How to set or configure an Instagram account to be private or hide my Instagram profile

How to set or configure an Instagram account to be private or hide my Instagram profile

One of the most important things about social media is privacy. If we do not configure the privacy of said social network correctly, anyone can see all our photos. Generally, we just create an Instagram account, it is configured by default as public . But the ideal is that it is in private so that only the people who follow us can appreciate everything we upload, for this we show you how to configure your account as private and hide your Instagram profile.

How to put my Private Instagram Account 2021? Android and iOS

Instagram has thousands and thousands of followers worldwide, continues to grow but being a social network We must also be careful with the photos that we publish, we can also configure the privacy of our activity.

Because everyone would have access to it if we do not take the proper preventions in our profile and shared data.

In turn, when we have a private account we can accept or delete requests from other people who want to follow us. In this way we can keep track of who are those who see our photos and who follow us. Because privacy in this social network is essential and you have to take this into account for safety.

How to make my Instagram account private?

Privacy is essential in all social media. In this way we prevent anyone we do not know or even know from being able to visualize all the things that we upload to it, to achieve this we must configure the account as private, so we can hide our profile on Instagram.

cambiar cuenta privada instagram

To prevent our photographs and all the data we publish from being in the hands of people who we do not want to be we must select who can see our Instagram profile .

  • The first thing we you will have to do is open the application from your mobile phone.
  • After this you will have to go to your profile. You can do it by pressing in the bust that is in the lower right part of the screen.
  • Now you have to press on the three points that are in the upper part of the screen.
  • After this a pop-up menu opens and you will have to click on “Settings” and you must go to where it says “Private account” which by default comes deactivated as we mentioned before.
  • When you slide the button to the right, a confirmation message appears. You simply confirm and voila, you have your private account. You will see that the icon that was previously gray is now in another color.

After making these changes no one who is not following you will be able to see your photos Neither are Instagram stories. Also, every time someone sends you a request to follow you, you can confirm if you want to accept it or not.

How to put a private account on Instagram

How to prevent them from seeing my photos and Instagram content

After setting your profile to private, only your followers can see your photos. However, if you want to go further and block a user that you do not want to see your content then go to their profile, tap on the options button and choose to block from the menu that appears. That way they will no longer be able to view or comment on your content.

In addition to photos and videos, stories are perhaps the most popular option in the app. If you also want to prevent someone from seeing them, go to the settings or settings menu, then choose story settings or story controls and you will see an option called hide story, here you can choose the name of the user who You don’t want them to see your content, so even when they can enter your profile, they won’t see the stories you upload.

configurar privacidad historias

How do I verify that I have made the Instagram account private

You will make sure that privacy has been activated because the color of the button will differentiate it , if it changes to gray, when it has changed your profile is private.

Because if it does not change color, your account will still be active to all audiences and it is not what you want to happen.

Instagram is managed by followers, you People who want to contact you will send requests and you decide if you accept them or not.

By placing the account restrictions pri vada will only be able to see your photos those people you accept as followers.

They will be able to see your profile without any inconvenience, you should know that the photos you publish will see them all your followers.

That is why you must be selective with whom you accept and also with the type of photographs you want them to see. You can also modify your settings so that Instagram does not show your profile within the suggestions of new contacts.

evitar perfil aparezca sugerencias

It is different when you have contacts added and you no longer want them to see what you post In that case, you must block the follower on Instagram, but that is another procedure.

If you wish to activate your Instagram account again at another time, You can do it so that all public can see it.

What to do to make my Instagram profile public again

Again repeat the previous steps of make the account private But this time make sure that the privatize account color is not grayed out so that it is active again.

All your photos will be accessible to all public and all your contacts or your followers will be able to see your posts daily.

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