How to Sell Cover on Instagram

If you are thinking of selling covers on Instagram , you should be sufficiently skilled in managing your profile with particular attention and dynamism, perhaps following the instructions we have been able to provide you over the last few weeks.

In our in-depth study today, however, we want to go a little further, and understand how you can get the best out of the sale of your covers on Instagram, by optimizing the way you take pictures! / p>

Take a photo

The first thing you need to do in order to increase your cover sales opportunities on Instagram is to take a good photo . To do this, you can use the internal application directly (although not mandatory, since you can upload images directly from the smartphone gallery).

Apply a filter

One of the reasons that made Instagram so popular is the ability to apply dozens of filters to your images, whether you have had the opportunity to shoot them with your smartphone camera or instead uploaded them from your gallery.

Of course, the choice of filter can only be due to personal preferences. Given that your goal is to sell covers, and therefore to give a reliable representation of the marketed product, we advise you not to overdo it. A little tweaking can give your covers an edge, but overdoing it is wrong!

Edit photos

In addition to the ability to apply filters , Instagram also allows you to customize the photo by editing it with different features that aim to guarantee you an even more captivating finished result!

For example, you can choose the self-leveling function, or the options that will change the sharpness, brightness , and so on. “Playing” with these features is really very simple, but in our opinion it would still be advisable not to overdo it.

Save and publish the photos

Once you have the photo you want, all you have to do is save it and publish it on the social network profile, thus giving (potential) millions of users the opportunity to see it.

Here, remember to insert a description of the photo, or a title, and again the hashtags : we have already remembered not too many days ago how important it is to try to provide useful information within the photo caption, and we are sure that you will understand how functional it can be for your commercial needs to indicate models, versions and perhaps insert a URL for the direct purchase of the cover.

At this point, all you have to do is upload your collection of covers, or maybe just the new ones or those you want to market more vigorously, into your Instagram profile.

Follow the instructions we have had the opportunity to share with you in recent days in relation to the generality of the products and services to be sold on Instagram, and we are sure that good results will not be long in coming!

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