles that have left the like .

Let’s face it: in a profile with thousands of daily interactions, this data would be almost useless, because you would have to manually scroll through all the users in the list or in any case search for them. In a more modest profile, however, it is much easier to find out who leaves like on Instagram. Especially if you have any suspicions about the interaction between two profiles, with the follower search within the likes you could come to know many things.

To proceed in this sense, open the Instagram app and go to the post you want to analyze. Here, you have to tap on the “ And others ” option, located next to “ People who like it “. This will open the infamous likes list I just told you about. At the top, there is a search bar , where by entering the name or nickname of a user, you can check if this has left the like on the photo or video.

Likewise, from this page you can follow directly the users who have liked them (by clicking on the blue “Follow” button), or find out if some of them are already following them.

See all the activities of an Instagram account

come vedere gli ultimi seguiti di un profilo Instagram app spia

There is also another method to check the activities of an Instagram account and allows you to log in also to Direct messages, videos, sent photos and voice messages. I tell you right away, however, that this procedure goes beyond the thin thread that divides curiosity from the violation of privacy. So try to take this information as purely illustrative and know that you too could fall victim to this mechanism.

spy apps , however illegal, have always been of almost compulsive interest for many users. These allow you to collect data from a PC, tablet or smartphone by accessing it anonymously remotely. Among the most famous, there is the parental control app called Spyzie , really powerful, but still illegal if used without the consent of the victim.

In addition to Instagram, Spyzie allows you to capture a lot of other information, such as WhatsApp messages, call history and internet history. However, once this application is installed on the target mobile phone, it can be made invisible, although it remains active in the background.

Alternatively, many attackers use a keylogger to track everything is typed on the keyboard. It is a spying software that, once installed, acts quietly and allows you to remotely control all the activities of a user.

If you want to deepen the subject and also understand how to defend yourself from these apps, I recommend that you consult my guide on how to spy on Instagram. Inside it, you can find all the information you need.

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