How to Sell Artisan and Handmade Products on Instagram

How to Sell Artisan and Handmade Products on Instagram

Have you made some handcrafted products and now you want to sell them online? As we have had the opportunity to summarize on so many occasions over the past few weeks, Instagram can definitely help you out.

The most famous photographic social network in the world is in fact an excellent point of reference if you want to enrich your commercial promotion strategy with a new direct and appreciated channel … as long as you provide the right added value!

But how can you sell artisanal and handmade products on Instagram ? The answer is quite simple: to work a little more on marketing on this social media, taking care of every step you take in a dedicated and careful way. Let’s see together the steps we recommend you take!


Focus all attention on the need to build quality content that is interesting, original and informative. Of course, don’t lose sight of the fact that you have to sell your product on the social network, promoting it in the most appropriate way. However, we advise you not to disdain the opportunity to alternate “real” promotional content with other content that can help you retain your target, such as the one mentioned several times (in recent weeks, on this site!) chance to show some “behind the scenes”.

The photographs

Once you have chosen which content to produce, make sure that the photographs that will accompany the captions and purchase links are of the highest quality! Also in this sense, we have repeatedly highlighted how you can do in order to use higher quality photographs in some of our recent focuses: we therefore refer you to those in-depth studies to be able to know more!

The target

When you structure the contents, try to address yourself clearly to a target audience : we have also said about the identification of the target several times in the past, providing you with some guidelines to be able to divide wide in niches to which you can turn your attention in a more dedicated way.

The authority

Develop the right authority, nurturing the best credibility, relating clearly and transparently to your target audience. Try to maintain relationships with your target, stimulate interactions, respond to comments and always be available to those who are or could be your new customers.

If you have acted correctly in the above ways, you will be able to fully exploit the potential that Instagram can guarantee you, feeding concrete added values ​​both in terms of direct sales and in terms of indirect sales.

Of course, you will hardly be able to sell your artisan products basing every effort on this channel only: therefore try to conceive your commitment on Instagram remembering that you will have to integrate it and make it synergistic with the other channels you will use in order to reach your target.

What do you think? Have you ever tried to sell your artisanal and handmade products on Instagram? What techniques did you use to achieve the best results?


The most important tips for seeing your products on Instagram

Having clarified the above, we try to share with you in these few lines some of the best tips to be able to sell your handmade products on Instagram.

Keep in mind that, with a billion active users behind it, Instagram has quickly become the go-to social media platform for artisans who want to reach new audiences and, consequently, boost their sales through this digital channel.

The platform is reshaping the way we consume and buy products, and many creatives use it to build awareness of their brand and to promote their products, directly or indirectly, sometimes giving up the need to find dealers.

On this basis of evaluation, we can only take another small step forward to try to understand how to use Instagram to engage the public, build your image and sell your work .

Take a look at these practical tips: you will certainly need them to further improve your presence on Instagram and make your business more effective and incisive!

Take the best pictures

On an image-based platform like Instagram… images can only be the key to your success. But what does all this mean?

It’s very simple: You need to make sure your photos are well lit, framed and in style, and free of any kind of artistic flaw.

For example, avoid “streaked” lighting and shades of yellow, which are difficult to filter out. Instead, keep in mind that Instagram is ideal for highlighting details such as micro glitter, engraved lettering, hand-bent acrylics and detail elements that sparkle or contrast.

What we have just mentioned then leads us to a piece of advice that you should take very seriously: even if it may seem superfluous in these early stages of approaching the professional use of the platform, invest a part of your budget in a camera and a professional goal.

Once you are familiar with the material that will allow you to take quality photos, start changing the subject. Do not dwell only on the images of your products but … try to reveal the “behind the scenes”. For example, the images that show the craftsman at work are very popular: a real trick to really attract people’s attention.

Find your “tone” and respect it

Creating images, photos and captions with your own personal and unique tone will immediately create a sense of familiarity that will attract and keep your followers longer and deeper. Remember that Instagram users are much more interested in following a person, rather than a brand.

In this area, there is no style that is “better” than the others. Try to be spontaneous, in line with the message you want your brand to have.

Use your tone and style not only to be able to talk about your products, their characteristics and their peculiarities, but also to share information about their processes, behind the scenes stories, and so on. All of these elements will make you more relationship-prone, and your audience will eventually get closer to you.

Write about difficulties and successes, inspire other people to create too, and you will see that the number of your followers will continue to grow!

Create a dialogue with your followers

As much as possible, it’s always helpful to create a good dialogue with your followers. In other words, it is worth replying to comments, messages and labels on the images, as well as finding ways to start a friendly and effective conversation with your “followers”.

Instagram has naturally long proven to be essential for building awareness of a brand with followers nationally and internationally, and engagement with other people’s posts is also vital. So make sure you involve people and companies that do similar things to yours.

Promote other interests as well

Without exaggerating, and without making this activity your main source of sharing with followers, there is nothing wrong with promoting not only your profession on Instagram, but also your broader interests. In short, try to mix your feed with shots of your products, “behind the scenes” and things that inspire you. You could also indulge in a few posts about your tastes in music, food, and so on. It will allow you to share your more “human” image and create new sources of connection with your followers, who often love not only to buy from an independent brand in the growth phase, but also from a brand made up of people who love the same music, watch the same TV shows and collaborate with causes you care about.


Create advertising content

Targeted ads can help you reach new audiences and be taken more seriously by your followers. So try to try to sell your work on Instagram in a clear way, especially if you don’t have many other channels to use (for example, you may not do exhibitions or participate in other events). In short, for these people – and maybe you are one of them – Instagram is an important part of the job. Try to use this channel to reach as many people as you think are your target and who might be interested in owning your work. So promote your products, the artisan workshops you collaborate with, and so on.

Don’t forget to use hashtags

Hashtags are useful to reach new audiences and to be easily used to spread the awareness of your works and your brand on the social channel. However, be careful: they must be selected with awareness and must be used sparingly to avoid making your captions useless and ineffective. So it’s best to calmly research which hashtags might work best and use specific scheduling applications to update and track them. Hashtags can seem like a waste of time at times, but be aware that most new followers are probably coming through hashtags.

Don’t be in a hurry

The last piece of advice we want to give you is not to be in a hurry. In doing the above we have got to summarize for you, in other words, take your time. See what else is in your industry and try to take a different approach. There are more and more people trying to grow their business online, but many of their messages are obviously boring or just for sale. We are confident that you can do much more than that, and set an approach that is much more effective!

Speaking of “don’t be in a hurry,” also keep in mind that new companies take a long time to build their following audience. So you could see very slow growth for several months, and then suddenly have a spike in subscribers in a few days. This is completely normal and, often, you will notice that the growth of your followers follows poorly predictable logic!

In short, rather than chasing immediate results, it is important to plan for slow and steady growth over time. Growing organically means building a loyal following of people who will follow you everywhere. But why is it so important to maintain customer loyalty, and manage your relationships with quality?

It’s very simple. Should Instagram hypothetically be deleted overnight, you can be sure that they will want to keep in touch with you and will look for you in other ways.

Ask for help from a professional

One last piece of advice we want to give you is the most trivial one: if you feel that you cannot manage all the above activities correctly, there is nothing better to do than to resort to the help of a professional, a consultant or a web agency that can conduct these initiatives for you and, probably, with better results.

In fact, keep in mind that the conduct of a marketing strategy that can also rely with conviction on the management of social channels is anything but simple to plan and implement, and therefore to be able to have a professional in this area in your team it is certainly an added value of great importance.

At this point, we can only encourage you to share your thoughts and experiences using the comment space, which you can find below.

It will be the right opportunity to talk about this and other related topics with our ScuolaEcommerce team and with our entire community. The best way to obtain practical added values ​​and resolve any doubts about the use of the best promotional and development techniques of your brand through a digital channel as important as Instagram, which more and more Italian artisans are discovering (or rediscovering!) be a truly indispensable key to success within your broader online marketing strategy!

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