How to share a story on Instagram

How to share a story on Instagram

Collaboration with other users is absolutely to be encouraged, in order to increase the number of interactions and to exploit word of mouth among users as much as possible. That’s why I decided to dedicate an entire guide to how to share an Instagram story on your profile, an action that could make a decisive contribution to the acquisition of new followers. In fact, Instagram stories can be reposted in the form of posts, they can be highlighted, or again, it is possible to repost those shared by other people or Pages.

In short, as you have understood, also in this case, Instagram proves to be an extremely layered social network in the functions it makes available to its users. Among other things, recently, a friend contacted me precisely to repost the stories on his profile. So, I decided to “catch the ball” and dedicate a guide to the topic as exhaustive as possible. However, I advise you to honor the copyright on original content proposed by influencers since, in addition to being ethically incorrect, not citing the sources of the content you publish could lead to unpleasant penalties (up to the deletion of your account). In any case, the guide is published for informational purposes.


How sharing in Instagram stories works

come condividere una storia su Instagram

The Instagram Stories have a very aggressive appeal on users. Whether it is for the immediacy of access or for the ease of “packaging content”, the stories have in fact revolutionized the communication style of influencers and companies. It is therefore not surprising the importance of in-depth knowledge of the mechanisms that allow you to make the most of this service.

The stories can in fact be shared with other users, yes, but how? Well, the platform gives the possibility to:

  • Share the stories of public profiles of others via Direct message that can be sent to your friends;
  • Share on your own Stories feed a Story you are tagged in by the author;
  • Share IG stories privately you have shot with your contacts again before having uploaded them in the appropriate section on Instagram.

There are also services offered by independent developers (applications for Android or iOS and browser extensions, which I will talk about in a few paragraphs) that allow you to download and share stories (attentive to copyright!) regardless of the author’s wishes.

In short, as you may have noticed, the panorama of possibilities is quite wide, and therefore I will try to “dissect” each point in a clear and simple way.

Repost Stories of others

To share an Instagram Story c created by your contact, you have two options: the first, simpler and integrated within Instagram, allows you to re-share a story via an interactive Direct message ; the second, which involves automatisms, makes use of apps developed by third parties .

I have already talked about these methods in detail in the guide dedicated to how to share the stories of others on Instagram. So, here I will keep more concise, and rather show you the operation of one of the applications currently most used to download Stories (which you will find in the following paragraphs).

In both cases, however, I reiterate the recommendation made in the introduction of the tutorial: in order to avoid violating the conditions of use of Instagram, I advise you to inform the author of your willingness to share his intellectual property . It is always better to waste a few tens of seconds to be ethically correct, than to risk having trouble.

Share Stories in which you have been tagged

come condividere una storia su Instagram tag nei messaggi Direct

For some time now, it has been possible to share an Instagram Story of others in which you have been tagged . In fact, if a follower of yours or someone you follow were to insert a tag in the IG Stories containing your name, they would be notified via Direct message .

This way, you would easily succeed to re-share the Story within your profile. You should just tap the message , make some changes to the Story in question (to your liking, using the multimedia editor) and then re-share it by pressing the “ Your History “.

Mind you: I did not find it useful to distinguish between the Android or iOS operating systems since, in fact, the procedure I have just stated depends exclusively on the application and is therefore valid for all types of smartphones and tablets.

Apps and services for reposting Stories

come condividere una storia su Instagram opzioni di condivisione

As anticipated, there is also a second method that broadens the range of sharing possibilities, also overcoming the obstacle of the optional sharing limitations made available to the platform.

I refer, in particular, to possibility offered by Instagram to restrict the privacy relating to the Stories which, as you can see from the the screen I attached, may concern:

  • Re-sharing in stories: If, as in my case, the owner of the profile allowed re-sharing in stories, other people could add the posts in their feed and IGTV videos to their stories always bearing the username of the author;
  • Sharing : Allows followers to share photos and videos of your story in Direct messages while remaining anonymous, which means that the author of the story will see that it has been shared, but not will know by whom.

The applications and browser extensions that I will mention allow for example to repost stories in which you have not been tagged , after downloading the on your phone, tablet or PC.

Among the free apps to repost from smartphones and tablets most used, at the time of writing, there are:

There are also other free online services , therefore usable from PC, which allow you to repost, namely:

Or again, you can use free extensions for Chrome or Firefox , such as:

  • IG Stories for Instagram ;
  • Video DownloadHelper .

Some of the services I mentioned (StoriesIG above all) also allow you to see the IG Stories without having an Instagram account and eventually allow you to download them on your PC.

By doing this, it will be possible to upload a story of others to your profile, but always in compliance with copyright. Using your computer, you can do it through the Instagram desktop application for Windows 10, or even through the browser version called Instagram web.

Story Saver for Instagram for Android devices

come condividere una storia su Instagram app Story Saver for IG

Here is a small example of the potential of one of the applications I mentioned above: Story Saver for Instagram. After downloading the application from the Google Play Store, you will need to log in with your Instagram account.

Once logged in, you will be presented with a screen rather simple initial, within which you can scroll through the list of Stories uploaded by your contacts in order of time, from the most recent to the oldest (from top to bottom). By tapping and dragging the screen down, you will be able to update it to stay on track with new releases.

How do you say? Are you wondering what operations you can do thanks to Story Saver? Tap on the name of the influencer you are interested in, so as to have access to a screen containing all the stories of the previous 24 hours. Immediately after, tap on one of them and choose one of the following options:

  • Save – to download the story;
  • Share – to share it via e-mail or on third-party apps (for example WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Telegram);
  • Repost – to share it in Stories, Direct or on your feed;
  • Play – simply to see it.

Using one of these options, you will therefore be able to share an Instagram story in a really simple way.

Repost of your own Stories

You may be wondering how to share an Instagram Story for other reasons as well. For example, you may have created a particularly beautiful Story so you would be sorry if it disappeared after the canonical 24 hours, or you may want to publish a Story as a post. Somehow, therefore, you would like to repost your Stories .

Don’t worry, if you want to take a few more minutes, I will offer you some quick solutions for these cases as well .

come condividere una storia su Instagram storie in evidenza

Sharing your Stories in the main section of your Instagram profile is really simple. Moreover, this allows you to “break” the limit of 24 hours. In fact, once you have featured an Instagram Story , the content will remain visible forever within your profile (until you decide to delete it on your own).

To pin a story in the profile description, first you need to open the Instagram app and access your profile section. You can do this by pressing the icon bearing a half-length (bottom right) and tapping the New button (you will recognize it by the “+” sign in the center of a circle), which appears under the heading “Featured content of the Story”.

In that section, you have to choose the Stories you prefer to show to those who look at your Instagram profile. By doing so, the social network will set the multimedia content selected in the appropriate section, thus putting it “in the window”.

As an alternative, still from your profile, you could press on the icon in the shape of a clock stylized (top) and access the Stories archive . Even from there, in fact, you would be able to choose those to be fixed in the profile.

Stories as post

If you want to share Instagram story as a post , you have to do it differently. Regardless of the type of content you want to turn into a post, you’ll first need to save to your iPhone Camera Roll or Android Gallery.

Once that’s done, you just need to create a new post directly from the Instagram app, customize it and share it with friends or followers, as you usually do with all your original content.

Story sharing from Instagram to Facebook

come condividere una storia su Instagram condivisione automatica su Facebook

Stories sharing isn’t limited to Instagram alone. In fact, it is possible to repost these contents also on Facebook , and moreover in a completely automatic way (therefore provided by the social network).

You can do this by activating the appropriate function shown in the screenshot. The precise path of the settings to be activated resides in Profile> Menu> Settings> Privacy> History> Share your story on Facebook .

Alternatively, you can download the story in question and then upload later to Facebook.

I suggest you use this last method only for occasional sharing. To find out more, I refer you to the guide I wrote specifically, in which I explain how to share Instagram stories on Facebook.

Share Instagram stories with music

come condividere una storia su Instagram esempio adesivo musica

How nice would it be to be able to associate our favorite songs with the images that accompany us in our daily life? Well, in this regard, you should know that the social network already provides a similar option.

All you have to do is use the music sticker . It is an interactive sticker that allows you to cut out parts of music tracks to then insert into your Instagram Stories. I can tell you that there has always been interest in this function. If you want to learn more, then, I suggest you take a look at the tutorial in which I explained how to put music in Instagram stories.

Sharing Instagram stories on WhatsApp

come condividere una storia su Instagram condivisione in uno stato WhatsApp

As anticipated, sharing Instagram stories on Facebook is really simple thanks to the integrated function in the app I mentioned above. Unfortunately, at least for now, it’s not that easy to do this in WhatsApp status updates . However, it must be said that the absence of a link for direct sharing of Instagram stories on WhatsApp does not make the operation impossible at all. Indeed, just arm yourself with a little patience.

If you are the author of the story , then it will be enough for you download the content from Instagram ( whether it’s a photo or a video, it doesn’t matter), access WhatsApp and, in particular, touch the Status.

tab On that screen, tap the Add State option. By doing so, when you open the camera , in the lower part of the screen (dedicated to the archive of the contents of the Gallery or the Camera Roll), you will notice the photo or the video you just downloaded. Select the content you are interested in and share it between WhatsApp states.

If, on the other hand, you are not the author of the story , I invite you to use one of the services listed in the paragraph “Apps and services for reposting Stories”. After downloading one of the multimedia contents in the gallery or in your device’s Camera Roll, you can easily share it on WhatsApp too.

Sharing Instagram Stories in Stories

come condividere una storia su Instagram archivio storie

Assuming that you intend to re-share a story published in the past (recent or distant), you can do it quite easily, by accessing the Instagram section dedicated to the Content Archive . You can find it by accessing the app and following the path Profile> Menu> Archive .

If, on the other hand, you have highlighted some of the previously shared Stories, they will appear in the middle of the screen dedicated to your Profile.

In both cases, however, to reshare the story it will be enough select it , tap on Share , edit the content as you wish and then tap on the option called “ Your story ”.

Sharing Instagram stories only with one person

come condividere una storia su Instagram lista amici più stretti

Let’s assume that you want to send a “signal” to the person you like, or rather, that the attentions of some of your followers are not all appreciated, so much so that you would prefer to exclude them from your daily updates. Well, even in this case, I think I can help you.

You must know, in fact, that there is a rather simple way to select who can actually access the content you publish through Stories . You can create lists , for example, or select your followers one by one, so as to add them to the “ Closest friends ” list, the latter inaccessible even to tools such as storiesig.

To insert contacts in the “Close friends” list do this:

  1. Log in to the app and tap the Profile icon (with a half bust, bottom right);
  2. Access the Menu and tap Settings ;
  3. Tap on Privacy and then on Closer friends ;
  4. Next to the header of this section, you will see the Add button. By tapping it, you will be able to select all the followers that you consider trustworthy and with whom you want to share your Stories.

come condividere una storia su Instagram tag nei messaggi Direct0

To hide stories from selected contacts , instead, follow the path: Profile> Menu> Settings> Privacy> History and tap Hide history from .

By choosing this last section, you will be able to freely select all the contacts you you want to exclude from your updates on Stories For more information, read how to hide stories on Instagram.

Sharing a video as an Instagram story

In the guide dedicated to the best story apps Instagram, I’ve already talked about some services, useful for uploading videos longer than the canonical 15 seconds of maximum duration of the individual stories. Well, as you can imagine, the applications created with the aim of overcoming this limitation are many. In this regard, I refer you to the paragraph “App for long Instagram stories” of the guide I mentioned above.

Here, I will limit myself to describing the operation of these applications in a general and concise manner. Generally, it will be sufficient to upload the video you want to share on the app. You will be given the opportunity to divide it into many small clips lasting 15 seconds each, and eventually, you can apply filters and also edit the video to your liking.

Once you have finished this simple procedure, all you have to do is upload the Stories block in the appropriate section.

Sharing Instagram doesn’t work

I end this in-depth study dedicated to how to share an Instagram story by telling you briefly about some of the typical problems that could prevent you from sharing a story on Instagram.

If you are trying to post new content, but Instagram sharing doesn’t work, try check the following:

  • That the application is properly updated;
  • Close and restart the application;
  • Check for any shadowban of your account. To find out more, take a look at the guide related to Instagram blocked action;
  • Restart your phone;
  • Try to log in to your Instagram profile from another smartphone ;
  • Check that your internet connection is working (also test via Wi-Fi connection as well as 4G packet data).

Lastly, I suggest also try to apply all the tips I gave you in the guide to solve the crash of Instagram stories. One way or another, you should be able to publish your photos or videos. This, as long as the problem is client-side.

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