How to see who blocked you on Instagram

How to see who blocked you on Instagram

Opening the Instagram app daily, it allows you to follow the activities shared by your followers and also monitor the stories and private messages that reach your profile via Instagram Direct. Precisely because you check the Instagram feed often, you may have discovered that, for a few days, you no longer see any updates or any story of a particular user, known to be very active on social networks. What could have happened? Could it have blocked you for something you said or shared on Instagram?

If these doubts have been tormenting you for a while, I warn you that you have come to the right guide: with my help, you will discover how to see who blocked you on Instagram , so as to evaluate whether the block concerns only you, some of the elements you can share on the photographic social network or if the user’s profile has become really inaccessible. If you made a mistake without realizing it, perhaps you still have time to recover the follower or a friendship.


Who can be blocked on Instagram

come vedere chi ti ha bloccato su Instagram

At present, all accounts present on Instagram can be blocked, regardless of the active privacy level: both public accounts that private ones can be banned.

If your profile is personal or business, it does not mean that you can be blacklisted by a friend, a follower you know in person or even a user that does not follow you and does not view your profile.

So, if you were thinking of making your Instagram profile private so as not to be banned and to control others undisturbed, you made a mistake. In fact, this account is still subject to blocking.

How to know if you’ve been blocked on Instagram

One of the most obvious signs to see if they’ve blocked you on Instagram is when you visit the profile of the user you suspect has blocked you: in this case, you should only be able to see the generic information , without displaying no content .

Other signs to check that the block is active or not are:

  • Like : you should not be able to see the likes that the user has left;
  • Activity status : the Active status / currently not visible, without any recent updates;
  • Stories : if the blocking of stories is also active, you will not have access to that contact’s timed content feed, and therefore you will not see any update in this sense;
  • Direct : even the messages you exchanged will not be visible, just as the last access time will not be shown under the name of the user in the Di rect.

If you find yourself in two or more of these cases, it is very likely that the user you are trying to contact (or whose profile you are monitoring) has blocked you for some reason.

What you see if you have been blocked on Instagram

But what you see in the concrete when you are blocked on Instagram? In order to better understand how the blocking works, in the following two insights, I will tell you how a profile looks when it has been excluded from the Direct chat and when it has been completely banned.

I suggest you read these paragraphs, and then compare everything with your situation and understand if you have been blocked on Instagram.

Blocked only in Direct

come vedere chi ti ha bloccato su Instagram nei Direct

If you can see the posts on the social network but you no longer see the messages in the Direct , the chat screen will appear blank, and therefore devoid of messages, photos or other media files that have been shared.

In this case, in fact, you may have been blocked only in Instagram Direct (a bit like when you block only on Messenger). The partial block can be activated by anyone by opening the user’s chat, pressing on the symbol in the shape of i and then on the button Block.

Currently , this feature is only available on iPhone. While on Android, it is possible to block the user completely (so the block will be active both on the profile and on the Direct). For more information, read how to block a person on Instagram.

Viewing posts and stories blocked

come vedere chi ti ha bloccato su Instagram utente non trovato

If you suspect that you have been completely blocked by the follower you follow on Instagram, the profile screen will be invisible . You will not be able to search or open the user’s profile, as Instagram will report him as “ User not found “. In fact, it will not even be possible to start a search by name or nickname, since it is as if this person has removed himself from the social network (although, in reality, it may not be so).

In case in which it was you to block a public profile , you would be able to view the shared posts ; if his profile was private , you would not be able to see anything anymore. This statement is also true in reverse: if you think that a user has blocked you, keeping your public profile, he could still spy on your profile with a second account or by connecting to the dashboard (via search).

How to know if we’re mutually blocked on Instagram

This is by far the hardest thing to prove: since neither user is visible to the other once blocked, you have both become invisible to each other .

To find out if you’ve actually been blocked on Instagram, in this case, you should scroll through the list of users you’ve blocked on the social network (as I’ll show you below), unblock the user temporarily and see if you can add or follow him yourself (as recommended above).

If there are no actions or options available, then, it would mean that the user has blocked you at his time.

How to know if Instagram blocked you

Unfortunately, sometimes it can happen that it’s Instagram to block you from performing certain actions or seeing certain content. If so, it may seem like someone has banned you, but in reality, that’s not true.

To find out if Instagram blocked you, check if you can access profiles, send Direct or post new content following these criteria:

  • After waiting 1 or 2 hours without opening Instagram;
  • After waiting more than a week without opening Instagram ;
  • After updating the app.

If you can do things without problems following these guidelines, then it would mean that the ban was temporary or there was some problem with the application. However, if the problem continues to arise, it may take longer. In this regard, I suggest you read the guide related to the Instagram blocked action.

How to see who I blocked on Instagram

come vedere chi ti ha bloccato su Instagram lista utenti bannati

If you wanted to check which people you have banned on Instagram, perhaps to decide who to re-establish communications with, you could do it simply using the application.

Proceed by opening Instagram and moving to your profile . From there, click on the three horizontal lines , follow the path Settings> Privacy and choose the Blocked Accounts option. On this screen, you will see the names of all the people you have banned on Instagram over time.

I remind you that you can only check this via your Android / iOS smartphone or tablet. At the time of writing, in fact, it is not possible to access this list through the Web application of the social network (unless you use the mobile version of the website).

What to do to remove the ban from an Instagram user

Have you had second thoughts about a banned user? Do you want to see if the other user has also blocked you or do you want to remedy a block activated by mistake? In such cases, you may remove the profiles from the blacklist that you looked at earlier.

You can also remove the block just temporarily . However, remember that, after each release, you must always press the Follow button on the person’s profile, especially if they have a private profile, accessible only after approval. For more information, read how to unblock people on Instagram.

What to do if you’ve been blocked on Instagram

If you realize you’ve been blocked on Instagram and want to find out why, first contact the person who has performed this action against you, especially if it is a relative or a close friend: by talking to us or writing a message on another social network or in a chat (for example on WhatsApp or Telegram), you would be able to understand why has decided to block you on Instagram, so that you can understand your mistake and apologize in case.

On the other hand, if you don’t know the subject, or in any case it was a Page, you could always avoid the block by creating a second Instagram account, or even watching the stories secretly. However, I strongly advise you not to follow this path: if that user has performed this action against you, he will have had his reasons for him (although these may be wrong in your opinion); therefore, it would be better not to disturb his privacy. You could instead dedicate your thoughts to the followers who still follow you.

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