How to see who is sharing Instagram Stories

How to see who is sharing Instagram Stories

By now you should know: the defense of privacy and regular attendance of social networks are not exactly “love and agreement”. Not only could someone hack you on Instagram and spy on what you do, but there is also the serious risk that some users could share your content by pretending to be their own. In short, a clear violation of copyright, which could also be a violation of privacy. If, for example, you are concerned that someone is misusing your media, you may be wondering how to see who is sharing Instagram Stories . Well, if so, know that you have come to the right place.

Like you, in fact, I too have a passion for the defense of privacy, and I am very careful about what happens on social networks. Over the years, I have thus developed a sort of “scheme”, which helps me understand what happens in my profiles, discovering who are the users who repeatedly look at my content and which of them, on the other hand, downloads the photos and videos that I publish in timed content. I decided to share my experience with you: in the next paragraphs, therefore, I will explain how to understand if someone repost your IG stories and, above all, how to find out their name, so that you can try to stem this behavior. . I state that, until recently, it was possible to understand who had taken the screenshot of an IG story. The function has since been removed and introduced several times, and at the time of writing it is not usable, otherwise it would have been quite simple to succeed.


Can Instagram Stories be shared?

come vedere chi condivide le storie di Instagram

The first question you need to ask yourself before tackling this article is if you can share Instagram Stories.. Although in the introduction I have already hinted that this procedure is available, this does not mean that it is an action available to everyone in any case.

You must know that, for some time now part, the advanced privacy controls have made their entrance on any application, including social networks. In fact, the development teams thought it best to leave the user the ability to decide who can see their content and who can share it. It follows, therefore, that the sharing of Instagram stories may not be available based on the selected privacy settings.

Similarly, if a profile is private , it could be particularly difficult to access published content, including IG stories. If you were inclined to a similar choice, then, I suggest you also read the guide in which I explained how to put the private IG profile. In it, you would also find the unfavorable aspects related to this procedure.

Why is sharing of Instagram stories limited?

If you think everything that you post on Instagram can be viewed globally, or in any case in a public way, I immediately warn you that, probably, you will have to revise your way of thinking. As I have already mentioned to you, in fact, especially in the last period, social networks have placed particular emphasis on the issue of privacy . This means that users are given the opportunity to decide which content to share.

As for the Instagram stories then, the policy developed is even more stringent. Not everyone can re-share what is loaded in this particular category. This possibility is only given to users tagged in IG stories, which inevitably become “co-owners of the image”.

Moreover, it must be said that stories are more sensitive content than posts , which recount the events that took place over a period of 24 hours. And therefore, in most cases, there is no reason that a follower has an interest in sharing this content on their profile.

Always remember therefore that, at least officially, this type of content can be shared only in case of tag .

How to find out who shared an Instagram story

After analyzing the theoretical part, you can move on to that practice. As you have learned by now, in fact, there are hardly any rules in the digital world that cannot be “broken”. This is also true for sharing Instagram stories. This means that, in addition to the official method, there are others that allow you to download images and videos in time without the user being aware of them.

Precisely for this reason, in the next paragraphs, we will see together how to find out who shared an Instagram story . To do this, we will rely on some indirect methods, which will allow, with a modicum of patience, to identify the author of this action. Read on to learn more.

Tagged Stories

come vedere chi condivide le storie di Instagram storie con tag

The only way Instagram allows to regram stories , it passes from your “willingness” to share them with others . As I told you a few paragraphs above, if you add the tag of some of your followers within a story, the tagged user will have the opportunity to share it in turn.

The tagged person, in fact, will receive a Direct message with the notification of the tag and will have the possibility to repost the story directly from the Instagram messaging platform.

Therefore, you could easily understand if the other person has shared the timed Instagram content that you “reported” to him: you just need to check their stories . By viewing the photo or video that was posted in their Stories feed, you may also understand if other users have been tagged . And if so, just follow them , in order to find out if they have already shared it themselves or not.

Stories downloaded or captured on screen

come vedere chi condivide le storie di Instagram visualizzazioni storia

In addition to the method I just showed you, which is the official one for sharing an Instagram story, there are others that allow download the image directly or take a screenshot . Some online services, such as “StoriesIG” or “Story Saver for Instagram”, allow you to download public Instagram stories. This complicates things considerably, because such a procedure will not leave any trace on your profile . Unlike the previous case, in fact, you will not receive any notification of mention.

To find who shares Instagram stories in this way, therefore, you will have to be smart. One of the clues that could point you in the right direction is the display order of Instagram stories . Through the special counter of views, in fact, you will be able to find out who has connected to your profile to see the feed of the stories.

The users in the first position will be the “main suspects “. You could go to their profile or shared WhatsApp groups to see if they shared your story without telling you. It is also true, however, that the photograph or video in question may have been shared elsewhere, or otherwise saved locally.

Stories posted by others

come vedere chi condivide le storie di Instagram esempio di ricerca follower

You think someone secretly shared another account’s story, would you like to help, but you don’t know who it is ? It will be a bit difficult to find out, even if I have some suspicions. Unfortunately, you can’t have access to views of an account you don’t manage , even if it’s public. However, you could use an alternative method to find some more information about what happened.

Especially if the account in question had few followers, or in any case if you knew the username of some of the “suspects”, you could scroll through his follower list . In it, there is also the Search function, which will allow you to search for a name in the list.

Once you have identified the follower, just tap on him to connect to his profile page and follow it . You will then be able to view the feed of his stories to understand if it is he who shared the Instagram story that did not belong to him.

This way, you could get a better idea and find out if what you noticed is just a coincidence or not. To further expand the chances of success, however, I recommend that you also search on other social networks, for example on Facebook, where stories are available with a mechanism very similar to that of Instagram.

How to prevent sharing an Instagram story

come vedere chi condivide le storie di Instagram lista amici più stretti

Now that you understand how to see who shares Instagram stories, maybe you have the desire to stem this practice and secure your content . You must understand that, although most of the multimedia content published is completely harmless, it could still allow an attacker to use your digital identity in certain circumstances.

In this case, the “ways” to follow are mainly two:

  • The first, plans to make the Instagram profile private . But I must tell you that, even in this case, there would always be a remote possibility that someone will be able to access your content, for example by using a bogus secondary account. Read how to see private Instagram profiles without following them for more information;
  • Alternatively, you can decide to share Instagram stories by creating a list of closest friends . Since the social network has made this possibility available to users, privacy has increased significantly. In fact, by posting a story in this hidden list, nobody could download it anonymously , even if your profile was public. To learn more, read the guide in which I explained how to create a list of closest friends on Instagram.

By doing this, you will be able to protect your most sensitive posts in the Instagram Stories feed .

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