How to Share Reels in Instagram Stories

How to Share Reels in Instagram Stories

With Instagram, you never get bored. Although this social network was conceived and developed to allow people from all over the world to share their photos, over time it has evolved, becoming an “articulated” tool, with which many different things can be done. One of the most recent introductions is the Reels function: these are short videos of up to 30 seconds (recorded directly with the smartphone camera or composed of several clips mounted together), characterized by music, special effects, filters and more; in the wake of TikTok – which inspired them – the Reels are creative, imaginative and fun contents.

I don’t know if you are among those who have welcomed the news with enthusiasm or among those who have not been able to do without show a hint of initial skepticism, but I’m sure you’re a big fan of the Reels today, which means you like to watch others’ and don’t miss the opportunity to publish the ones you make yourself with a lot of effort. Today, however, all this is no longer enough for you: in fact, during your daily “scrolling” sessions, you realized that many users share the Reels in the stories , and you would like to do the same too . Well, I’ll give you two good news: the first is that it is a very simple operation; while the second is that you ended up in the right place. Are you ready to get started? Well, let’s proceed.


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When you share a Reel in Instagram Stories , this will be visible to all who have access to your stories. If you have a public profile , anyone can see your stories and consequently the Reel you shared. If you have a private profile, viewing is only allowed to those who follow you. It is important to specify that, whatever privacy you have set on your account, all those users that you have blocked or to whom you have limited permissions in some way can not watch your stories.

In short, before sharing a Reel in the stories, make sure that these are visible only and exclusively to whoever you want, to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Why share a Reel

Share a Reel in the Instagram stories means giving this content more visibility than it would otherwise, whether it was posted by another user, or if it’s your work. In fact, the Instagram algorithm tends to penalize the post feed, instead giving great relevance to that of the stories. I have no doubt that you yourself spend more time switching between stories rather than sifting through posts.

The moment you share a Reel in stories, everyone who scrolls through your stories and they see the preview they can click to view it in its entirety; they can – if they believe – leave a like, comment or share the video themselves.

Sharing a Reel in stories, in a nutshell, is very useful for “making it run”. In particularly lucky cases, this simple operation can help make it even viral.

In short, my suggestion is to share in the stories the Reels of the creators you like best, but above all your own, to make sure that as many people as possible see them.

Sharing your own Reel already published

After making and publishing a Reel, you have to do a few, intuitive steps to share it. Let’s see which are differentiated according to the device used.


  1. Open the Instagram app;
  2. Go to your profile ;
  3. Scroll through your feed, until you find the Reel you are interested in;
  4. Tap the paper airplane symbol (which, in this case, symbolizes sharing);
  5. At this point, choose the item “ Add reel to your story “;
  6. Do not you just have to customize it , if you wish, adding a filter, stickers, text or other;
  7. Once you have finished the story as you think, click “ Send to ”and, immediately after, choose“ Your story ”.


  1. Open the Instagram;
  2. app Go to your profile;
  3. Scroll through your feed, to find the Reel you are interested in;
  4. Tap the paper airplane icon;
  5. At this point, choose the item “ Add reel to your story “;
  6. Now add, if you wish, a file tro, some stickers, a text or other;
  7. Once you have finished the story as you think, click “ Send to ” and, immediately after, choose “ The your story ”.

Instagram Web

If you are using Instagram from your computer and would like to share your Reel in your stories, I give you bad news: you can’t do this . In this case, the only solution is to switch to your smartphone / tablet and proceed as I just explained.

Publishing a Reel directly in the stories

Maybe you don’t know, but when you make a Reel, you have the option to publish it directly in the stories. This way, it will neither end up in your feed nor in the section of your profile dedicated exclusively to Reels, but will only appear in the stories and will only be available for 24 hours .

I suggest you not to use this method, as it would be a shame to take a long time to make a nice Reel and then see it disappear after just a day. Also, by doing so, your Reel can have a maximum duration of 15 seconds (instead of 30). However, in case you are interested in doing so, here is what you should do:

  1. Open the Instagram;
  2. app Go in the main section (feed) and swipe to the right or tap on your profile picture (top left), as if you wanted to post a story;
  3. Below, scroll until you find the entry “ Reel “;
  4. Create your content and then select “ Share “;
  5. At the top, choose the option “ Stories ” and then select the button located next to the item “ Your story “.

See who has seen a Reel

Are you wondering if you can find out who has seen a Reel posted in Instagram stories? Well, the answer is yes . In fact, every time you publish a story, you have access for 24 hours to the statistical data on it, including the users who viewed it .

You can learn more about this topic through the reading the guide dedicated to the order of views in Instagram stories. However, remember that there are ways to view Instagram Stories anonymously, so someone might be watching yours without you knowing.

Other methods

Reels can also be shared in other ways. First of all, remaining within the “confines” of the Instagram app, the Reels can be shared via Direct private message, as we are used to doing even with simple posts and stories; in this way, we can show a content only to one or more targeted people (or to an Instagram Direct group).

Remember, however, that the messages you send will not always be read automatically by the recipient, because, in some circumstances, could end up between the requests (therefore the user will have to consult the Direct requests of Instagram to view / reproduce them).

Finally, it must be said that the Reels can be also shared outside of Instagram, for example on other social networks such as Twitter or Facebook, as well as on instant messaging apps , such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal and Facebook Messenger.

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